Del Rio, TX

Buena Vista Park

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Reviewed: Played on:Jul 31, 2023 Played the course:once


It’s a nice flat course. Fairly open with not much difficulty to it. Some good long drives to it. Great course for new players to get a feel and get their confidence up. Grass is short -though the heats done a number on it, some nice trees to feed your disc through


It’s poorly marked and confusing the first time you try to play through. Holes don’t have signs showing par. No real tee boxes. Tee five sits really close to the playground but can be shot without getting near it

Other Thoughts:

We walked the course today -I’ve just started playing and came to visit my mom here in Del Rio. After having a hard time figuring out the course yesterday do to poor marking, we marked corresponding tees and holes with marker tape to help people unfamiliar with the course who might leave their phones in their vehicle-like my mom and myself

Hole 1, orange
Hole 2, canary yellow
Hole 3, purple
Hole 4, red
Hole 5, blue
Hole 6, green
Hole 7, fluorescent orange
Hole 8, Fluorescent Yellow
Hole 9, white

The marker tape won’t last long as it sun weathers and biodegrades.
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