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Hoyt Park

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Hoyt Park reviews

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Hoyt won't Hurt 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 30, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


There is enough room here to air out some drives at the long tees, and good mid range looks from the shorts. Hoyt Park is a 9 hole circuit, and uses the peripheral areas of a nice small town park.

There is a pond that is not too much of a concern, and at least a tree here and there to provide landmarks to avoid. Very subtle elevation changes in spots. The biggest challenges are the wind that is often moderate to strong and usually present, and distance if you play the long tees.

I had trouble locating the beginning of the course. Don't park next to the baseball field. Hole 1 tees off by the parking lot for the community center. Long is behind the building, and short is next to Park Dr. shooting around the pavilion. I did pull off birdies on 1 each time I visited here.

I accidentally wound up playing 2 from the short tee my first visit, and birdied it also. Hole 3 is across the street, teeing near the road to a basket under a couple of large trees. 4 tees around those same trees to the basket downhill toward the pond under a small tree. 5 is totally open across the field toward the baseball field parking. 6 is alongside the highway, and downhill between rows of well spaced, shorter evergreens and bushes. 7 goes across the runoff creek that was dry both days I have played it, with a formidable sized tree right in the middle of the line. 8 is very open, with some tall grass to the left, and the pond way to the left. 9 tees next to the pond, and has a few trees behind the green, and in front of the gazebo.


Concrete tees and signs would be nice. I never found a marker for hole 8 long, might have been lost to an alley. The transitions between holes were not super obvious. Spent time trying to find more than one tee box.

Very open with few trees to provide shade or protection from wind. Does ok with what is there, but is not an impressive course.

Other Thoughts:

Hoyt Park is the definition of a reasonable disc golf course. It isn't flashy, only 9 holes, but better than having no course at all. The long tees are enough to make it interesting, and there is not a lot of repetition, despite the mostly open landscape.

In 2 rounds there I have not shot par. I played the long tees both times, and finished +1 and +2. This would be a good learning course. The holes that gave me trouble were usually because of poor play in the short game. Either bad putting, or mid range approaches that were poorly placed or blown off course.
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Chained Evil
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Good community course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 17, 2015 Played the course:once


There are multiples tees and the flow is logical.
Next tee arrows to guide you.
The park and grounds were well kept.
This course uses what elevation that is present as best it can. Rounds should play quickly here. Also there are other amenities as here like a playground, pavilions, etc. The flow is logical and disc loss should be nil.
This is a beginner friendly course.
Hole observations:
1-downhill shot from the long tee
2-moderate length with the basket protected by a tree from the long tee
3-slightly downhill from the short tee
4-slightly downhill with the basket in the open
5-slightly uphill with the basket in the open
6-slightly downhill with cedars lining the hole from the short tee. You can throw over the cedars right now but in a few years this will make for an interesting line.
7-has trees to throw over from the long tee and dog legs hard from the short tee
8-moderate length with the right hand side open from the short tee
9-mostly open from the short tee


This course is mostly open with the above exceptions and there just aren't many lines to be shaped. The planting of some trees would help spice things up a bit.
The tee pads??? Right now they are just small blocks of cement not large enough to be much more than a marker with the hole number and L for long or S for short. Also there isn't any signage. Hopefully this will be addressed and I can update my review in the future.
No trash cans or benches.
Wind will factor in on several holes due to the lack of trees.
The walk from 9's basket to the parking lot and 4's basket to 5's tee was rather lengthy.

Other Thoughts:

This is a a good beginners course that offers a different set of tees to give you a different look. You can air out some drives here as it is pretty open. I wished the pond would've been utilized somehow to keep things interesting. This course just needs a little bit of something added to keep things from getting repetitive.
If you are passing through the area and need to get in a quick 9 this would be a good place to do so.
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