Muddy Run DGC
Holtwood, PA 

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Tremendous Design
Review By: gtg888h
Played: 36  Reviewed: 23  Exp: 15 Years
1 8/7/2021 9/1/2021
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Pros: +Incredible use of the land. Huge elevation changes factor heavily into the course, including through the woods, which is one of my favorite elements of a top DG course. Very challenging.

+Beautiful scenery - rolling hills, towering trees, well-kept meadows, some grassy fairways in the woods...really well done.

+Two tee pads per hole with very informative signs (distance, elevation change, and interesting facts about local birds). Baskets are top-notch too.

+Lots of interesting greens and basket placements make for challenging upshots and putts.

+Great combination of technical lines, open bomber holes, and Narnia-style throwing down a hill in the woods.

+A few real signature holes here. Holes 2, 6, and 16 are all a joy to throw. My personal favorites, though, were 10 (Narnia-like grassy fairway down a wooded tunnel to a precarious green), 14 (par 5 that wraps left over a ridge and then a huge downhill wooded shot), and 18 (another big wooded downhill shot that doglegs right into the open field to a pedestal basket). Honorable mention for 12 as well.

+Co-located with a larger park that includes a splash park and lots of picnic locations.

+Free to play. This and Iron Hill are easily the best free courses I have played to date.

Cons: -One basket per hole reduces variability of the layouts, but the two options (whites or golds) to the single basket are both REALLY good. Probably would only matter if you were a local playing this course more than once a week...but I wouldn't complain with this as my home course!

-I'm not generally a fan of making a big uphill shot your hole 1. Not a bad hole, you just want to get the chance to rip something and see it sail far after getting out of the car.

Other Thoughts: Neither con is worth demoting from 5/5. This is definitely a destination course, and was obviously a worthy host of 2019 Am Worlds. Absolutely worth the drive.

Bring water and good hiking shoes - I love hilly courses, but this was a workout, even for a glutton-for-punishment like me.

Not necessarily "beginner-friendly"...but it's not so punishing (no water hazards) as to be "beginner-discouraging".

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A worthy destination course
Review By: Par_Daddy
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 0 Years
5+ 3/5/2021 3/10/2021
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- This course routinely ranks in the top 50 courses in the world and it's free to play!
- No lack of parking, there are bathrooms on the premise just not directly on the disc golf course
- Multi-use park improves the experience not detracts from it, seldom do you encounter non-players on the course yet you still get to benefit from the park's amenities (campground, lake for boating/fishing, snack bar, splash pad for kids, nature center, multiple playgrounds and picnic areas)
- The large deer population in the park nearly ensures that you will see some every time you play which is pretty cool and unique
- Course is well maintained and beautiful especially in the fall
- 2 tee positions on every hole help modulate the difficulty level you are looking for
- Concrete pads that are flush with the ground allow for plentiful run up and follow through space (this is a personal favorite feature of mine at any course)
- Tee signs are accurate and include fun bird fact which is a cool bonus
- Elevation changes, technical wooded shots, open field bombs, risk reward options, this course has everything you could ask for

- Playing this course is a workout, lots of elevation change leads to up and down hikes. There are some days where I do not have the energy to invest into playing 'Muddy' and would rather play a shorter flatter course like D.F. Buchmiller which is 20-25 min away.
- Muddy Run has a strict gate gate closure policy in the evenings which can lead to ending rounds early or rushing to finish so that you don't inconvenience the gate attendants
- The grass on hole 16 can get very long in the summer making it difficult to find your disc
- The tee signs are accurate distance-wise but the picture is just an aerial photograph with a white line depicting the fairway which isn't the most helpful especially on wooded holes
- Hole 3 is a brutal uphill double dogleg par 5 from gold (single dogleg par 4 from silver). The steep wooded rocky slope makes finding footing very difficult. This hole is almost always an automatic bogey for me.
- Muddy Run is pretty remote from any population center so getting here is a long drive for most people

Other Thoughts: Muddy Run DGC is worth the trip from anywhere, a true destination course and it even is equipped with a campground. I think this course is deserving of an A-Tier tournament or even higher. A favorite hole of mine is the par 4 hole #8. Play the wind and the skippy green correctly and you have a good look at birdie. But if you get careless off the tee you could be pinched off against the left side woods that are full of long grass, thorns, and stinging nettle. Muddy Run is a great course and is worthy of a high ranking. Come see why!

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wonderful views
Review By: DCriola
Played: 19  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 0 Years
1 3/14/2020 3/14/2020
0 Helpful / 10 Not

Pros: Silver and gold driving pads for your level of play. Lots of different types of shots in the open and through the woods.

Cons: Directions from hole to hole could be a little better.

Other Thoughts: Good time of year to go, everything is still dead. It's a nice course but it needs better directions from hole to hole. It a large course so make sure you have your hiking shoes on cuz it a lot of up and down hills

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So Much Fun!!
Review By: blakem0714
Played: 17  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 5 Years
1 7/26/2019 11/18/2019
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Pros: this course will test everything you have from distance to short game, from wooded holes to open holes, from falt holes to large hills.

Cons: not the most cart friendly but you can definetly use a cart as long as you are careful around some of teh larger hills.

Other Thoughts: phenominal course quickly became one of my favorites i cant wait until i am in P.A. again so i can make the stop and play again.

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 Awesome course
Review By: branlong
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 0 Years
1 10/19/2019 10/23/2019
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Pros: Great variety. Option to use silver or gold tees. Usually will see deer. (I saw 8+). A little more than half the holes are in the woods, but nothing is thick or at risk of really losing a disc.

Cons: Too far from my house :P

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Review By: aredoubles
Played: 218  Reviewed: 41  Exp: 5 Years
2-4 7/25/2019 8/2/2019
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Pros: Outstanding mix of holes. Open/wooded, straight/right/left, short/long, uphill/flat/downhill, you name it. And all of them are brilliantly executed, very challenging but very fair all the way through. High-quality multiple teepad options, beautiful tee signs, straightforward navigation, and even the snack bar and lake nearby add to the great experience.
Many of these holes are quite memorable, especially the epic downhill crushes of holes 2 and 16, and the intimidating uphills like holes 3 and 15. I also really enjoyed holes 10 and 14 from the gold tees, where placement drives off the tee prepare you for beautiful downhill tunnels to guarded baskets, very smartly designed disc golf holes. Neither the open nor the wooded holes are afterthoughts here, all parts are excellent on their own, and then are brilliantly strung together to make the whole course.
Fantastic use of this property to create a memorable and fun disc golf course.

Cons: A few of the shorter holes feel like slight filler to ease navigation. I'm thinking particularly of holes 7 and 9, which are fairly straightforward wide-open RHBH hyzers, and feel disappointingly plain compared to the rest of the course.
The main quibble I have is that some of the holes, even the fantastic memorable ones, feel like repetitive copies. Holes 2 and 16 are both awesome downhill bombs to a guarded basket, but require nearly identical shots. Similar for holes 3S and 15 (very uphill wooded shots), and holes 1G and 17 (open uphill drives to very uphill wooded approaches), which feel like playing the exact same shots again. All of these are still awesome holes, but I wish each one of these was a little more unique and distinctive.

Other Thoughts: The first time through, this seemed like a incredible course, one of the best I'd ever played.
The second time through, the two filler holes and the repetitive holes noted above bothered me a lot more. It felt like playing the world's greatest 13-hole course, then circling back and replaying some of the highlights. Of course that's still incredibly fun, but it feels like there were missed opportunities to create just a few more unique experiences, that could've elevated this course to an even higher level.

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 Tremendous in Every Way
Review By: RamsFan1
Played: 88  Reviewed: 88  Exp: 11 Years
1 7/29/2019 7/29/2019
12 Helpful / 0 Not

Pros: Championship-caliber course featured at the Muddy Run Recreational Area, an absolutely beautiful park featuring a lake, boating, a splash park and foot golf among other activities. 18 DGA baskets in great condition. Excellent use of elevation, a balance of both wooded and open holes & shorter and longer ones requiring one's full arsenal of shots. Fair routes to each basket. Navigation is relatively easy and intuitive. The signs are among the nicest signs I've ever seen at a DG course; 20" x 24" fiberglass placards with not only par, hole number, distance and flight path but a picture and information on a different area bird. A number of truly outstanding holes here- 2, 16, 17, 18 come to mind- any one of which could stand alone as a signature hole at most courses. Downhill hole 16 over a wide swath of tall grass and finishing hole 18 in a downhill shot through the woods and dog leg right to an elevated basket will be loved by players. Log benches, ample parking, snack bar, bathrooms and other amenities on the premises

Cons: I must nitpick to find any. I did not see a practice basket. Despite the presence of a large lake, there is no water hazard on the course. Grueling terrain.

Other Thoughts: I am not overstating in saying I believe this might be the best PA course east of Pittsburgh- which is really saying something given the existence of such places like Nockamixon, Quakers Challenge and Tyler State Park. It is a truly outstanding venue which will test you physically and mentally. And it's located on an immaculately groomed, beautiful piece of property. Rightly featured at the recent AM Worlds, Muddy Run is a marvel in design and concept. The work that went into this place and the routine maintenance required for its upkeep are considerable. Kudos to the guys that designed this magnificent course. A must play for anyone who loves the sport.

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 Superb course
Review By: adamsm
Played: 24  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 0 Years
1 7/23/2019 7/23/2019
1 Helpful / 6 Not

Pros: Totally fantastic course.
Lots of elevations, big down bombs, nicely space trees that allow for long wooded shots. Totally fantastic course. I played during World Ams so course conditions and maintence was top notch.

Cons: Nothing bad, just a bit far from everything.

Other Thoughts: Top notch course, play it you can.

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 Awesome Scenic Course
Review By: where'sfinn
Played: 29  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 2 Years
1 7/2/2019 7/9/2019
3 Helpful / 1 Not

Pros: The signage is one of a kind because it has:
a. Wildlife that can be found in the park on each sign, with
a description of the animal
b. elevation change
c. the total feet both too the basket and from the tee pad at
the start of a turn
Epic holes that have huge downhill shots.
Multiple concrete tee pads.
Great mix of tight technical shots vs big bombs.
Good mix of par 3's, 4's, and 5's.
Great elevation change.
Not crowded.
Very peaceful and scenic.
Benches on a lot of the holes.

Cons: No trashcans
One pin per hole

Other Thoughts: The park also has foot golf, which would be awesome to play too!

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Review By: toddnick
Played: 82  Reviewed: 29  Exp: 3 Years
1 5/25/2019 5/29/2019
This review was updated on 6/6/2019
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Pros: - The course sits in a gorgeous park
- Variety of holes: short/long, hyzer/anhyzer, open/wooded
- Use of elevation: adds a tremendous amount of challenge
- Amenities: great tee pads, tee signs, baskets
- Though a newer course, the rough isn't an issue in most places
- Highlight holes: I loved holes 10 and 14, and really liked many of the others

Cons: One big con that took this course from about a 4.75 down to a 4 rating for me. The high grass on the last 3 holes.

On 16, you tee off from an awesome elevated tee to a blind landing area in a non-fairway (there is none). It is simply a field of knee-high (or higher) grass. With depth perception difficult due to a lack of markers (just grass), I spent 15 minutes looking for my disc and could have spent longer.

On 17, you have a 10 foot wide mowed section with the same high grass on both sides for several hundred feet. I just skipped this part as I didn't want another disc hunt.

On 18, it is less bad, but you can easily end up in the same type fields of grass.

Other Thoughts: The last 3 holes were a big letdown for me; the rest of the course was fantastic and among the best that I have played.

6/6/19 - I just updated the course from 4 to 4.5 stars as I was informed that the high grass on the last three holes is temporary every year (it is grown and harvested every year to feed deer the rest of the year) and is completely mowed every year after Memorial Day. So, for the rest of the year it is a 4.5 star course. It would be nice if this policy was posted so that golfers early in the year are aware of what they are walking into.

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