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Alexandria, LA

LSU Alexandria

Permanent course
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LSU Alexandria reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 29.1 years 332 played 130 reviews
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So bad it’s good, the Sharknado of disc golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 23, 2022 Played the course:once


+Innova Pro 28 Discatcher baskets (however not numbered)
+Hole 4 is interesting 218 foot hole with a water carry and a basket placed between the OB pond and a cart path
+pretty tee signs


-baskets aren't numbered
-numerous safety issues
-several very long walks in between holes
-hole 1 difficult to locate

Other Thoughts:

Where to begin…I believe I'm a great course navigator and seldom lose my way, but LSU Alexandria stumped me on the start of this course. I never did locate hole 1's tee. I found the basket, and searched for minutes for the tee, just about everywhere it could possibly be…didn't think it could be across a sidewalk lined with a hedgerow with a 90 degree angle and only 135 feet long not visible at all from the basket, but apparently that's hole 1. Granted, when I passed through on the way back from a tournament in Pineville that I had just won in a playoff I may have been a couple sheets to the wind. But I wasn't thinking hole 1 would be so strange…little did I know what silliness lay ahead. So I teed off on hole 2 which wasn't so bad, straight ahead into a grove of oak trees in between two ball golf fairways. Hole three then plays across a ball golf fairway and ends up about ten feet from a group of picnic tables and chairs outside a rec-center building. Any approach or drive going long of the green could easily take out innocent bystanders. From there, the long walks began. Four's tee requires a walk past four's basket back to the tee, as three & four are so close together that when you tee from 3, it's hard to tell which basket to aim at. It doesn't help that none of the nice new Innova baskets don't have a number on them. Anyway, hole 4 is the star of this course. A slightly elevated tee gives a nice view over a small pond with a little fountain in it, and at about 200' to reach the small green, it's a fun one. Sure, there's a bridge in the middle of the pond that you have to throw over, so wait until the bridge is clear before throwing. Hole 5 is a long walk away, towards the baseball stadium. Wide open and no danger here except game days. Another long walk across the parking lot takes you to hole 6, which is a short ~230' hole. On the right are tennis courts behind a fence, with a walking path coming around the corner directly into the line of fire. Holes 7 & 8 are disasters waiting to happen. Hole 7 throws across the walking path twice with the basket about ten feet from the path and ten feet from more benches and tables. Then hole 8 is the worst. Again right across the walking path, but also up the walking path for a while before hyzering out to a basket next to a building with big windows only 30-40 feet away. If your drive goes left and you hear glass breaking, just put away your bag and quietly slink away like Bill Murray in Caddieshack when the preacher gets hit by lightning. Hole 9 is a short open 150 footer that's a safe ending to the course at least.

I would say this course is forgettable, but it's actually so bad I probably won't forget it soon. If you need a refresher in how not to design a course, check out LSUA…the Sharknado of disc golf.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.1 years 123 played 72 reviews
0.50 star(s)

That first hole . . .

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 1, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


This is a 9-hole course on a small college campus that begins by winding through the campus golf course and ends with a throw into a student hangout area. There is a stretch of 3 decent holes that begin at hole 2 with hole 2 being the one hole that is good enough to make you wonder why all the rest of the course turned out so poorly.

Hole 2 is a low celing throw with approaches from dead straight and wide left and wide right with the latter two approaches encouraging skip shots due to the low haning branches of the live oaks that shade the basket.

Hole 3 is over 300 feet with a gap between trees mid-way and a basket about 20 feet short of a small and shallow pond. The tee location and distance to the gap between the trees could have been a little better thought out for lower-skilled players, but it's not bad.

Hole 4 begins at one end of the same pond and proceeds to a basket at the other end for a total of right at 300 feet but with one approach taking your disc directly over the #3 basket. After that, the rest either falls into the "con" category or is simply non-descript.

The course is easy to get to if you are traveling through the area.


This course starts out with what I will designate as the stupidest hole in disc golf. That may be a reach, because I'm only at about 100 courses played at this point, so my experience base may be a little lacking. But this hole is about 130' long and is apparently designed as a blind throw through a small window in the branches of two trees toward a basket that is approximately 2' off the edge of a golf green, 3-4 feet from cart path and about 10-12 feet from small pond guarded by nasty briars. The small throwing window sits directly over the same small pond and requires a throw just over a footbridge and is a blind throw at a golf green that you might not realize is there if it is your first time playing. After you play it once or twice, you will realize that the safest throw is a spike hyzer over some fairly tall trees that has a really good chance of tombstoning into the golf green by the basket. In fact, the safe (for your disc), preferred throw is to tombstone into the golf green.

The baskets for hole 3 and 4 are separated by about 70 feet. When throwing from the 3 tee box, it isn't immediately apparent which basket to throw to. Once you have figured it out and played the hole, the forehand route for hole 4 goes directly over, or around, or at the basket for number 3. The backhand route for hole 4 goes directly through a small picnic/rest area that is associated with the golf pro shop.

Hole 5 is a wide open throw out in the middle of a large open area between the baseball/rec center parking lot and the baseball stadium. There are some sidewalks and parking lots to provide potential OB, but they are also likely to lead to some parked-car/disc conflicts.

Hole 7 is a throw between trees to a basket that is about 20 feet from a set of picnic tables. Hole 8 is a blind throw around a building with an entrance and sidewalk a few feet past the basket and Hole 9 is a wide open, very short hole of no particular note other than ending in what looks to be one of the busiest parts of campus.

There are long walks between many holes. Hole 9 finishes approximately 1/4 mile from the parking lot by Hole 1. The skill level is very inconsistent with 300+ feet holes with baskets guarded by OB to wide open holes, one of which is sub-150 feet. Navigation is not intuitive so you will need to pay close attention to navigation signs (which aren't in yet).

The safety issues are very concerning. The first hole has a blind throw at a golf green on an active golf course. First time players may not realize that they are throwing at a golf green and will not be able to see the golfers from the tee. Holes 4, 7, 8 and 9 are concerningly close to picnic tables or other gathering areas and Hole 8 has the added problem of being a blind throw!

Tees are grass and the course is all flat being constructed on a flood plain of the Red River.

Routing is poorly thought out. You must walk hole 4 twice, first from basket to tee, then from tee to basket after your throw. There are fairly long walks between holes and a long walk back to your car because the 9th hole ends nowhere near the first tee pad.

Other Thoughts:

The headscratching thing about this golf course is the routing and the decision to take the course through more heavily trafficked parts of campus when there is a lightly-used golf course on campus that the disc golf course could have shared. What's even weirder is that the disc golf course does go through part of the golf course anyway, before wandering off into non-descript holes and safety issues.

So it is readily apparent that the disc golf course *could* have been put on the golf course, ending near its start and off on its own and away from the parts of campus likely to see a lot of student foot trafic. Instead, it winds directly into the busiest part of campus and ends about 1/4 mile from where it started.

Hole's 2, 3 and 4 are decent holes, and the conflict between 3 and 4 is fine except in a tournament setting, which this course will likely seldom or never see. But, due to the conflict between 4 and the nearby picnic area, 4 should probably be pulled and put elsewhere.

Ultimately, holes 2 and 3 show the potential of a course that shares the golf course on this campus. Holes 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 show a stunning disregard for safety.

lf you are really intent on bagging this course (the only reason to go more than a few feet out of your way to play it), to minimize conflicts with student activity on campus, you should probably play this course in late-afternoon or on weekends.
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