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Recent content by urwatuh8

  1. urwatuh8

    Review by urwatuh8 in course Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley

    4.50 star(s) extreme golf Every year, volunteers put in hundreds of hours to build this course on the ski slopes of Mount Lemmon that it is playable for just one weekend a year (the annual Lemmon Drop tournament). The amount of work put in is impressive - they build tee pads, put in steps, lug baskets up the...
  2. urwatuh8

    Worst Place to Live if You Love Disc Golf

    Kisco and Rutgers are both doable without a car. Some other too if you're willing to work at it.
  3. urwatuh8

    Review by urwatuh8 in course Pinchot State Park - Quaker's Challenge

    4.50 star(s) Quaker Challenge is a course full of long, challenging wooded holes. (The longest layout has an SSA18 second only to Iron Hill golds among courses I've played.) The holes offer a variety of challenges, including great use of elevation, a number of challenging par 4s, and even a true par 6. While...
  4. urwatuh8

    Round Ratings?

    You expect a decent amount of variation. I'd guess the same layout, same conditions, same time of year, etc., two round will still have different SSAs by 5-10 points on average. The variation should go down as the number of propagators goes up. (Roughly at the square root of the number of...
  5. urwatuh8

    Review by urwatuh8 in course Spinski's - Championship

    2.50 star(s) This is a very technical course. Most holes are narrow and wooded with often punishing rough and OB. The course isn't super long, but it's long enough to be challenging given how tight many fairways are. Nice concrete tees and the course is well signed an easy to follow. There's a decent amount...
  6. urwatuh8

    2015 PDGA Amateur World Championships

    The last hole is 800ft steep downhill. Izak turned his disc enough that it was about 100 feet right of the basket and 100 feet deep. He then ran his second shot (from probably 350 out where he went OB), probably figuring he had nothing to lose as AB wouldn't take more than a 3 and the others...
  7. urwatuh8

    2015 Beaver State Fling presented by Keen Footwear

    How did he eagle 2, put it in from a ways out? Hole 6 is definitely eagleable, but a 2 on hole 2 is pretty crazy.
  8. urwatuh8

    Nockamixon is better than your favorite course

    I like that the review form has explicit pro and con sections. I would definitely upvote a review where someone likes the course much better than me, but they give the reasons why I might not like (even if those negatives aren't a big deal to the reviewer). Even the very best courses have...
  9. urwatuh8

    DeLavega trip

    That hole is easily the most boring hole I've played over 800 feet. The wooded holes at Pinto are cool, but the field holes are a snoozefest.
  10. urwatuh8

    Nockamixon is better than your favorite course

    My two gripes with Milo are: - there are no long wooded holes - there is very little uphill Most of the east coast wood monsters have both of these features. (Another more minor complaint would be too many islands holes.) And while I think Nocki is better than the average 4.5 rated course, I...
  11. urwatuh8

    2015 Pro Worlds full- Another registration fiasco?

    The "Touring Pro" label actually includes the best local players. One way to qualify for "touring pro" is to meet the following criteria: (1) have a rating over 1000 (2) have played at least 8 events in 2014 and (3) have won at least $3000 in 2014 If a player doesn't meet (1), they have...
  12. urwatuh8

    2015 Pro Worlds full- Another registration fiasco?

    From the criteria, this looks like what people want. No reason to invent another random set of criteria. Just open registration up to touring pros one week early. Given that there are only 119 current touring pros, even if they all had signed up early, there would be spaces left.
  13. urwatuh8

    2015 Pro Worlds full- Another registration fiasco?

    I think the main conclusion here is that disc golfers will complain about anything. Last year when they raised the points requirements for worlds (quite modestly), there was a long thread here on DGCR bemoaning the decision. Now there is a long thread complaining that there are too many people...
  14. urwatuh8

    2015 Pro Worlds full- Another registration fiasco?

    In order to get a pro worlds invite, you do have to be signed up for the pdga as a pro. (which isn't to say there aren't lots of people classified as "pro" who have zero chance of winning pro worlds).
  15. urwatuh8

    2015 PDGA Amateur World Championships

    Looks like even Advanced, with 288 spots, might fill within 24 hours.