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Other Info/Notes:
Course rating disclaimer or "Why I rate them the way I do"

I wanted to add this disclaimer about my course reviews as we all have a unique lens when rating courses and I like to know the story behind the rater. While the site has "objective" standards with which to rate courses, I do not adhere rigidly to these.

Things I DO look for when rating a course: My main interests are in the actual design of the holes and the course in general rather than how many benches are there, what types of baskets it has, or how easy navigation is. Don't get me wrong, most of these will factor into my rating somewhat and I will definitely try to make note of things like these, but they are not my primary interest.

One thing that I particularly look for in a course is one that can capture my imagination over time. I like courses which gradually reveal themselves over time as you play more and more rounds. I enjoy finding the nuances and quirks that aren't apparent at first and figuring out the probability of birdying with one route/throw versus another. However, it seems like courses which succeed in this area tend to have certain shared characteristics which will bias my ratings. One is that these courses tend to look similar in terms of geography: they are usually moderately to heavily wooded and/or have moderate to large elevation changes and/or have varied terrain (rocks, shrubs, mix of slow grass, fast bald areas) rather than consistent grass or dirt. The second is that many of these courses tend to have par 4 or par 5 holes. Its not that you can't learn something new about a par 3 hole but often there are more long-term discoveries possible on a par 4 or 5 hole (because you are throwing more shots and because you have to think about multiple potential placements off your drive rather than just as close to the basket as possible). That said, a par 5 hole 1200' hole in an open field will probably not interest me nearly as much as a short par 3 with a slanted multispeed green, multiple routes, and a danger area.

Atmosphere - I definitely will consider the atmosphere of playing in a place when deciding on a rating. A place like Paw Paw, WV would probably get a very high rating even if the courses weren't spectacular (which they are!). Maybe it's an awesome group of local golfers, a quiet peaceful walk through a forest, or a course with historical roots - all of these experiences will likely add to my appraisal.

Land usage versus potential - Not using a plot of land to its potential is a huge pet peeve of mine. This often goes along with the "number of holes" whine-fest which is coming later on in this novel I've written, but it can also be just a plain lack of planning or knowledge of course design. The course in Aberdeen Washington really stands out to illustrate this point. Yes, there are some nice holes out here but there appears to be no foresight about the course other than the last basket is here so there should be a tee close by. This tends to create a course with lots of "filler" holes and one or two pretty good holes. The land at this park is ideal for disc golf but the holes rarely realize this potential.

Sugarcoating - I'm not going to sugarcoat my reviews; I'll put in the con's and problems as I see them. At the same time, I do understand the work that goes into creating a course and some of the extraneous factors that can ruin a great design. There are some courses which I just won't review because I don't want to badmouth them but all the courses I do review will get the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Skill-level - While I tend to most enjoy courses that are designed to challenge my skill level the most, I try to keep an eye out for holes which will be a good challenge for newer players or holes which are geared towards our elite players. Valla-Arta Ast near Madison, WI is a great course which is designed for the super pro (when its in long positions) but at the same time is pretty boring for the average gold or silver level player who can't consistently break 450'-500' on their drives. I'd still rate this course highly because it appears to be well thought out, but I'll try to note that it wasn't suited for my skill level.

I've said a few of these earlier, but I DON'T care that much about the following things when rating a course:

Nasty rough - My thought is that nasty rough is often needed to sufficiently punish bad shots if that is what the hole calls for. I don't particularly enjoy playing on 10ft wide fairways with blackberries on both sides either, but I don't mind throwing controlled shorter shots to avoid danger at a course like Giles Run in Virginia when the time calls for it. Unless the rough is a solid wall of thorns and worked into the course where it is unavoidable or unfair, I'm probably going to be just fine with getting poked a few times or losing a disc every once in a while.

Long walks between holes - This only bothers me if there appears to be another way to route the course or if the holes just aren't worth it. A great example I guess is the Whispering Falls course in Pennsylvania which has a long walk between two sections of the course. In this case, the holes were all "worth it" and I can't think of a way that the walk could be rerouted. A walk like this won't factor into my rating whatsoever. On the other hand, if there is a longer walk between holes that just aren't working or weren't planned out, it's definitely going to be a negative factor in my rating.

Number of holes - There are sooo many not so good 18 hole courses which could have been great 12, 9, 15, etc. hole courses. A course IMO doesn't need 18 holes exactly, there should be as many or as few holes to make the holes or the course the best it can be. Nockamixon is one of my absolute favorite courses on the list which only has 14 holes - superb design and having "only" 14 holes doesn't detract a bit from the course. Some courses would have broken great holes in half to reach the "magic number" - doing this will usually take serious points away from my rating.

A little bit of luck - I don't mind courses with a little bit of luck involved. As I said earlier, I enjoy seeing which route results in a higher probability of "luck" or trying to find the "lesser of the evils" route on a really wooded fairway. Some people think that a perfectly thrown shot should always result in a birdie - I don't mind having it result in a birdie 7/10 times; just so long as well thrown shots result in a higher % of birdies than random chucks or random rollers! A course like Iron Hill in Delaware fits this category nicely. Many holes have trees in the fairway on the drive but there are definitely pockets and angles which will yield better scoring over the long term and I think the course is all the better for it.

Righty/lefty holes - This is something I will try to make note of in my course reviews but not necessarily something that will detract from the overall rating. I think that everyone needs to learn shots that finish both right and left. There are no righty/lefty holes, just holes where you have to throw a shot that may not be as strong as your "go-to". It is nice to have a course with some balance to the number of shots that favor each hand but it's only going to factor in to the rating if the imbalance is very large. This came up in a recent review of Terrace Creek in Washington with a couple of holes that are frustrating because they are single-sided. I still think they are great holes but require the thrower to have pretty long range forehand/backhand shots already developed.

Benches, baskets, fabulous tee signs - These are all really cool things to have on your course but I'm probably not going to add stars for them. Perhaps when I get older, I'll revise my opinion on benches but in the meantime, I'm more interested in the holes than the amenities. Thinking about baskets, courses like Lake Stevens or Sedro Woolley in Washington only benefit from the quirky baskets that they employ. Lake Stevens because the baskets greatly add to the challenge and thought process at what would otherwise be a very short, easy course and Sedro because those art baskets are unique and challenging. On the other hand, Mach I's aren't fun to putt on but they have little to do with the making of a great hole in my opinion.

Thats all for now!

Unlisted courses I've played (includes temp tourney courses, private courses, mini courses):

Temp tourney courses
- Squilchuck State Park (Flippen Ze Disc II)
- Lincoln Rock State Park (Flippen Ze Disc II)
- Woodland Park, Seattle, WA (PretzelBowl II & III)
- Seward Park, Seattle, WA (PretzelBowl IV)
- Rockford Park #1 Short, Wilmington, DE (H3C10)
- Rockford Park #2 Long, Wilmington, DE (H3C10)
- Legion Park Darkside, Cedar Rapids, IA (Legion of Doom)
- Camden North Course, Milan, IA (Camden Doubles)
- Deming West Course, Terre Haute, IN (Fall Classic)
- Jefferson Manor, Alexandria, VA (PretzelBowl I)
- South Run Park, Fairfax, VA (DGCNV Tag Champs)
- Olin Park, Madison, WI (MADC Finale)
- Toboggan, Kensington, MI (Am Nationals)
- Tall Chief Golf Course (Mystery Quads)
- Lakeview Golf Course, Vancouver, WA (SLOSH)
- Major DGC, WA (Private)
- The Peaks, PA (Private)
- Cedar Arms, Shelton, WA (Private)

Mini courses
- Codorus, Hanover, PA (Perm)
- Beaver State Fling, Estacada, OR (Temp)
- Rosedale Down Under, KC Worlds, KC, MO (Temp)
- Timber Ridge, KZoo Worlds, Kalamazoo, MI (Temp)
- Grange Mini, Spotsy, VA (Perm)
- Valla-arta Ast, Madison, WI (Temp)
- Rockford Park, Wilmington, DE (Temp)

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Placerville, CA Finnon Reservoir DGC
San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Park DGC
Penn Valley, CA Hanging Oaks
Pioneer, CA Mollie Joyce DGC
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Newark, DE Iron Hill
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Live Oak, FL Magnolia DGC
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Morton, IL Northwood Park
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Elkhart, IN Ox Bow County Park
Valparaiso, IN Rogers Lakewood Park
2 Course(s)
Cedar Rapids, IA Shaver Park
North Liberty, IA Sugar Bottom Rec. Area
2 Course(s)
Elizabethtown, KY Freeman Lake Park
Burlington, KY Idlewild
2 Course(s)
Marriottsville, MD Patapsco Valley State Park
Gaithersburg, MD Seneca Creek State Park
2 Course(s)
Leicester, MA Maple Hill DGC
1 Course(s)
Milford, MI Kensington Toboggan
Ludington, MI Leviathan
Gobles, MI Timber Ridge
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Kansas City, MO Swope Park
Kansas City, MO Water Works Park
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Billings, MT Diamond X
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Zephyr Cove, NV Zephyr Cove Park
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New York
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Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
2 Course(s)
Albany, OR Bryant Park
Estacada, OR Riverbend DGC
4 Course(s)
Wexford, PA Knob Hill Park
Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
Quakertown, PA Nockamixon State Park
Newtown, PA Tyler State Park
4 Course(s)
Wimberley, TX Circle R - Circ Hill DGC
1 Course(s)
Arlington, VA Bluemont Park
Spotsylvania, VA Loriella Park
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Darkside
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Sunnyside
Bedford, VA Timber Ridge
6 Course(s)
Spokane, WA Four Mound - Hawk
Seatac, WA Seatac DGC
Seattle, WA Woodland Park
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West Virginia
Paw Paw, WV The Woodshed
Paw Paw, WV Whippin' Post
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Pender Island, BC Golf Island Disc Park
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Kingsburg, CA Kings River DGC
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Davenport, IA West Lake Park
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Missoula, MT Snow Bowl Ski Area
Victor, MT Spiritwood - Main
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St. Helens, OR McCormick Park
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Spokane, WA Camp Sekani Jamboree
Richland, WA James Lawless Park
Tacoma, WA McChord Field DGC
Fairchild Air Force Base, WA Miller Park
Ridgefield, WA Pekin Ferry
Spokane, WA Stimpi Ridge
Yakima, WA Wide Hollow DGC
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Logan Lake, BC Copper Ridge DGC
Heffley Creek, BC Dick Hart Park
Kamloops, BC Rose Hill - East
Kamloops, BC Rose Hill - West
Whistler, BC Whistler DGC
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Anderson, CA   Anderson River Park
Aptos, CA   Aptos High School DGC
Berkeley, CA   Aquatic Park
Livingston, CA Arakelian Park DGC
Crescent City, CA Beachfront Park DGC
South Lake Tahoe, CA Bijou Community Park
Felton, CA   Black Mouse DGC
Santa Cruz, CA Bridge to Bridge
Carmichael, CA Carmichael Park DGC
Hanford, CA Centennial Park
San Leandro, CA Chabot Park
Cloverdale, CA Cloverdale-KOA Campground
Eureka, CA Cooper Gulch
Davis, CA Covell Greenbelt
Rohnert Park, CA Crane Creek
Hanford, CA Crowleg DGC
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Seaside, CA CSUMB Oaks Course
Santa Cruz, CA   DeLaveaga Park
Red Bluff, CA Dog Island Golf
Monterey, CA Don Dahvee Open Space
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Modesto, CA East La Loma Park
Elk Grove, CA   Elk Grove DGC
Santa Barbara (Goleta), CA Evergreen Open Space
Woodland, CA Ferns Park
Placerville, CA   Finnon Reservoir DGC
Hanford, CA Freedom Park
Livingston, CA Gallo Park DGC
Georgetown, CA Georgetown School DGC
San Francisco, CA   Golden Gate Park DGC
Browns Valley, CA Hammon Grove Park
Penn Valley, CA   Hanging Oaks
Santa Cruz, CA Harbor High Pirates DGC
Bakersfield, CA Hart Park - Suicide Flats
Loomis, CA HCP DGC
Atascadero, CA Heilmann Park
Raymond, CA Hensley Lake DGC
Lemoore, CA Heritage Park DGC
Santa Barbara (Isla Vista), CA Isla Vista Peace Course
Sacramento, CA John Mackey Park
Vacaville, CA Lagoon Valley
San Luis Obispo, CA Laguna Lake
Ione, CA   Lake Amador - South
Geyserville, CA Lake Sonoma
Placerville, CA Lions Park
Livermore, CA   Livermore DGC
Ukiah, CA Low Gap Park
Petaluma, CA Lucchesi Park
Manila, CA Manila Bay DGC
Sacramento, CA McClatchy Park
Stockton, CA   Michael Faklis Park
Lodi, CA Micke Grove
Stockton, CA Mike Garrigan Park
Pioneer, CA Mollie Joyce DGC
Moraga, CA Moraga Commons Park
San Diego, CA Morley Field
Valley Springs, CA New Hogan Dam - East
Valley Springs, CA New Hogan Dam - Old Layout
Valley Springs, CA New Hogan Dam - West
Stockton, CA Oak Grove Park - Gold
San Ramon, CA   Old Ranch Park
Davis, CA Oxford Circle Park
San Jose, CA   Parque De La Raza DGC
Chico, CA Peregrine Point
Visalia, CA Perry Outback DGC
Watsonville, CA   Pinto Lake DGC
Pioneer, CA   Pioneer Elementary DGC
Santa Maria, CA Preisker DGC
Antioch, CA Prewett Park
Sacramento, CA Regency Community Park
Oroville, CA Riverbend Park - North
Oroville, CA Riverbend Park - South
Bakersfield, CA Riverview Park
Rocklin, CA Rocklin DGC
Monterey, CA   Ryan Ranch DGC
Sacramento, CA Santa Anita Park
Sacramento (Orangevale), CA Shady Oaks Park
Chico, CA Sherwood Forest
Nevada City, CA Silva Acres DGC
San Luis Obispo, CA Sinsheimer Park DGC
Browns Valley, CA Splat Hill DGC - Back
Browns Valley, CA Splat Hill DGC - Front
Grass Valley, CA Squirrel Creek DGC
Novato, CA   Stafford Lake County Park
Santa Rosa, CA Taylor Mountain DGC
Salinas, CA The Stadium Course
Santa Cruz, CA U.C. Santa Cruz
Weed, CA   University of OB
Orland, CA Vinsonhaler Park
Walnut Creek, CA Walden Park
Santa Maria, CA Waller Park
Wasco, CA Westside Park
Willows, CA Willows Rotary DGC
Fresno, CA Woodward Legacy DGC
127 Course(s)
Manchester, CT   Wickham Park
1 Course(s)
Newark, DE   Iron Hill
Kirkwood, DE Lums Pond State Park
Laurel, DE   Trap Pond State Park
6 Course(s)
Cocoa, FL   F. Burton Smith Park
Orlando, FL   Gordon Barnett Park - North
Sarasota, FL Lakeview Park
Live Oak, FL   Magnolia DGC
Sarasota, FL North Water Tower Park
Gainesville, FL   Northside Park
Ocala, FL   Ocala Greenway DGC
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Roswell, GA East Roswell Park
Valdosta, GA Freedom Park
Appling, GA   IDGC - Jim Warner Memorial
Rutledge, GA   Indian Creek Park DGC
Redan (Dekalb County), GA   Rosewood-Dekalb
Alpharetta, GA   Wills Park
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Boise, ID Ann Morrison Park
Coeur d'Alene, ID   Bluegrass Park - Kiwanis DGC
Twin Falls, ID College of Southern Idaho
Post Falls, ID   Corbin Park DGC - Old Layout
Eagle, ID   Eagle Island State Park
Buhl, ID   Eastman Park
Athol, ID   Farragut SP - North Star
Boise, ID   Julia Davis Winter 9
New Plymouth, ID   New Plymouth DGC
Coeur d'Alene, ID North Idaho College Rec. DGC
Twin Falls, ID   O'Leary Junior High School
Nampa, ID   Osborne Park
Twin Falls, ID   Rock Creek Park
Lewiston, ID Sunset Park DGC
Moscow, ID   University of Idaho
Pocatello, ID Upper Ross Park
Nampa, ID   West Park
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Libertyville, IL Adler Park
Rockford, IL Anna Page Park - East
Rockford, IL Anna Page Park - West
Belvidere, IL   Belvidere Park DGC
Milan, IL Camden Park - I
Milan, IL Camden Park - II
Saint Charles, IL   Campton Hills
Woodridge, IL   Castaldo Park DGC
Oak Brook, IL Central Park
Oak Brook, IL   Central Park - Old Layout
Elk Grove Village, IL   Clark Park
Frankfort, IL   Commissioner Park
Channahon, IL Community Park
Highland Park, IL Danny Cunniff Park
Highland Park, IL Fink Park
Ottawa, IL Fox River Park
Addison, IL Foxdale Park
Roselle, IL   Goose Lake Park
New Lenox, IL Haines Wayside DGC
Crystal Lake, IL   Hanna Beardsley Middle School
Joliet, IL   Highland Park
Frankfort Square, IL Indian Boundary South Park
Marengo, IL Indian Oaks
Aurora, IL Jericho Lake
Morrison, IL Kelly Park
Naperville, IL Knoch Knolls Park
Mundelein, IL Leo Leathers Park
Romeoville, IL Lewis University DGC
Crystal Lake, IL Lippold Park
Urbana, IL Lohmann Park
Lombard, IL   Lombard Common Park
Lombard, IL   Madison Meadow Park
Glen Ellyn, IL Maryknoll Park
Normal, IL Maxwell Park DGC
Westchester, IL Mayfair Park
Pekin, IL McNaughton Park
Fulton, IL Millcreek Park
Rock Falls, IL Nims Park
Morton, IL Northwood Park
Downers Grove, IL O'Brien Park
Crystal Lake, IL Prairie Ridge High School
West Dundee, IL Randall Oaks
Geneseo, IL Richmond Hill Park
Olympia Fields, IL Sergeant Mean's Park
Streamwood, IL Shady Oaks Park
Shorewood, IL Shorewood Park
Sterling, IL Sinnissippi Park
Bloomingdale, IL Springfield Park
Summit, IL Summit Park
Streamwood, IL Sunny Hill Park
Bartlett, IL Sunrise Park
Mokena, IL The Oaks
Joliet (Lockport), IL Trinity Links
South Elgin, IL Village Center DGC
Romeoville, IL Volunteer Park
Glencoe, IL Watts Park
Buffalo Grove, IL   Willow Stream Park
Rockton, IL Woodlands
69 Course(s)
Indianapolis, IN Brookside Park
Terre Haute, IN Deming Park - North
Logansport, IN France Park
Indianapolis, IN George Washington Park
Mishawaka, IN George Wilson Park
Trafalgar, IN Indian Springs
Crown Point, IN   Lemon Lake County Park - Blue
Crown Point, IN   Lemon Lake County Park - White
Peru, IN Maconaquah Park
Elkhart, IN Ox Bow County Park
Peru, IN Pieradise DGC
Hammond, IN Pulaski Park
Valparaiso, IN   Rogers Lakewood Park
Lafayette (West), IN Ross Hills Park - Old Layout
South Bend, IN Rum Village Park
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Mechanicsville, IA Cruise Park Course
Davenport, IA Eastern Avenue Park
Cedar Rapids, IA Jones Park
Cedar Rapids (Marion), IA Legion Park
Solon, IA MacBride Park
Olin, IA Olin DGC
Vinton, IA Riverside DGC
Cedar Rapids, IA   Shaver Park
North Liberty, IA Sugar Bottom Rec. Area
Tipton, IA Tipton City Park
DeWitt, IA West Brook Park
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Olathe, KS Prairie Center Park
Kansas City, KS   Rosedale Park - Down Under
Kansas City, KS Rosedale Park - Top
Bonner Springs, KS Wyandotte County Park
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Burlington, KY Boone Woods Park
Wilmore, KY Centennial Park
Bowling Green, KY Ephram White Park
Elizabethtown, KY Freeman Lake Park
Danville, KY   Henry Jackson Park
Bowling Green, KY Hobson Grove - Original
Burlington, KY   Idlewild
Louisville, KY Iroquois Park
Bowling Green, KY Kereiakes Park
Nicholasville, KY Lake Mingo DGC
Bowling Green, KY Lover's Lane Park
Nicholasville, KY Riney B DGC
Lexington, KY Shillito Park
Lexington, KY Veterans Park DGC
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College Park, MD Calvert Road Park
Baltimore, MD Druid Hill Park - Legacy
Towson, MD Goucher College DGC
Walkersville, MD Heritage Farm Park
Millersville, MD Kinder Farms Park
Middletown, MD Middletown Park
Marriottsville, MD   Patapsco Valley State Park
Wye Mills, MD Peake Disc Golf
Baltimore, MD Pine Grove Middle School
Elkridge, MD   Rockburn Branch
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Pikesville, MD Silver Creek DGC
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Leicester, MA Maple Hill DGC
Northampton, MA Northampton State Hospital
Leicester, MA Pyramids
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Climax, MI   Cold Brook Park
Grand Rapids, MI Earl W. Brewer Park - Blue
Grand Rapids, MI Earl W. Brewer Park - Gold
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Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI Old Farm Park
Kalamazoo, MI Oshtemo Township Park
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Gobles, MI Timber Ridge
Albion, MI Victory Park
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Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
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Hood River, OR Hood River DGC
North Plains, OR   Horning's Hideout - Meadow Ridge
Stayton, OR   Jerry Miller DGC
Madras, OR Juniper Hills DGC
Keizer, OR Keizer Rapids Park
Astoria, OR   Lower Columbia DGC
Philomath, OR Marys River Park
Forest Grove, OR McMenamin's Grand Lodge
Myrtle Creek, OR Millsite DGC
Coos Bay, OR   Mingus Park
Canby, OR North Eco
Cottage Grove, OR North Regional Park
Hillsboro, OR Orchard Park
Curtin, OR Pass Creek Park DGC
Pendleton, OR Pendleton Community Park
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Portland, OR Portland Lunchtime DGC
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Roseburg, OR   Riverfront Park
Grants Pass, OR Riverside Park
Gresham, OR Rockwood Central Park
Corbett, OR Rooster Rock - East
Corbett, OR Rooster Rock - West
Albany, OR Simpson DGC
Oregon City, OR Singer Creek Park DGC
Albany, OR Takena Landing Park
Ashland, OR The Cove
Albany, OR Timber Linn
Estacada, OR Timber Park
Grants Pass, OR Tom Pearce Park
The Dalles, OR Tree Top DGC
Rainier, OR   Trojan Park
Tualatin, OR Tualatin Community DGC
Gresham, OR Vance Park
Waterloo, OR   Waterloo DGC
Carlton, OR Wennerberg Park
Eugene, OR Westmoreland DGC
Roseburg, OR   Whistler's Bend - Old Layout
Corvallis, OR Willamette Park
Deschutes Nat'l Forest, OR Willamette Pass Alpine DGC
North Bend, OR   Winsor Park
Salem, OR Woodmansee Park
McMinnville, OR Wortman Park
73 Course(s)
Kennett Square, PA Anson B. Nixon Park
Camp Hill, PA Creekside DGC
Wexford, PA Knob Hill Park
Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
Quakertown, PA Nockamixon State Park
Philadelphia, PA Sedgley Woods
Newtown, PA Tyler State Park
Greencastle, PA Whispering Falls DGC
Silver Spring Township, PA Willow Mill Park
16 Course(s)
South Carolina
Rock Hill, SC Boyd Hill
North Augusta, SC Hippodrome Complex - Hogback
North Augusta, SC Hippodrome Complex - Old Glory
North Augusta, SC Riverview Park
Rock Hill, SC   Winthrop University Lakefront
7 Course(s)
South Dakota
Rapid City, SD Jackson Park DGC
Rapid City, SD Omaha Park DGC
2 Course(s)
Taylorsville, UT Valley Regional
1 Course(s)
Arlington, VA Bluemont Park
Richmond, VA Bryan Park
Centreville, VA Bull Run Regional Park
Fairfax Station, VA Burke Lake Park
Richmond (Varina), VA Dorey Park - Old Layout
Lorton, VA Giles Run
Richmond, VA Gillies Creek Park
Christiansburg, VA Golden Hills DGC
Stanardsville, VA Greene Co. Community Park
Spotsylvania, VA   Hawk Hollow - Plentiful Creek
Staunton, VA Kiwanis DGC
Spotsylvania, VA Loriella Park
McLean, VA   McLean Central Park
Williamsburg, VA New Quarter Park
Newport News, VA Newport News DGC
Wintergreen, VA Out Of Bounds DGC
Fredericksburg, VA Pratt Park
Stephens City, VA Sherando Park
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Darkside
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Sunnyside
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Tiki Course
Bedford, VA Timber Ridge
North Garden, VA Walnut Creek Park
Harrisonburg, VA Westover Park
28 Course(s)
Lakewood, WA Ambient DGC
Mount Vernon, WA Bakerview Park
Mountlake Terrace, WA   Bicentennial Park
Moses Lake, WA Blue Heron Park
Federal Way, WA Brooklake DGC
Silverdale, WA Bud Pell @ Ross Farm
Vashon Island, WA Burton Adventure DGC
Sequim, WA Calvary DGC
Bellingham, WA Cornwall Park
Crystal Mountain, WA Crystal Mountain - Base Course
Crystal Mountain, WA Crystal Mountain - Summit Course
Olalla, WA   Dalaiwood
Spokane, WA Downriver DGC
Grandview, WA Dykstra Park
Tacoma, WA East Tacoma DGC
Snohomish, WA   Ferguson Park
Shoreline, WA Fircrest DGC
Oak Harbor, WA Fort Nugent Park DGC
Walla Walla, WA Fort Walla Walla DGC
Spokane, WA Four Mound - Hawk
Poulsbo, WA Fredericksen DGC
Elma, WA GH Hostel DGC
Glacier, WA   Glacier DGC - Back 18
Glacier, WA   Glacier DGC - Front 18
Spokane Valley, WA Greenacres Park
Greenwater, WA Greenwater DGC
Cle Elum, WA Hanson Ponds DGC
Spokane, WA High Bridge Park DGC
Chimacum, WA HJ Carroll Park
Bothell, WA   Howling Coyote DGC
College Place, WA   Jenda Jones Memorial DGC
Redmond, WA Juel Community Park
Silverdale, WA Kitsap Fairgrounds DGC
Kent, WA Lake Fenwick
Lake Stevens, WA Lake Stevens DGC
Vancouver, WA Leverich Park
Port Angeles, WA Lincoln Park DGC
Carnation, WA Loutsis Park
Skamokawa, WA Lucky Mud - Raven
Lynden, WA Lynden DGC
Shelton, WA MCCS DGC
Seattle, WA   Mineral Springs Park
Bellingham, WA Mossy Roc DGC
Glenwood, WA Mt. Adams Lodge
Bremerton, WA NAD Park - Main
North Bonneville, WA North Bonneville DGC
Sedro Woolley, WA NSRA DGC
La Center, WA Paradise Point DGC
Liberty Lake, WA   Pavillion Park
Connell, WA Pioneer Park
Ferndale, WA Riverside 18
Friday Harbor, WA Roche Harbor DGC
Aberdeen, WA Sam Benn DGC
Seattle, WA Sanislo Elementary
Seatac, WA Seatac DGC
Seatac, WA   Seatac DGC
Seattle, WA   Seward Park
Shelton, WA Shelton Springs DGC
Cathlamet, WA Skyline Golf Course
Carnation, WA Spirit Ridge DGC
Lacey, WA St. Martin's Abbey
Marysville, WA   Strawberry Fields for Rover DGC
Pullman, WA Sunnyside Park
East Wenatchee, WA Tedford Park
Mountlake Terrace, WA   Terrace Creek
Leavenworth, WA Thousand Trails Leavenworth
Castle Rock, WA   Twin Cedars DGC
Arlington, WA Twin Rivers
Kennewick/Finley, WA Two Rivers Park DGC
Port Orchard, WA Van Zee Park
Ferndale, WA VanderYacht Park
Lakebay, WA   Volunteer Park
Wenatchee, WA Wenatchee Rotary Park
Auburn, WA White River
Seattle, WA Woodland Park
Vancouver, WA WSU-Vancouver
Olympia, WA Yauger Park
93 Course(s)
West Virginia
Fairmont, WV Orange Crush
Paw Paw, WV   The Woodshed
Paw Paw, WV   Whippin' Post
5 Course(s)
Baraboo, WI Baraboo Lions DGC
Milwaukee, WI Dretzka Park
Milwaukee, WI Dretzka Park - Winter
Madison, WI Elver Park
Madison, WI Hiestand Park
Maple Bluff, WI Johnson Park
Stoughton, WI Kiwanis of Stoughton DGC
Janesville, WI Lustig Park
Stevens Point, WI Mead Park
Stevens Point, WI Standing Rocks
Kenosha, WI UW Campus - Parkside
Deforest, WI Vallarta-Ast DGC
New Berlin, WI Valley View Park
Sussex, WI Village Park
Westfield, WI Westfield High School
Kewaunee, WI Winter Park
Green Lake, WI Zobel Park
26 Course(s)
Canyon Village, WY Canyon DGC
Gillette, WY   Dalbey Memorial Park
Gillette, WY   Energy Rotary Club DGC
Lake Village, WY George Anderson DGC
Mammoth Hot Springs, WY Mammoth Ridges DGC
5 Course(s)
British Columbia
North Vancouver, BC   Eastview Park
Pender Island, BC   Golf Island Disc Park
Salt Spring Island, BC Hart Memorial DGC (Mouat Park)
Bowen Island, BC   Island Garden Estates
Vancouver, BC   Jericho Hill
Langley, BC Langley Passive Park
Vancouver, BC   Little Mountain DGC-Q.E. Park
Coquitlam, BC   Mundy Park
Vancouver, BC   Quilchena DGC
Burnaby, BC   Robert Burnaby Park
West Vancouver, BC   Rockridge DGC
Maple Ridge, BC   Thornhill Park DGC
Whistler, BC Whistler Olympic Park
Tsawwassen, BC   Winskill Park
14 Course(s)
Vantaa, Finland   Simonmetsä
1 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Mijas, Málaga, Spain DiscGolfPark Mijas