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    Jack Pines DGC discussion

    Course Intro
  2. Jack Pines DGC media

    Jack Pines DGC media

    Jack Pines DGC media
  3. Jack Pines DGC 1047 mi (from your location) Detroit Lakes, MN
    00 reviews
    Decent conditions
    Holes / Baskets: 4 / 4
    Length: --
    Hole Type: Other
    Tee Type: Colored flags on trees
    Course Type: Permanent course
    Landscape: Moderately Hilly
    Terrain: Heavily Wooded
    Multiple Tees / Pins: No / No
  4. aajpity

    Review by aajpity in course Cedarcrest Park DGC

    2.50 star(s) Fantastic Use of a Small Space - Big parking lot. I played during a weekday in the afternoon and was able to park right by the map at the beginning of the course. - There was a map at the beginning that made navigating the course a breeze. There was also information on distance and par. - The...
  5. aajpity

    Is “disc golf” a verb?

    Frolf is terrible lol. I hate when people say that to me.
  6. aajpity

    [Recommend] Looking for 8 speed slightly overstable drivers

    The Volt is fantastic. The Fission Volt has been my go-to driver since it's release.
  7. aajpity

    Review by aajpity in course Hopkins West Junior High School

    1.00 star(s) A Field with Baskets - The disc golf baskets are nice. The chains are in good condition and they are easy to spot with clear numbering on each basket. - Good mixture of short and long holes to keep it interesting. A mid-range or fairway driver should cover the long distance holes for reference...
  8. aajpity

    Review by aajpity in course Evergreen Lodge Resort

    2.00 star(s) Reasonable Course - We were the only ones golfing and it was during a weekend. Disc Golf doesn't seem to be very popular at the resort. - The signs pointing towards the basket and indicating the par were helpful. - When the next "tee" wasn't in sight, there were signs indicating the location of...
  9. aajpity

    Review by aajpity in course Lions Park

    2.50 star(s) Quick and Fun Round of Golf - The signage was nothing short of awesome. The small town actually has a sign on the road pointing to the Disc Golf Course. The park entrance is very clear as well. There is even a sign that said, "Disc Golf Starts Here," once inside of the park. - The parking...
  10. aajpity

    [MVP] Uplink -Midrange (complete historical records of its awesomeness)

    What is the general opinion on this disc? If I were to pick one up, soft or regular? Seems like a fun disc but I can cover a lot of shots with the Anode, Envy and Buzzz.
  11. aajpity

    [Question] Do people really like Discrafts slick plastic?

    ESP feels more gummy to me. I forgot about the Ti colors. The blue I got was hard to see everywhere and the green was designed to disappear on grass.
  12. aajpity

    [Question] Do people really like Discrafts slick plastic?

    Ti plastic sucks to me. I picked up the first disc or two and they just weren't doing it for me. Strange is a good word for that plastic lol. Never seen anyone throw it locally either. When did Elite-X end? I remember buying an Elite-X Buzzz for my cousin as his first disc a couple years ago.
  13. aajpity

    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    I believe it was Super Soft, which wasn't very soft at all lol. I've been putting with the Anode almost exclusively for 10 years now though. The Wizard was mostly my first year playing and a bit into the second. You said the consistency got better? I'm not too up to date on disc golf ATM. When...
  14. aajpity

    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    Are there still a lot of Wizard throwers out there? I really enjoyed mine but couldn't find a second Wizard that felt nice. Gateway plastic is so inconsistent.
  15. aajpity

    [Question] Do people really like Discrafts slick plastic?

    I could never imagine pulling the Buzzz from my bag. I just played my first rounds in a year and the Buzzz kept a consistent flight and made my rounds much easier. ESP is my personal favorite but a Z is great when it isn't wet and/or in the woods.