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Recent content by wolfey

  1. wolfey

    [PDGA Major] Champions Cup 2024

    I don't see Simon on the list of registered players. Any news of him sitting this one out?
  2. wolfey

    HOD 10/22/2023: Rainshadow DGC Hole #11 Sequim, WA

    This is an amazing course and this was one of my favorite holes. It plays really downhill! I threw a hyzerflip rhbh with a fairly fresh Comet with good success!
  3. wolfey

    [Axiom] Axiom Tempo

    Ha! Not the same one but one of many that I've been beating on for a looong time! I have actually picked up a couple of freshies in Neutron but haven't found them to be doing it for me quite the same way. The best of the bunch is a 165g lab 2nd but maybe my relationship with the Envy is starting...
  4. wolfey

    [Axiom] Axiom Tempo

    I picked one up in a trade and am very excited to audition it. I hate to say it but I have lost faith in the Envy. For years it was my go to straight laser with baby fade but it seems harder to find that dependable flight now. I’m thinking the Tempo will season perfectly into that slot! Anyone...
  5. wolfey

    [Axiom] Rhythm

    Yo Mike! Yeah, it's been way too long since I've been over to Pender. Hopefully sometime soon and I will definitely give ya a shout when I do! Sounds like the production runs of the Rhythm fly a lot like the Streamline Drift.
  6. wolfey

    [Axiom] Rhythm

    Thanks for this clarification. I bag a Circuit Rhythm in the slot formerly occupied by a beat Pro Leopard and wasn't sure if I suddenly developed way more power or if all y'all were more noodley-armed than advertised :D
  7. wolfey

    Beyond Disc Golf

    I watched the preview last night and it looks really compelling. Great concept, to capture thrill of visiting a new course and community. I think that aspect is a huge part of what makes our sport special!
  8. wolfey

    [Axiom] Axiom Envy

    Just chiming in on the recent lighter weight Lab 2 Envys. I received one (167 with a beautiful slightly sparkly blue core and red rim) in my prize pack for winning a Circuit Event and it immediately went in the bag. Definitely my longest Envy and sooo dependable! It feels very fast out of the...
  9. wolfey

    [Mids] Step up from Zone?

    Latitude Trident held this spot in my bag for years. Recently came across an old mold MVP Resistor and it has subbed in there seamlessly. Too bad both these molds are OOP (new Resistor isn't the same disc) or at least hard to come by special runs.
  10. wolfey

    Post a cool disc golf photo

    Frederickson DG Such a beautiful place to throw discs around! I can't wait to get back to the West Sound now that Covid restrictions are relaxing. Just wish that Bud Pell was still there :(
  11. wolfey

    DGPT: 2022 WACO Charity Open Mar 11-13

    Is Eagle letting the wing rest for WACO? I don't see him on the list of registered players.
  12. wolfey

    Fossa Skinny 2

    This makes me like my Skinny2 even more. My experience with using it for over a year now has been excellent and knowing how Fossa stands behind their product just adds another layer of confidence.
  13. wolfey

    The Inevitable 2022 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    I like it! The forehand and the backhand specialists to really highlight the disc lineup capabilities!
  14. wolfey

    Achilles Tenonosis

    As someone who has experienced a full rupture of the Achilles I can, without reservations, advise against doing it.
  15. wolfey

    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part V)

    ....so buy an Uplink for $140 and get 6 other discs thrown in for free? :D