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Recent content by Twmccoy

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    [Axiom] Delirium

    Threw a Delirium for the first time today. Neutron plastic. 173g. Average dome. First thing I noticed was the rim width and the overall profile of the disc. Very wide (2.5CM) rim. Slightly shallow profile. That equates to blistering speed, which the Delirium delivers easily. This disc was...
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    [Innova] The Innova It

    I've thrown a couple G* ITs. Crappy, crappy mold. Horrible hand feel. Stupid, chunky convex rim. The disc flies as bad as it looks. Even starting IT steeply hyzer the disc turns and burns almost instantly. The IT must be for really soft throwers. Anything over 300' and this thing is going off...
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    [Westside] Prince- overstable distance driver

    Giant is more like 13, 5, -1, 3. Sorcerer is much flippier than their numbers indicate. I'd say something like 13, 5, -3, 2. Catapult is a useless mold. 13, 4, -1, 3. It's like a crappier Giant or World. World: 14, 5, -1, 3. Similar to the Ballista Pro. Turns a little more as you beat it in...
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    Axiom Time-Lapse Distance Driver

    My ultimate wakeup call with the Time Lapse came when I smoked an ESP Anax past it by about 20' with way less effort involved. The Anax glides better, stays straighter longer, and fades way later than the Time Lapse. No 12 speed driver should be getting beat by an Anax so easily. Even the...
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    [Discraft] Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

    I've thrown 1 Venom. First run ESP, 174g. Pretty domey. Very overstable, and slower than advertised. Also, not remarkable glide. I found the Venom overall to be a stubborn flier. I'd rate it at 11, 4, 0, 3. The only time I got any reasonable distance out of it was when I forced it over hard...
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    Axiom Time-Lapse Distance Driver

    Finally tried a Time Lapse. Normal model (not first run). Good dome. Disc definitely isn't flat like many Axiom/MVP drivers are. 173g. I decided to test the Time Lapse both in the field and on the course. To make things fair I put it up against a Cloudbreaker, Zeus, and star Destroyer. Long...
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    MVP Zenith (speed 11 driver)

    Interesting. The Zenith I tried wanted to flip fairly easily, even on hyzer releases. It had no trouble getting distance. I won't say it went further than I thought it would, but it sure wasn't short. I don't really throw or bag 11 speed discs anyway. If I did, this one could get an audition...
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    [Westside] Bear

    Threw a Bear for the first time today. VIP, 176g. Nice flier. Decent dome. Very similar to a Thunderbird, Getaway, Vulture, or Anax. Honestly, the Bear is everything the Stag wishes it could be (Stag is ridiculously flippy and useless). The Bear flies pretty long for a speed 8 driver, and was...
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    MVP Zenith (speed 11 driver)

    Didn't find any other threads here about the Zenith, so here goes.... Anyone throw the Zenith? Tried one today. Neutron, unknown weight (feels like 174ish). Assigned flight numbers are 11, 5, -0.5, 2. This driver seems to slot between the Wave and Photon in terms of speed and stability. The...
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    [Westside] Westside Sword

    Tern or Daedalus would probably work, as would a Corvette. For something a hair more stable than those, Charger.
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    [Westside] Thick Fairway Driver Similar to the Stag

    I'd say the Saint is fairly similar to a Stag. Same speed, and fairly flippy.
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    [Prodigy] Archive midrange

    One more Prodigy disc to discuss briefly. Tried the Archive yesterday. It seems to be a fairly neutral flying mid. 177g. 500 plastic. Plastic is nice. Very shiny and fairly stiff. Not much dome, but I won't call it totally flat either. Pretty nice mid. It won't turn, but it'll pop up flat if...
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    [Prodigy] Reverb distance driver

    I have no clue about the Reverb's history. It's a disc I found in a lake. I'm not really a Prodigy guy at all. I try to like their discs, but there's just no consistency. One disc will be superb, and the next few will be totally different and worse. The Reverb is a pretty good driver if you...
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    [Innova] Time for a new Beast thread

    I agree. I do like halo plastic a lot. It wasn't that there was anything WRONG with the halo Beast, but I guess it just wasn't what I was expecting. All the Beasts I threw years ago were noticeably flippier and had more glide. FWIW, I think Gurthie halo Wraiths are some of the best Wraiths...
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    [Innova] Time for a new Beast thread

    I guess I'll discuss the Beast here briefly. Threw one today for the first time in at least 10 years. Halo Beast. X mold. Honestly, the fact that this disc was X mold was the only reason I threw it. I hate the Beast L mold, which is why I haven't touched the Beast in years. 173-5g. Nice dome...