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Charlottesville, VA


1.175(based on 3 reviews)
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PVCC DGC reviews

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Experience: 7 played 7 reviews
0.50 star(s)

dont waste your time 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 6, 2022 Played the course:once




the entire layout

Other Thoughts:

basket sleeves were not set in concrete, so it would be very easy for someone to pull the baskets out and go. consequently, the baskets are already starting to lean. skip this stop altogether
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 7.1 years 430 played 398 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Not a course - but a beautiful walk 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 11, 2021 Played the course:once


No tees, no signs - it's 9 baskets placed around a campus

+ There are a couple of nice holes. #1 is pretty: looking down from the edge of the parking lot at a basket sitting under a big spreading tree. Then the better holes are in the other part of the course, with some open fields, some elevation, and a nice finisher down an alley of spruce trees to one of the building entrances


- The nine holes are divided into two groupings at opposite ends of the campus. More than 1/4 mile separates them, and the most direct route is through parking lots. I drove between the two sections and didn't feel at all lazy about it (especially since parking in one spot meant doubling the long walk)

- There's significant danger in the design: the teeshot on #4 bisects a main walking path. It plays down to a nicely-placed basket below a steep hill, but an OB baseball outfield really forces your throw directly over the walking path, especially since it's a blind shot at the basket

- After holing out on #4, you walk back up the hill toward the tee (danger: anyone playing 4 behind you won't see you on the green or walking up the hill back toward the tee) and you throw from the walking path down into the woods to find basket #5.

- There are no tees, or any indication of where tees might be, so you're going to be approximating with uDisc. Come to think of it, the course probably can't be played without uDisc.

Other Thoughts:

~ The closing holes play high up on a west facing ridge, and the views at sunset must be spectacular. I'm happy to find any campus that includes disc golf, and I imagine regular players get to know the various quirks of this layout. For those of us just stopping by, I suggest playing with uDisc in hand, with the expectation of a long round and lots of backtracking to find tees and baskets, and a slow pace to really enjoy the views. It's not much of a course, but' it's a nice walk on a pretty community college campus

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 4.9 years 113 played 112 reviews
2.00 star(s)

A Variety of Elevated Holes 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 16, 2021 Played the course:once


-A course that meanders thru Piedmont Valley Community College campus in two separate sections. Both sections are hilly with elevated tee shots, and a few rollers. Holes 1-5 on the far side starting by the tennis courts are hilly, open, heavily wooded, and looks scruffy. Holes 6-9 located behind the Administration building is kept manicured open fairways with light trees. The course setting is beautiful with surrounding wooded small mountains and wind can give some play.

-No. 1 offers a unique tee setting on a bus stop, No. 4 a distance level fairway then downhill drop, and No. 8 a long-distance open wave effect fairway to reach basket.

-Theirs a variety of pars and distances, some offering generous scoring opportunities, and other holes not so generous.

-Holes 6-7, and 9 use two wooden heavy chairs to mark tee locations. For all others Udisc is highly recommend, if not see my wall post for tee locations.

-Navigation is counter-clockwise at both course locations and Udisc will greatly help with navigation.

-There is visitors parking by both locations about 120 feet from first tee, and the second visitors parking about 300 feet from sixth tee. It's at least 1/3rd of a mile from 5th basket to 6th tee.

-Beginners and Recreational will find the course very playable with some difficulty in the two wooded holes 3 and 5. Intermediate and Advanced for the most part will be thinking birdie and eagle with a few challenging holes.


-The two separate locations of the course are disjointed and if you're in a good flow, you may need to find a way to pick it up again at #6. From 5 basket to 6th tee walking to car, driving over to second parking, walking to 6th tee took about 6 minutes. Walking the round trip coming back to first parking from 9th basket is at least ½ mile.

-No tee signs, no navigation signs, and no tee pads. Again, Udisc would be very helpful, without very difficult.

-I don't see any reason not to play the course when school is in session, for the most part your away from campus activity. However, there could be walkers in the woods, and on a warm day people laying out in the grass holes 6 thru 9 or using the tee marker chairs, can't blame them it's peaceful.

-No. 4 fairway had one car parked on it for youth activity sports on a Saturday. Plenty of parking where everybody else was parked, but there may have been more games earlier. Very disappointing to walked halfway down the fairway to play hole.

-Disc lost can be high on holes 3 and 5 very narrow in the woods with thick brush. Took a few moments to find my disc in 5.

Other Thoughts:

PVCC does have some very good holes with some elevation drops and a few nasty ones such as 3 and 5. The surrounding area and viewing the mountains from the course is just beautiful providing a very comfortable round of disc golf, and my highest elevation played. And who doesn't like picking up a cheap eagle, that could be taken back from another hole. The biggest con for myself was getting back to the car and loading up and head over to number 6, I was afraid my 58-year-old legs would get to comfortable and not want to get out again. For myself an interruption, but it was made up by a very short #6 to get moving again. Overall, I found the fun factor good!

My overall rating is anchored on the course experience with a handful of solid holes, elevated tee's, a fairway drop, and a new unique tee experience off of the bus stop at #1, that anchor is set at a 4.0. Those con's really drag it down, and it would be very difficult without Udisc. Playing time was at 40 minutes including snapping pictures and the drive over to #6.

Notable Holes:

No.1 Par 3 at 195 feet and 1 of 2 holes less than 200 feet. It's an elevated straight away open fairway tee shot. The tee sits on a corner of a city bus stop, with bus sign and bench, not sure If I'll experience that again, and you're throwing across a not so busy road. Elevation about 12 feet a rollie Polly fairway effect, and at the bottom the fairway rises back up to the basket starting within C2. To the far right a clump of trees to stay away from. At the basket two large trees guarding the right. Beautiful scene, I'm thinking birdie, an early release put those two trees in the way of my birdie.

No. 4 Par 3 at 321 feet is a straight away open fairway that drops at 270 feet out from basket. The basket sits in the open on a steep roller away from you, and not seen until you approach the drop. From the tee which Udisc will help to find, the fairway is level and looks scruffy before turning lush green about 200 feet out, and a narrow road in the middle of the fairway. 50 feet before the drop are heavy trees and brush to the left and an outfield fence to the right giving a gap of about 60 feet. I would of like to of played a turnover for my best distance, but that car was parked in the middle, and didn't want to risk it. Ended up just playing half the hole.

No. 8 Par 3 at 397 feet and 1 of 4 holes greater than 300 feet. A straight away wide-open fairway tee shot. Elevation drops left to right across a lush green fairway that has a wave effect. Only the very top portion of the basket can be seen behind a hill and if the grass is cut short can roll. A chance to let it rip and you may even get some help by the wind. Had a left to right wind down elevation to get some help and received some great distance and was able to get a birdie run within a hundred feet. Beautiful flight of the disc.

Signature Hole:

No. 9 Par 4 at 251 feet and yes rather short. Straight away slightly upslope to a hidden basket from tee. The tees are marked by two wooded chairs a nice touch. About 50 feet in front of you is a large cedar bush blocking view of the basket. From that point on is a circle of trees some Christmas tree like, and more cedar bushes. Cedar bushes wrap all the way around the left side of fairway and behind the basket. Basket is open, but the cedar bushes are within 25 feet, if you lose sight of your disc from the tee and land in the bushes, you're going to be doing some searching, and that could be the reason for the par 4? Lost disc penalty or taking a drop? Just a very scenic finishing hole. Teed straight left over the cedar bushes and found myself for a cheap eagle just 10 feet left of basket, gotta have one occasionally.

Trouble Hole:

No. 5 Par 3 at 326 feet is an elevated dog leg left teeing into a very small gap of about 15 feet into the brush and heavy trees. The gap extends all the way up into the canopy, and the gap is not seen from the tee. Leaving basket 4 take a good look at the gap, its nasty and not disc friendly and get a good bearing for your tee shot. The tee is placed at a trail coming out of the woods that leads back into the gap towards the basket. The gap is about 240 feet out, the basket when you see it has guardian trees mainly on the left. This one of the nastiest holes I've played for the lost disc potential because of sight unseen from the tee, downhill angle, and the possibility of getting hung up in trees, which I feared the most. I got too much turnover from the tee and sprinted to my right to keep my eye on the disc going left of the gap. Took a few moments to locate and pitched up between the guardians.

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