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St. Louis (Florissant), MO

Sioux Passage - Original

4.035(based on 52 reviews)
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Sioux Passage - Original reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 20.2 years 1096 played 667 reviews
3.50 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2020 Played the course:once


The original course at Sioux Passage is the more challenging of the two courses on site in my opinion. The distances are much longer than Briscoe. It's also much more open. More your typical park style course. Not completely open but mostly open. There's 2 distinct loops here, that are actually not that close to each other.

The front 9 is the more technical of the two. You have trees to contend with on almost every hole. Hole one is the most open of these holes. A fun downhill bomb to start things off. After that there's at least a few trees to manuver around on every hole. 7, 8 and 9 are the best of the bunch, with tough tees or pin placements. Hole 9 is a tight, severely uphill tee shot where if you kick off to either side you're scrambling. Fun hole.

The back 9, is much more open but the elevation increases. It's almost like 2 different courses. but both are fun. 13 is a super fun downhill bomb with the OB road along the whole left side. A good mix of up and downhill shots on this section.

The tee signs are solid here. They have the hole #, all pin positions, distances and pars. They also have a nice hole map which helps you identify where you need to throw. Bolts are plugged into a slot next to the pin that is current. I always love to see this when there are multiple pin placements. Signs also have next tee arrows.

The tees are all concrete. Not the largest, but big enough and all are nice and level and have good grip. Plenty good enough. One tee per hole.

The baskets are older Mach's. Not sure what type 3's probably. They have the number plates on the top. Definitely on the older side and not my personal favorite, but I had no issues with them. These are alright.

The flow from hole to hole is easy to follow (except 9 to 10). The course was well mowed and maintained when I was here. Also very clean. Course is free and is a permanent set up. Double bonus.


The walk/drive between the two nines is a little annoying, but worth it to have good holes on both. Just odd I guess.

The baskets are a little bit of a disappointment. Like I said, I had no issues with them, but they're in pretty rough shape.

The prairie grass on 14, 15, 16 and 17 can be a pain to find discs in. It's pretty easy to end up in there, and isn't fun to look through. Very possible to loose a disc in there.

Not a con but a forwarning: Bring plenty of liquids, especially on the back 9. Those hills are brutal. Especially in the summer heat. Expect a round to take around two hours if you play reasonably fast.

Other Thoughts:

This is a pretty fun course. You can tell it gets a good amount of play, by the wore out paths between holes. And for good reason, It's a fun course. I bet it would be REALLY fun if you weren't a noodle arm like myself, and could really bomb it on some of these holes. But all players will enjoy this course. Not a destination course by any means, but if you're in the area I'd recommend this one. Doesn't take that long to play, and could be played as two seperate 9's. I'd play this one again. Not as good as Jefferson Barracks IMO, but a similar feel to it. Good course.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 31.3 years 764 played 387 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Rolling Long Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2019 Played the course:once


I am sure in it's heyday , this course was always worth the trip north for St Louis disc golfers and travelers . Set in a large park, Sioux Passage made room for 2 courses . The Original course here has nice long cement tee pads ,Bathroom near hole #3 basket . the baskets are in pretty good shape , tee signage is good and informative . The front 9 on this course has rolling hills and plenty of elevation . The back 9 , 400 meters up the road is more just up hill or down hill . Plenty of length on this course . Over 8500 feet . Looks like there are 2 pin position on most of the holes . The 485 foot #10 , uphill , will seem like 600'+ . The biggest plus besides having 2 courses on site is the course design . I saw that McCormack was one of the designers and he always seems to do a good job .The course opens you up to a 414' slight downhill drive , then doesn't let up on the gas much until the end . Plenty of open drives mixed in with tunnel shots ( #7 & #9 off the top of my head ) . The course makes you think when the basket tucks away into some cove of trees , like on 8 or 14 . 14 is a nice 325' hyzer that tucks into the woods at the end in front of a large creek . #3 is also a great hole where the basket was placed to the right , hidden over a hill and under a canopy of medium sized trees 625' . My signature hole for this course was probably #9 . Strating down into a ravine where you either have to walk down the road to your right and take the path into the tee pad , or brave the walk down the dirt ( or muddy on my day ) fairway and hope you don't fall . It is a straight up tunnel shot that will force you to clear brush and trees on either side into the open fairway . Then you will have about a 280' slight downhill approach to the basket , next to the lot you parked in . I have to mention #18 . A long downhill 800' throw that will fade right , then , after a spray of fairway trees , will open to a glen where the basket sits . Great finishing hole .


Understanding that it had dumped a lot of rain in the St Louis area in the past few days , there is still no accounting to how bad a shape the course was in . First , on the fairways for 2 & 6 , gully throws , what look like tire tracks encourage standing water for you to walk through in order to go to the other side of the hill . Also , more importantly , the grass was more than out of control here . The front 9 had grass up to the bottom of my shin in spots , but the grass on the back 9 fluctuated from calf high all the way up to over 3 feet , even in the fairways , especially #s 14 , 15 and some of 16 . I don't mind a little rough on either side of a fairway , even if the fairway is narrow , but in a lot of cases , there are NO fairways . The reason I know how high the grass actually was ? I have a 36" inseam . I never did find the baskets for 11 & 12 . I don't know if they were pulled or what . I think I threw 11's tee pad ( unmarked ) to 13's basket ( marked ) . Have a map or you will never complete this course . . Bugs , bring spray or be on the course menu for Sioux Passage insects . They were so bad that they chased a family away after hole 4 . This park has a treasure in this course , now almost 25 years old . If the park wants to feature disc golf , then some efforts have to be made .

Other Thoughts:

Having played some in the St Louis area off and on for the last 20 years , I was glad to finally see Sioux Passage, which was on my list of plays for a while now . Where I was happy with the course configurations , I was disappointed with the course care . Step up your game , Florissant and Sioux Passage Park personnel , and clean up this course . See about the missing baskets/tees for 11 & 12 . Players from the St Louis area and travelers will go out of their way to come to your park and city to play , eat , and maybe stay . My recommendation : If on I-70 and wanting to play 36 holes in one park , Play it !
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Experience: 6 played 6 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Tough 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 25, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


--The setup here is absolutely perfect. The two halves are quite different, with the first calling for distance and the second demanding accuracy.

--Not only are concrete tee pads great, but here the tee/pin arrangements are so solid. Nearly all of these holes are memorable. (My favorite is #13)

--Much more open and forgiving than most courses of similar difficulty, however OB in the back half can make things rough at times. Patience will eventually reward those lost in the tall grass.

--A chance to rip some power drives with a real challenge present. But there is more elevation change and less pointless distance than Creve Coeur Lake.

--Clean and well-kept county park


--Far away even for many residents of St. Louis County. Situated on the Missouri river deep in north county.

--The bugs the bugs. Spray up. You and all of your party members should each bring your own cans and use them in their entirety. You'll still probably get bit.

--You do have to drive to the back half i'm pretty sure. I've yet to find a convenient path that leads there. Walking is not only a trip but using the road seems unsafe.


Other Thoughts:

There is too much good about this park to be distracted by its issues (even the bugs). Players will enjoy ripping discs off the tees across rolling hills and fields. Careful play in the latter half will also greatly reward and satisfy.
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Experience: 10.9 years 3 played 3 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Great Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 30, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


The course is well maintained, has great tee-pads, will make you use almost every disc in your bag, great variety of backhand and forehand shots so i wouldn't say it favors either hand, will test your long game and test its accuracy as well, great baskets, great flow to the course, great detailed tee signs, fairways are "fair", alternate pin placements that actually get used, and is a challenge every time you play it whether you have played it once or a hundred times, its an open course so let em rip off the tee


There aren't many cons in my opinion so ill put the things that come to mind that most people consider cons... very long course. if you want to play 18 holes, expect a 4 hour round unless you're by yourself. this is definitely a bomb course. almost every hole requires a distance driver off the tee, and parking a hole requires a very good shot. Also, iv found that an even round at sioux is a great round at sioux. The OB is everywhere on the back 9 and i can't seem to go a round without landing in it. Get your birdies on the front 9 when you can get them because you will need the extra strokes on the back 9.

Other Thoughts:

If you have never played this course, or are traveling through St. Louis to play a round or 2... look no further because this is the park you want to come to. There are 2 courses in the park and are both are 2 of my top 5 courses that iv ever played. I will say it will help your score, and help you to have more fun if you can throw 400+ ft, but i play this course multiple times a week with people who can't and we still have a great time. Don't speed through the park and watch for kids at the playgrounds when you're driving through. The park rangers don't mess around in this park although they are good people. This year one of the tractors that mows grass broke down so the grass has been tall and choppy all over. You have to drive down the hill after 9 to get to the back 9 but feel free to bring bbq and charcoal and take a munchie break and bbq up some food at hole 10. The OB on the back 9 is thick so have someone spot for you or keep a good bead on your disc. A lot of people lost plastic at sioux passage. Put your name and number on it because there are lots of good people that will call you in the area. This is a NT level course in my opinion with a great challenge and not a lot of low scores. Near perfect course in my opinion and everyone should play this course
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Experience: 11 years 8 played 6 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Tough, but an enjoyable course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 10, 2014 Played the course:once


The course was in great condition. Fairways are being mowed, and it looks like they are addressing one of the complaints I had with the course in the not-too-distant future - they have samples of the new hole-map tee signs on #1 and #10 now. I'm pretty new to the game, and the distance here compared to my home course in WI was a little bit of a wakeup.

The course makes great use of the terrain, although in most cases, the way it's used tends to reward those with monster arms off the tee, especially on the valley holes on the front 9, and the last few holes on the back 9.

Favorite shots: Approaches on #3, 17, and 18. Tee shots on 7, 9, 13.


This was my first time on the course, and we had to walk a couple of the holes to establish where the baskets actually were at (#14, #17, #18 in particular). As a few other mentioned, the tees for #9 and #12 need to be signed a little bit more obviously from the previous baskets.

As the baskets were set last week, the course was playing north of 8000 feet. We can't all have bomber arms - I like when a course offers two tee options so that if you're in a group with folks who're still throwing 200-250, it's a fair fight.

Other Thoughts:

A lot of the photos of this course are taken without foliage. The #9 tee is just mean when everything's grown in.
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Experience: 12.3 years 87 played 19 reviews
4.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 23, 2014 Played the course:once


One of my favorite courses to play in this area when I'm in the mood for long shots, wide open fairways, and lots of hills.

Some of the holes are memorable, such as:

Holes 2 and 6 shoot over a grassy valley of sorts that requires a good 275 foot throw or you end up at the bottom of the valley. I've seen a lot of players taking second shots from the bottom of the valley, so it's a good feeling when you get in a shot that clears the whole thing and lands near the basket.

Hole 9 is unique from my experience since it is a narrow, very steep, uphill shot through trees. Many people seem to nail a tree or two on the way up.

Hole 13 is my favorite since the tee is at the top of a hill, under a nice shade tree, overlooking an expansive grassy area and a somewhat steep fairway of around 550 feet. There's something fun about throwing off a long hill. A really good shot can make this in two shots, but we usually get there in three to four.

Hole 15 is just plain evil as it curves right and climbs a long, steep hill, especially this last time since the pin was set at the 666 mark. Those of a fundamentalist world view might want to avoid this hell hole. ;-)

Hole 16 is another long shot from the top of a hill, but less steep it seems than 13. Still, I made it in three shots plus a putt since the elevation helps.

Hole 17 runs along some woods on the left so I tend to compensate and go too far right, right into the unmowed area.

Hole 18 is one where the fairway leads you left, but I find it more advantageous to throw slightly right, over the tall grass toward the park road. From there it's more of a straight shot to the basket. Plus, I can sometimes find a lost disc in the tall grass, assuming I don't lose my own in the process.

Nice concrete pads with distance signs, but no pictures on the posts so sometimes one has to guess where to throw or consult a map.

Friendly park manager is himself a DG player and he's open to suggestions for course improvement.

Spring is a beautiful time to play this course since it has several flowering trees next to tee boxes or along fairways.


Most holes are very long so it can be tiresome for beginners, particularly the long, steep, uphill fairways. While my family liked this course, they felt like it dragged on, especially the back nine that has repeated, long fairways in the 550 to 800 foot range. So it's better for stronger players.

During sunny, hot days this course can make one sweat a bit. I prefer to play it early morning or later in the day during the summer.

Other Thoughts:

The second 18 holes are almost complete. Should be open in June. I walked through a couple of holes and they're much narrower and more technical with plenty of trees to avoid.
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Wise Fool
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.4 years 125 played 118 reviews
3.50 star(s)

A Fun Passage of Time 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2014 Played the course:once


-Very well kept and taken care of park
-Good concrete tee-pads
-Multiple pin-positions on each hole.
-This course had a lot of elevation change. Most the the holes had either downhill or up hill incorporated into them. There are even a couple of shots across a small valley which were a lot of fun (the valley shots were holes 2 and 6, and were two of my favorite on the course).
-The course has a good variety of distances on the course. There are some holes are 200 and 300 feet, and then a lot of holes that are quite a bit longer, in the 500 to 800 foot range. The back nine definitely longer than the front nine.
-The course didn't seem to interfere with other park areas or activities.
-Holes 18 was an awesome hole. It is about an 800 foot downhill shot, down a somewhat curvy fairway, with thick foliage down the side of the fairway. The hole finishes by going down into some trees and across a small stream. It was a lot of fun hole.
-The course made pretty good use of the trees it had. The thick foliage off to the side of some fairways helps to add some risk/reward and punishment for a bad shot.
-Quite a few fairways, especially on the back nine, had a fairways mowed into the taller grass, helping to add a little more challenge to some of the more open holes.
-My three favorite holes were holes 6 (one of the shots across the valley, hole 9 (a shot straight up a hill, through probably the tightest fairway on the course, to a more open basket), and the aforementioned hole 18. These holes were a lot of fun and the most memorable holes on the course.
-Gateway Titan baskets were in great shape and caught well.


-Tee-signs only have the distance and par on them. Since a lot of the baskets aren't visible from the tee-pad, it would be nice to have tee-signs showing a lay-out of the course to avoid walking up the fairway to get an idea of where the basket is located.
-Not a fan of having to drive or walk between the front and back nine, I prefer to be able to play my full 18 without having a break in between.
-The back nine was a little bit more wide open than the front nine and it was a little too wide open for my taste. Other than hole 18, it would be nice to see some more trees incorporated into the back nine.
-This course could use some more benches to rest on as there is a lot of walking involved in this course.
-A couple of navigation issues. It took me a while to find the tee for hole 12 as it was hidden just inside a grove of trees. Signs at each basket pointing toward the next tee-pad would be very useful.

Other Thoughts:

This course was a lot of fun but it just didn't have the wow factor that I expect from a 4 disc or higher rated course. If I could I would give it a 3.75 rating as I feel it is a little higher than a 3.5 rating. It had some good fun holes but just didn't wow me like some other courses, and was a little too wide open compared to what I prefer. If you are in the area definitely give this course a try.
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Experience: 20.1 years 491 played 183 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Don't pass on Sioux Passage 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 20, 2014 Played the course:once


Wonderful course in a very clean, well-maintained, county park. Hilly to say the least, Sioux Passage feels and plays like two separate 9-hole courses.

• Front is a nice, open, park-style course playing up and down across rolling hills. Elevation is significant on every hole, and figures more prominently on some pin placements than others. Opens design means you can take almost any route you want, but long and straight's all you need for most 'em. Just a smattering of trees to avoid on most holes - distance, elevation, and roll-a-ways are the greatest threats on the front. Trees are more significant on #8 and a force to contend with on 9. Many "fun for all" type of holes with low chance of disc loss

• Back-9 = front-9 on steroids: Bigger, bolder, badder, and better. Although it's still fairly open, I'd say holes 10 -18 shed that "nice, park-style" feel and the DG gets more serious, amping up the elevation and bringing trees and brush into play more prominently. Holes require more definitive lines than the front, over greater distances with more intimidating obstacles and OB, and can make you pay for missing your line. Long, humbling uphills and bag emptying downhills, rolling terrain, trees, and a couple of sweeping hyzers and annies... all combine to take things to another level. More fun and challenge for the intermediate and advanced player than the front.

• Equipment: Nice concrete tees, DGA baskets are all in great repair. Signs are basic but effective and graffiti free: hole #, distance to each pin placement, bolt shows current basket location. Signs don't show pin locations relative to tee, but most baskets are visible from the tee, so you don't need to walk too many fairways.
• Routing/Nav: Front flows very well. Back is harder to follow, but isn't really too bad, and the holes on the back are well worth the slightly choppy flow. The maps are pretty accurate. My only complaint is the schlep from front to back.
• Memorable holes: several...
#9 Rises sharply up from the tee pad with a tight line though a well-wooded alley to the open playing surface above - much more intimidating than the course had been to this point. It's a neat hole that hits you like a rude awakening after the previous eight.
#12 about 400' . . . u p h i l l
#13 Monster Ace Run back down the hill you just walked up. I don't care who ya' are, that's fun right there.
#16 Long, slightly downhill bomber with trees guarding the pin.
#18 Strong finishing hole, where a 2 stroke lead may not be safe.
• Aesthetics: Quite pleasant, but nothing out of the ordinary. Some tees attractively dressed up with nice stonework to fight erosion.
• Clean restrooms with running water near #3 basket, and across road from #'s1 & 9.


Not without faults, but there's nothing glaringly wrong.
• Could use more holes that dare you to hold a specific line (long sweeping hyzers or annies) and/or a few more technical holes for better overall balance.
• Nicely mowed when I played, but tall, prairie grass defining fairwaiys on the back can swallow discs... at least they ruled it OB, which means it truly impacts the game.
• ¼ mile between front & back nine - who wants to drive to the back 9?

Other Thoughts:

If you like to bomb, then Sioux's for you. Favors distance over placement, especially the front, and even though I like short, technical courses, I can't list this as a con. Big arms should also do well on the back, but the back will make you pay for missing lines, whereas missing lines on the front can be painless. Wind can definitely be a factor here, especially given the distances and the amount of time it gets to work on your disc, so a wide range of stabilities can help.

One could make the argument Sioux Passage is really two different nine-hole courses: front and back are in completely different sections of the park (even have their own parking). They play quite differently and to different skill levels, with the front having little to no rough to avoid, and the back featuring some very significant rough, longer shots and more significant elevation. Nonetheless, it's listed as 18, and together, they provide a reasonably well balanced round.

All in all, I had a blast playing here. Front eases you in and the rolling terrain keeps it from feeling boring. Holes 1-9 are fairly well suited for beginners to intermediates and have a decent fun factor. 18 holes of this would be good to very good. The back made me very glad I stopped here, with more variety, challenge, and a few holes to make you think. 18 holes like this could be phenomenal... that's how I arrived at my rating.
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Experience: 8 played 2 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Decent course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 31, 2013 Played the course:once


Good hole designs. Good mix of deucable and bogey holes. Risk/reward comes into play often.


This is the only time I've played, so if I'm wrong I apologize. There was no map of the course or scorecards to tell me where to throw. There was a distance sign but nothing telling me where to throw. Baskets not visible on lots of holes, wouldn't be a big deal if there were signs. Nothing telling you direction of next hole. And THE WORST THING OF ALL is driving to the back 9. I had to wait for someone to tell me where to drive. That is the silliest thing about this course.
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Experience: 11.1 years 37 played 17 reviews
4.50 star(s)

North County's Finest 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 19, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Sioux Passage is truly a championship level course. It is full of beautiful vast rolling hills that feature very large old trees that create a gnarly course layout. Be prepared to throw big and accurate all day long here as it will be difficult to score without throwing big boy. Due to multiple pin locations, there are a few holes that may provide "easier" opportunities for birdies but for the most part.. you really have to earn your strokes. This course is made even better by the abundance of deer that call the property home.
Other Pros Include:
-Concrete Tee Pads
-Accurate Signage- Easy to Navigate
-Trash Cans
- Pavilions, River access, Camping, Tennis, Multiple Playgrounds
- Punishing OB
-Secluded, peaceful rounds
-COMING SOON-- an additional 18 hole course


-Have to drive to the back 9
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Golden Tuna
Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 23.4 years 185 played 31 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Easily in my Top 5 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 7, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Beautiful Rolling Hills - Challenging - Well Maintained - Multiple Pin Placements - Concrete Tee Pads - Trash Cans - Restrooms

Sioux Passage has always been one of my favorites. The fairway grass is ALWAYS cut and the rest of the park is very well maintained. The huge rolling hills provide beautiful scenery and create huge opportunities to air out some crushing drives. The big elevation changes add a new level of difficulty to the round as well because you don't always feel the wind across the valley. That said, this isn't just a crush bomber course, you need distance as well as accuracy to score well. As you finish the front 9, you're throwing from the bottom of a hill almost straight up 75-100' just to get out of the woods. Once you're out, you have another 100-300' to the pin (depending on which position it is in).
The back 9 provides even more challenges as there is tall prairie grass on most holes creating devastating OB. This is some of the roughest OB I've been in as it can get nearly 6' tall in some areas. That said, the back 9 offers huge risk for huge reward. You'll almost always pick up a couple strokes on the competition if you can stay in bounds all day. Hole 13 is a signature hole of the course and probably St. Louis as it is a straight down hill with OB street on the left, OB parking lot on behind the pin and rough trees on the right. The fairway is wide open, but you have over a 100' drop in elevation, head wind and OB to contend with. You'll gladly empty your bag practicing this ultra-fun shot.
Concrete tee pads and large retaining walls give the course a finished, manicured look, even though they could do with some backfill now that the dirt is starting to wash away in some areas. Additionally, multiple pin placements make this course even harder because they can add up to 300' to a hole in some cases. Sioux Passage is a true Championship Course and it just gets better every time we play out there. There are also nice restroom facilities in the park and trash cans on almost every hole.
* Future note: They are in the process of installing another 18 holes at this course , which are all more wooded type holes. The combination of what is there and what they're designing could very well make Sioux Passage the best place to play 36 holes in the entire Mid-West.


Tee Signs - Water - Top & Bottom

The only (minor) downfalls of this course are the tee signs. Once they have geographically specific tee signs, there really won't be any reason for uncertainty when you drive. Unfortunately, there aren't many drinking fountains and the sinks in the restrooms are the "green" ones that squirt soap, then water, then air for drying. The point is, bring a lot of your own water. The front 9 is in the top half of the course and you can either take a longish walk to get down to the back 9, or just drive. We drive almost every time, which isn't so bad. Lastly, this isn't a con, per se, but more of a warning. There isn't a ton of shade at Sioux, so be prepared for a hot day if you come in the middle of summer. Plan accordingly.

Other Thoughts:

If you're visiting St. Louis and looking for an epic disc golf experience, this is it. This course can beat you up, but you'll be glad it did because it is a great course in every sense of the meaning.
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Experience: 6 played 5 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Beautiful Passage 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 22, 2013 Played the course:once


-Big beautiful park that is well maintained.
-Has score cards with map on the back of it. Which made it easy to navigate.
-Pristine landscape
-Nice concrete tee off pads.
-Own parking lot for disc golf players with a kiosk to tell you whats going on the course and around stl.
-3 different pin locations for each hole.
-Very clean park, trash cans at every hole.
-Nice bathrooms.
-Great for grip it and rip it people. You can really bomb the disc on this course.
-Nice baskets with soft chains.
-Nice signage.
-Hardly anyone playing the course, pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves.
-Challenging course, esp back nine. Takes a lot of shots to play this course.
-Rolling hills and great elevation changes.


-Biggest con for me is the distance. This course is about 40 mins from where I live.
-Would not recommend this course to anyone that has problems getting around.. a lot of walking.
-Some of the holes are 800+ ft, which sometimes feels more like an edurance contest rather then golf.
-A few holes play really close to the roads.
-The back nine is 1/4 of a mile down the road from the front.
-Some holes it is easy to lose a disc or two, big wildflower plots on the back nine that grow pretty tall.
-Doesn't always have the greatest flow to the course, a few holes finish really far from the next.

Other Thoughts:

Overall I really love this course. It is my second favorite course only behind JB. This is a must play and can't wait to play it again. There were score cards at the kiosk which really helped because of the map on the back. I would strongly suggest printing out your own map just incase they aren't there when you play. This course will be very hard to play without map.
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Experience: 8.9 years 31 played 6 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Mountain of potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 10, 2013 Played the course:once


- Massive fairways for grip it/rip it drives
- Gorgeous park
- Length of grass creates realistic fairway
- Decent selection of different shots, especially on back 9.
- No nearby parks, so no people or kids in the way, with the exception of hole 16 [basketball court]


- Tee signs are in front and in back of tee, first time playing, it was hard to determine which direction I was throwing. [threw to wrong basket on 11, threw to 16]
- Tee signs also don't have a map
- It doesn't have the greatest flow. You have to drive about a 1/4 mile to reach back 9.
- Tall grass on back 9, hard to find discs
- There are prickly weeds behind hole 14, my friends legs got mauled, and the thing is, pin C is back in the thicket.
- Lack of utilities [bathrooms, water fountains]
- The course is a bit out of the way from I-270.

Other Thoughts:

I loved this course because of the open fairways. Holes 1, 2, 6, 13, 15 and 16 were very fun to drive on. I had my furthest throws on 6 and 13. I may have more cons than pros because it was my first time playing and I live an hour away. I wasn't pleased with the flow of the course, the non-informative tee signs, the tall grass and high incline uphill shots. I enjoyed the front 9 much more than the back 9 simply because the back 9 is hard to navigate. My friend and I drove off of 11 and shot on 16 [it was a fun hole, haha] and we couldn't find tee 12 until we decided to skip it and then found it once we stood on 13's tee. We threw a few times in the tall grass and spent an average of 10 minutes looking for a disc. With it all said and done, we played a 3 hour round of 18, which is way too long for 2 players. The park recreational department can do much more to make this course a pleasing experience. I can see this course being a great course if they would simply make better tee signs with maps, signs pointing to next tee, cut fields of tall grass [but long enough to be seen as "rough"] and better baskets [wasn't really an issue] I would love to replay the course with a more updated tee sign/map system, but until then, the hour drive is not worth it.
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4.50 star(s)

New Favorite Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 24, 2013 Played the course:once


- beautiful, well-maintained park
- wide open and long course
- rolling hills make for good elevation change
- less technical, but makes up for it with tons of distance and OB
- multiple pin positions
- concrete pads
- huge downhill drive on hole 13


- back 9 are located in a separate area that isn't indicated without a map
- tee for 12 can also be hard to locate without a map
- tee signage doesn't include maps
- back 9 has some tall grass that can eat discs

Other Thoughts:

as someone who likes to grip it and rip it, this is my new favorite course. it keeps from being boring by using elevation and tree lines as adequate obstacles. very pretty park makes the long course an enjoyable walk. i highly recommend giving this course a try.
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4.50 star(s)

Exactly what a course should be! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 17, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


Distance, open, elevation, scenic, shot variety, well-maintained.


Signage, elevation can wear you down quick.

Other Thoughts:

Sioux Passage is almost the epitome of a perfect course. It has everything a course should: long holes, short holes, very long holes, very short holes, actual defined fairways, scenery, everything. The elevation changes can definitely wear you down, especially on the back, but it's well worth it. My only complaint is the signage. There's a sign telling you the distance and pin, but no map of telling you where each pin is, leaving you completely blind sometimes. Simply put, this course is phenomenal, and I'm playing it every time I'm near St. Louis, and you should, too!
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4.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 5, 2012 Played the course:once


This course is very beautiful. Nice big evergreens offer great scenery. Some holes, like 1 and 4, a large tree is directly in front of the tee box about 30 feet or so, making it extra challenging and fun.

There are some good 'rip it' holes on the front 9 (my favorites are 2 and 6 because you drive over and down a sort of valley.) Other holes require more precision, like 9 where you are maybe 50 feet below the fairway trying to funnel your drive through the narrow opening in the trees above your head - good hole.


Not many cons from me. I did get a disc stuck far up a pine tree once. The large, sweeping full branches swallowed my Teebird. Failed attempts to get it out. A guy behind me caught up to me and had a 50 foot ladder in his truck. Thanks to whoever you are.

The trees aren't a real con but it makes me a lot more cautious when throwing near them.

Some trash left on the course.

Streets with traffic may come into play on some holes, especially the back 9.

Other Thoughts:

Top course I've ever played so far. Will be going back soon.
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Mixed emotions 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 19, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Sioux Passage has four pin positions that make the course really easy or extremely difficult depending on the positions, most of the time they are mixed positions making the course really playable. The tee boxes are mostly open with fairly open fairways. The Park Dept. does a great job at cutting the fairways giving you a feeling of a top tier course. The front nine plays like a true park course, while the back nine play more like a links style course with a lot of OB in the wildflower areas and a lot of elevation change.


The back nine can wear you out really fast if you haven't had a good meal. Everything is up and down, every hole. If the pins are in the long positions it can make the back 9 a really frustrating round. If you play before or after a tourney expect the pins to be in the longest, hardest placements.

You have to drive from the front nine to the back nine.

Other Thoughts:

Best played in April-May!
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Longest Course Around 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 20, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Long drivers dream! Tees are great. Very well maintained.course. Elevation changes are a interesting twist. 800ft holes....WHAT!


Wind will really effect your game. Maps of the hole would be great at each Tee. Course is mostly out in the open. 800ft holes....WHAT?

Other Thoughts:

Park is big enough to have two 18 hole courses. Overall one of the best courses in the area!!
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south city flyer
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4.00 star(s)

Magnificent Monster of a Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 6, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


-This course literally has everything. Huge, wide open shots across valleys, up hills and down hills, tight wooded shots, everything. There are 700+ foot holes and some that are barely 100 feet, and they all flow very well together.
-The course is always well kept. Hardly any trash, very manicured fairways and greens. Amazing views from some of the tees, especially hole 13, a huge 600 foot downhill shot that you MUST empty your bag on. There are so many ways to play that hole you have to try every possibility.
-Even though the course is split up by about a 1/2 mile drive (which is a nice break from the super long front), each set of 9 feels like a different course, which is a very cool thing in my opinion.
-I have never once had a problem with the course being over played or too crowded. It is pretty far away from the actual city, but it is definitely worth the drive, and I have had the course to myself and my group multiple times.


-Very very long holes. This may not be a con, but it is very tiring having to throw 600+ feet 5 or 6 times a round.
-Extremely hilly. Be prepared to have a very exhausting round and be very tired at the tee of hole 18, which is intimidating enough as it is.
-If you shank a drive, you can lose your disc on some holes very easily if you take your eyes off of it. Watch all of your drives and shots to where they land, you can think your shot is going to end, only for it to roll 50+ more feet into tall grass and lose it forever.

Other Thoughts:

If this course were actually in the city, it would be my favorite, no contest. But because I live 10 minutes from Jefferson Barracks as opposed to 45 minutes from Sioux, it will have to take second best to JB. But by no means is this any lesser of a course than JB. Fabulous views, very diverse holes, amazing opportunities to unleash monster drives and watch your disc fly FAR. A very fun round that you must venture out to when in St. Louis.
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top course in STL 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 6, 2012 Played the course:once


This is probably the best course I have played.

Parking right by tee 1 and there is a huge board/ Kiosk right there that has information about events, and the course, along with a place for score cards. There was also a trashcan attached to every tee sign.

Tee pads are nice and long allowing for a good run up on the long holes, and are great for people like me with long strides.

Front nine plays through a mostly open area with scattered large old trees. Uses the hills and trees extremely well to make it a challenging course. I easily navigated the front 9, with only 1 or 2 holes where i had to walk to determine where the basket was before i threw.

The back nine is more open, but has natural prairie grass bordering most of the fairways it was fairly tall and dense. This added a challenge to the course which was nice since it was so open for the most part. The hills seem to be twice as tall than on the front, also adding more of a challenge.


Although there was a spot for score cards / maps there were none there so i was stuck with no map playing for the first time by myself.

Some added benches would be nice with all the ups and downs it would be nice to have a spot to take a break.

The tee signs are like other STL courses just the distance and a little bolt saying which position the basket is in. this makes it a little difficult to navigate, especially the back 9 where there are more blind shots and multiple baskets in view.

There is a walk or short drive between the front and back which is just a little bit of an annoyance.

Hole 9 also has a steep climb down to the tee box, that could use some steps or something

Other Thoughts:

I have heard that the tee signs are going to be replaced in the near future, so that will improve it.

Top holes in my opinion:
Hole #9 is a fun hole where you have to throw up a big hill just to get to a spot where you can see the basket.
Hole #13 down hill shot 500' lots of fun

rumor has it more holes are gonna be added
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