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Lucky Mud - Raven Skamokawa, WA


-Peaceful country setting with beautiful scenery
-Elevation change on about every hole
-Mix of semi-wooded to heavily wooded holes
-Nice tee pads and hole maps at each tee
-Orange Discatchers on first half of course
-Not a busy course
-Well maintained
-Hole 10 has distances marked along fairway
-Extra (recovered) discs at hole 1 available
-Pro-shop on site
-Parking located by hole 1
-Rooms at the house on site available to rent
-Beginner course on the same grounds
-Owners are very friendly


-The back half of Raven uses Chainstar baskets that can be difficult to see in the woods
-Signage between holes is good, but not great

Other Thoughts:

Lucky Mud is a gem of a place located on a hill a few miles north of the small town of Skamokawa, WA. And Raven is one heck of a course to play!
I absolutely love how not a single hole is on flat ground. There are plenty of tunnel shots, especially in the woods, that make you hit your gaps, but they are not too annoying by any means. Looks like a lot of turf tee pads have recently been added to some of the newer holes in the woods- much appreciated! Slightly RHBH dominate, but as a righty, I'm not complaining.
Great views of the nearby hills, animals abound, and any PNW nature lover will be in heaven.
I don't give out too many 4.5 star reviews, but after factoring in everything Lucky Mud has to offer, and playing it a couple times through, it is well deserving in my mind.
I highly suggest you make the trip out. Our family had as much fun staying here this time (during the snow) as we had in the sunshine last summer.
Looking forward to playing again!
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Prides Creek Park Petersburg, IN


WHAT TO EXPECT: Prides Creek Park is a pay to play disc golf surrounded by short and long term camping locations, plays around a beautiful lake, and is just mildly to moderately wooded enough to force some technicality with smart mandos and treacherous greens. Generous elevation changes throughout with a mix of challenging Par 3's, some soft but tricky Par 4's, and some very demanding two shot Par 4's with no less than 12 holes either playing over the water, throwing at the water, or putting at the water. Expect a roller coaster of emotions on this course, especially if the wind is howling. Top notch course maintenance which makes the $5 fee to enter the park seem well worth it. No "rough" areas to speak of, no thorn bushes or dense areas to be worried about.

AMENITIES: There is a ball golf course next door for those that prefer that kind of thing, Tennis courts, pickle ball courts, several shelter houses, picnic tables galore spread through, modern bathrooms and ample parking.

TEES/SIGNAGE/BASKETS: Tees are concrete, narrow, slightly worn and can be slick in wet weather, and several are sloped (some up some down). Tee signs are simple older design with full color and all relevant hole information. Distances do not match U-Disc which does matter in some of the more treacherous basket right on the edge of the lake holes, best to use a rangefinder to be sure. Baskets are older Gateway Titan three ring grey baskets that blend in to the surroundings. Not my favorite baskets which I will touch more on in the cons.

DESIGN: Course only touts one set of pin locations and one set of tees (with the exception of a short tee/drop zone on Hole #8 and Hole #9). Interesting choice of very challenging and lengthy Par 3's (or shorter exceptionally technical Par 3's) verses having very soft length wise Par 4's with a treacherous pin location. Course has plenty of variety in shot shapes neither favoring the left to right or right to left shot shape heavily. Almost every pin is set on a mild to extreme slope with roll aways, water, or sheer drops awaiting a missed putt. Course smartly uses mandos to force players to play through the heavily more technical wooded areas which helps this mildly wooded park feel much more wooded and technical than it otherwise would.

EXTRAS: Plenty of benches, pavilions, trash cans, shaded areas, and places to rest throughout. Camping available on site. Navigation is very easy and intuitive. Course is kept in great shape and trash free. Next tee is designated on the current tee sign.


DISC LOSS RISK: With no less than 12 holes involving water in some capacity, the chance of losing a disc is very high for those who are aggressive. While it is very easy to keep the disc dry, the opportunities to get yourself ninja branched into the water, kiss a putt of the cage and roll into the lake, or misjudge an approach shot exist and punish you harshlesly for not respecting the danger.

RISK OF BEING HIT BY A DISC: Several of the tee pads are VERY close to the previous holes basket, and often within the flight line of a just barely misthrown disc. A guy in out group got hit twice, both times by the same thrower, during our round. Purely an accident and luckily they were just ground skips into the back of his leg, but the danger exists. (For reference Hole #4 tee pad was one instance and Hole #7 was the other). Several of the holes play near or directly beside park roads that see heavy car and foot traffic. We usually waited for people to pass, which was often, but I could see a risk of hitting someone there as well. Common to have people fishing the lake as well, with complete disregard to people throwing plastic.

TEE SIGN IMPROVEMENT: This one is very minor, but both holes #8 and #9 from the longs would benefit from having the water carry distances listed on the tee signs. This would help players both know how far they need to carry to get to certain spots as well as let the weaker among us know if they can make it over or not without risking a disc and go around to the short tee.

NON LEVEL TEE PADS: Huge con for me as these pads are small, older, and worn down. Some actually serious down grade and upgrade sloped pads which led to quite a few slips in the wet morning dew round. This course would benefit immensely from level, and honestly wider tees.

BASKETS: It is time for basket upgrades. While I'm not completely against the old style Titans, these baskets were some of the worst catching baskets I have ever played on. The wind was up quite a bit so we were putting much harder than normal. No less than 6 different putts in our group hit center pole, dropped into the basket and either bounced out or were pushed out by the wind. The baskets also did not like catching anything high in the chains. It almost seemed like the chains were too light and just moved out of the way too easily. Add the faded grey color and lack of band made the baskets extremely hard to locate from the tee as they blended in to everything. Not a huge knock for the course itself, just time for an upgrade.

HOME STRETCH: After an otherwise wonderful stretch from Hole #1-Hole #15, the last three holes are noticeably bland and meh feeling. With 2 of the three being very short soft par 4's (and most notably no water involved) it just doesn't feel like a strong way to finish the course. Personally (and because of the parking situation which I will discuss next) we parked at the Pavilion between Hole #13 and Hole #14 and played the course #14 as our starting hole and finished on #13 the second time we played the course and enjoyed that loop much more, finishing with a very daunting water carry hole (#13).

PARKING: Do not following the "Disc Golf Parking" signs. It will lead you to a parking lot down the hill to the left of the course. This parking lot is in the range of 300 yards from #1 tee and probably 500 yards from #18's basket. If the Pavilion in front of #1's tee is in use you probably won't be able to park there, but I suggest parking there when it's not in use. Alternatively as I have mentioned above, you can park at the Pavilion between Hole #13 and Hole #14 and the Tee for Hole #14 is about 20 feet from the parking lot and #13's basket is only about 100 feet down the hill on the other side.

BATHROOMS: Last minor con. If you play this course during the winter months, there are no bathrooms available anywhere. We played in early March and they were all still locked up and the water was still shut off from being winterized. I know this is not a year round thing and a minor inconvienence, but some people need to be prepared, so I'm putting it here.

Other Thoughts:

I can certainly see why this course is beloved and rated so well. Absolutely well maintained and is a wonderful mix of challenge and fun. While I would caution brand new players from attempting this course right out the gates, this is a wonderful course for Rec on up players and a must play in the area. Despite the cons I listed I would still rate this course as a strong 4 with the potential to get up to a 4.5 with some minor tweaks and updating. I try to be as objective as I can be and highlight the best and worst a course offers (even if some of them are personal preferences or ticky tack nit picking) in order to prepare the widest range of players who may use this as a course guide. I noticed I put a lot of cons on this course, but it truly is a remarkable place and I can't understate that enough. Must bag!
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Eagle Ridge DGC Springboro, OH


-Uses many of the available trees for obstacles, as well as playing along a small creek to add challenge
-This is a "9" basket course with 2 tees each, see below for more on this
-Pond in play for 4 holes (2 baskets), adding a degree of risk
-Bathrooms typically available, as well as porta-johns
-Don't know of any drinking water available
-Plenty of parking


-Grass tee pads. Some holes have square concrete markers in the ground, but not all.
-SOME holes have tee signs, but tee signs are only yellow numbers, no description of direction of play, and many are missing as well. Udisc or other GPS enabled app is a must for wayfinding
-Baskets are old, possibly DGA, but only have a single ring of chains. Putt gently if you want it to stick
-Baskets are not marked with hole numbers, so it is very challenging to find where you are playing to
-No "Next Tee" markers
-This course shares 2 of it's 9 baskets with Echo Valley (currently the highest rated course in Ohio). This allows for the use of much newer and well cared for discatchers, but it also means that you will be competing with other players on busy days, as well as crossing over the fairway of hole 1 on Echo Valley 4 times. Seriously not a fan of this.
-No signs for way finding
-The course land is poorly drained, so be prepared if it has rained recently
- The margins of the course aren't very clear, so losing discs is a possibility
-Park is multi-use, so be prepared for possible interactions w/ pedestrians

Other Thoughts:

I think it's fair to say that this course was once an independent and solid course, but the proximity and shared space with an excellent course like Echo Valley makes the stark contrast between them even greater. With some simple signage alone, this course would be well improved. With a gentle re-design that takes the course off of Echo Valley's fairways, this could be a good course again. For now, it's best service is putting practice on tournament days at Echo.
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Henslee Park Dickson, TN


WHAT TO EXPECT: An absolutely beautiful park setting on a former ball golf course. Long enough past its time as a ball golf course that while still recognizable as an old course, the sandtraps and greens have long since diverted back to regular grass. Well kept property, what I would consider mildly wooded, and 3 separate layouts to pick your challenge.

AMENITIES: Massive playground for the kiddos, Splash Park, Modern bathrooms built into the hillside beside the playground, multiple walking/bike paths, ample parking.

TEES/SIGNAGE/BASKETS: As this course is still relatively new 75% of the tees (gold and red) are still natural earthen tees. Holes 1-7 Gold had freshly poured tee pads when we played but none of the red tees and the Golds from there on out had yet to be concreted. No course sign that we could find which made finding Hole #1 challenging but another disc golfer in the parking lot pointed us the right direction. Hole signs are standard Dynamic Discs style full color signs with all relevant hole information showing both the long and short pad location and both the A and B pin locations and distances. Baskets were newer Blue DD Veteran baskets that caught well and stood out great in both the open and wooded sections of the course. Bonus for white next tee arrow plates in the bottom of the baskets. These were desperately needed and a big help. Benches on almost every hole, also much appreciated as you will get winded walking this course.

DESIGN: Course designers put great care into making the holes feel like you were playing a dedicated disc golf course and not just following the flow of a ball golf course which is something most disc golf courses on a ball golf course get wrong. The more wide open holes where there is little tree cover were smartly made into par 4's and used multiple angles, elevation, and tricky pin locations to put emphasis on executing a solid approach shot and really risk reward putting. The wooded sections of the course utilize mandos well to force tight lines instead of just hyzering around the gaps or going big over the top. Very solid mix of long challenging distance holes with shorter very technical Par 3's. Would have liked to see the water on the course utilized a little more (most tee shots begin by throwing over short width sections of water without much risk of ever actually landing in it) but it does make for very pretty holes visually. Course forgoes solid flow with tees right next to the previous basket and chooses to create the best holes possible even if there are some pretty decent distance hikes between holes.

EXTRAS: Pretty much any skill level can attempt this course. The Red 9 hole layout with short tees only requires about 150 feet of distance (and only once on Hole #2 to clear a small pond) to play well. The Rose Gold layout is a good challenge for beginners to build up to combining the Red 9 layout with 9 of the more manageable holes from the Golds. Then the Gold layout to test both your distance and technical game. An obvious labor of love with multiple designers coming together to create a beautiful course for all skill levels and play styles.


Lack of Concrete Tees: I know this will be fixed shortly, but currently the natural tees are a major blemish on an otherwise wonderful course. We played in a light misty rain and the natural tees were heavily used, muddy, and slick. Of note, there is still a lot of sand in some areas from being an old ball golf course and it tends to get onto the concrete pads. I took a pretty good tumble on Hole #7's Gold Pad as a result.

Distance Between Basket and Next Tee: As mentioned earlier in the Pros section, this course has some major hikes between holes, most involving a lot of elevation. The most egregious is from Hole #12 to Hole #13 where you must walk roughly 500 yards and you have to walk across previous fairways (including one that is blind to the players who might be throwing the hole).

Blind Shots: While wonderful in the challenging aspect of the design, there are so many blind shots over hills, around corners, into greens etc that are extremely frustrating for first timers and can be hazardous if the course is busy. OB cart paths dart in and out at odd angles and very close to baskets in multiple places that are blind from where you will be throwing at them from. Landing areas for tee shots on the longer par 4's are often over a hill into a valley and blind from the tee so be aware you may be throwing into a group in front of you. There are no indicators on tee signs which pin location the basket is in, leading to MANY trips to the top of the hill and searching for a basket to get your bearings. This became extremely frustrating as the round progressed.

Not as Cart Friendly as You Would Think: I opted for a shoulder bag and I'm glad I did. Two in my group went with carts and regretted dragging those carts up hills all morning in lush thick wet grass. The elevation changes made pulling that extra weight a lot more taxing that just carrying a bag.

Not a Fast Play Through: Expect to spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours here if you play 18 holes (Rose Gold of Gold) layouts. Maybe solo and with knowledge of the course you can get through here faster. Obviously the Red 9 layout can be played much faster if you just want to get in a quick round.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great example of what a free Park course can be. While Idelwild probably sets the standard for free park courses, Henslee executes extremely well. It has some room for improvement, most notably getting all the concrete tee pads poured, pin location markers on the tee signs, and maybe some Hole design tweaks to decrease the massive walks between holes. But otherwise this course is well on it's way to being a West TN favorite. Definitely a must play, just about a 30-35 minute drive from Clarksville and with the bonus of being able to get in Baker park (another Champish level 18 Hole course just down the road). Don't let my cons fool you, they are more warnings to those debating on coming to play to help them prepare, and notes for this courses room to grow. Easily can be a 4.5 but because of the improvements that need to come, I knocked off 0.5 of a point. Will definitely be back to play this course at some point and will update as to the changes when I do.
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Kiwanis Outdoor Center Battle Creek, MI


Solid course. Mostly wooded with some open holes. A serene course away from city bustle. Good course for windy days. Has some fun holes, including one that crosses a creek. Good growth potential.


Few amenities like benches and trash cans. Short course is really short, but the longs is a nice intermediate round. Some rough tee pads, ill-defined fairways and stumps and uneven ground to hike through.

Other Thoughts:

My go to for after work rounds. Limited parking. Free course. Thanks to the local Kiwanis club for adding a nice alternative course to the Battle Creek area,
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Doc's Disc Golf Tribune, KS


Nice DD tee signs
Great condition DD Vet baskets
Decent cement tee pads


Course is compact with areas other park users may be in.
A few holes are just open field shots with maybe 1 tree.

Other Thoughts:

Sorry I took so long to update this course. This was on my ill fated trip when I totaled my Ford Focus by hitting a deer 70 miles north of Dodge City.

Anyways, this course use to be a little 6 home made basket course with multiple tee markers. Now it is a full blown course with tee pads, tee signs and even though only 9 baskets, the tee's are not just long and short. Several of the tee's tried to use different lines to the basket.

The course starts near the playground, well hole 10 does, hole 1 is a short walk across a field. The course then winds clockwise around the property with 8 holes in and around the grove of trees, and 10 holes pretty much in an open field with a couple of smaller tree's.

Most of the holes are pretty short, I mean really short ace run kind of holes under 200ft. But there are a couple of grip it and rip it holes out in the open.

My only issue is a few of the holes throw on or near sidewalks. I did happen to have a walker when I was playing, but it's a small town, it's not going to be crowded.

Would I play here again? Not really, its worth collecting and worth a stop if you are driving nearby, but I would NOT go out of the way to play here.
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Acorn DGC Roseville, MN


--Most holes have 2 tees, 2 baskets
--Pink baskets pop against the colors of the woods
--Decent painted signage
--Portable toilets


Long walk from 1 to 2 is an awkward beginning.

Other Thoughts:

First impressions of Acorn were pretty strong for me. The course is on the shorter side, but reasonably hilly and wooded, calling for some well-executed shot shaping.

For a course with a bit of a reputation for being boggy and buggy, I found it bone dry and very playable. Given that the first hole was nicknamed "Pond Hopper" and had no pond in sight, this is probably not the average state of affairs. Immediately noticeable are the pink-colored long baskets, which are supposedly Kingpins, You could have told me that that they were painted Mach III's and I wouldn't have known any better. DGA apparently did supply the plainer short baskets. Anyway, put me on Team Pink--I liked them and they caught well enough.

I'm really a fan of multiple layouts on a course, but Acorn doesn't really need much shortening even throwing from Blue to Pink. If you can throw 250', distance will not be your primary challenge here. Perhaps just hearing that ruins your day, in which you might want to move along to nearby Bethel or Lakewood, but if you stay, you'll find enough technicality to make for an interesting round.
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Overly Worman Zionsville, IN


The Topography! Nice to have terrain challenges in a heavily wooded area. Two Wide & Long concrete tees and signs per hole. Concrete slabs found in this converted clean dump to a public park are used for stairs, with handrails, throughout the couse..
Front 9 avg. 164' and mostly straight shots. But not all.
Big difference between short and long tees. Not only in distance but in angles too. With a avg. 255'.
Permanent tee & directional signs.


As with all new course a work in progress. So as of this review there are no signs leading to #1. Take the paved trail North of the playground to the "Y" and go left to #1 long tee. Will be muddy after a rain. Public Mulched path is an issue between long & short tees on #3, also the paved trail on #18. From the long a mound blocks view for possible users.

Other Thoughts:

From the 96th St. & Michigan Rd. Intersection it takes about 10 minutes to get to the park.
Driving through the Housing Addition please drive safely!
Took 45 minutes for two players to play 9 holes from the short pads. About an hour to hour and a half to play 9 from the longs.
Paved parking, shelter, playground, seasonal? water fountain.
Bring water, bug spray and wear long pants, in case you get into the rough. And you probably will until the course gets "Broken in" in a few years. Port-O-Let at the end of the parking lot.
Ongoing work with chipping? Of underbrush/trees and more defined fairways will be happening.
Not as Muddy after rain as I thought it would be. But still wear boots.
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Devou Park DGC Covington, KY


Interesting course that plays a little differently than most due to the extreme hills and elevation changes.
Best signs in the business. They show elevation change plus distances for the entire hole. You can identify your landing zone on par 4s and see how far it is from the basket.
Open and natural fairways.
Seems to use available land to its best.


Just a bit blah.
The excitement here is what happens when the disc hits the ground because without perfect landing angle the disc will go "bye bye"
Very popular park. I haven't run into too many people hanging out on the fairways but it does happen.

Have you ever had a new housing development in your area that, when you drive by it, looks a little out of place and that it doesn't naturally fit there? That's kinda the vibes I got here and I had never been here before.

Can't think of any signature holes.

Other Thoughts:

I really like it. If you made the entire course flat, it would be the most boring course on Earth, but the sloped greens and elevation change really make it stand out.
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Wiconisco Creek DGC Millersburg, PA


This is a well-designed, well-executed course on a varied, mostly wooded piece of land. I enjoyed playing here very much. The first few holes occupy flat ground by the creek, but holes 8 through 15 work their way up, across, and back down a steep wooded ridge with lots of elevation in play. This part of the course was my favorite. Holes 16 – 18 return to the creek side of the road, but have more elevation in play compared with the start of the course.

With three tee pads per hole, the course length ranges from 5,759' (gold), 4,638' (silver), and 3,063' (bronze). Consequently, players of widely ranging skills can find a suitable option to play. This is more of a finesse course than a bomber course, but elevation makes quite a few holes play longer than the listed distances. There are also three par 4 holes on each layout.

Concrete tees for all silver and gold pads, but the bronze pads are all natural as of March 2024. Kiosk with course map and lost disc box by the parking lot. Practice basket nearby, and sawn log benches at every tee.

Lots of tricky greens, with hazards including steep slopes and OB creeks and streams near the baskets.

Excellent post-mounted signs at every tee. Signs include distance, elevation change, par, hole notes, direction to the next tee, and a highly descriptive hole map showing each tee and any OB areas.

Excellent navigation, with marked basket spokes and ample white "next tee" arrows throughout the course. I can't remember checking my navigation app during the round. Short walks between most holes, but the walk between 15 and 16 is fairly long (but well marked – continue walking past #18's teepad).

Stairs and bridges have been installed on the steepest slopes and ravine crossings, and wood chips line the dirt fairways and walking paths. Kudos are deserved for what must have been a massive effort.


A few holes throw across or along pathways and roads. While this is not ideal from a safety perspective, visibility is good and I did not note any conflicts on a warm Sunday afternoon in March.

Holes 1-7 and 18 can get muddy or even flooded after heavy rain or snow melt. I played the day after a heavy rain, and the course was fully playable despite a fair amount of mud and puddles on the creek holes.

Fairway widths are fair, but if you get off the fairway on the back nine briars can be quite aggressive. This is not unusual for a new course, and I saw evidence that the club has been trimming brush so I expect this to improve over time.

There are a couple of reachable holes where the basket is blind from the tee. The club has installed bells on these holes with a sign that says, "Please ring the bell after finishing the hole if there is a group behind you."

Other Thoughts:

Holes 6 and 18 play as artificial island greens, with a drop zone if you fail to land in bounds. Hole 7 had a raised basket on a tricky peninsula green that was surrounded by water when I played. Not sure whether the water is always so high, but there were boardwalks to cross so I expect such conditions are not unusual.

Risk of disc loss was fairly low in winter, but might be higher during the growing season. The course does not return to the parking lot until hole 17, so pack anything you might need during your round.

Personal pet peeve: There are a couple of holes on the ridge where you walk downhill to throw uphill. It bugs me to see elevation wasted rather than used for good purpose.
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