rosin bag in tournaments?


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Jun 7, 2011
i have searched for this and haven't found anything on the rulings, if i missed it, i apologize.

I have started using a rosin bag (like what pitchers use in baseball) to keep my hands dry. I have my first tournament since doing this coming up and didn't know if it was legal or not. could i get a ruling?
Legal AFAIK. Birdie Bags (mfr?) and Dirt Bags (Dynamic Discs) aren't rosin (I don't think), but are used for the same purpose. Same with Chucker's Chalk at DiscNation.
The rules mention artificial devices, but nothing about artificial substances (aside from certain ones players are prohibited from consuming). So you're all set.

And in the section on artificial devices, wearing gloves is permitted. So there's no reason to think chalk or rosin would be treated any differently.

Q: May I use stuff on my hands to get a better grip?

A: Yes. The use of grip aids is generally acceptable since nothing in the rules specifically prohibits their use. You may need to clean the disc periodically to prevent grip material from building up and adding thickness or weight to the disc.