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    Brent Jacobs
    Years Playing
    22.1 Years
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    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    59 / 2.10 star(s)
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    3624 88
    Commercial Banker


    Destros-FB-ThB-Roadrunner-EX-EL-Rancho Rocs-Classic Rocs-Zone-Serpent-Aviar Drivers

    Other info

    Im a native Montanan and enjoy disc golf in most all forms from tourneys and leagues to course bagging or just tossing casual rounds with friends. I have more recently been leaning toward traveling to play new courses and see new parts of the country as opposed to traveling for tourneys. I love to bag courses whenever I travel and will aim to play the dimes first then cleanup whatever else I have time for, good, bad, or ugly #playthemall. As I've only played in unsanctioned events the past couple years, my last PDGA rating update was the Fall of 2018 where I was roughly 950 rated. This is still probably fairly accurate and my distance maxes out around 420' for backhands and 350' for forehands.

    When I review, the things I appreciate most are variety of holes/throws and challenge of the course. Basic infrastructure and maintenance are probably next on the list followed very closely by scenery and course vibe. Amenities and extras are probably the last thing I care about, but I'll certainly take note and enjoy it when a course is done up with all the bells and whistles. Give me a rugged and exciting mountain course over a traditional park course 9 times out of 10. I am a self-proclaimed "elevation queen" and, as my amigo stardoggy kindly pointed out to me, a total private course wh*re.

    Courses with fewer than 18 holes will have a lower ratings cap while courses with more need to prove to me the extra holes are meaningful. This doesn't mean I don't like shorter/9-hole/etc courses, as noted, I want to play everything I can. I try to balance the ratings I give with past reviews as best I can and will regularly review and update numerical ratings as my exposure to different courses and areas grows or if I return to a course I've reviewed and feel updates are warranted or helpful. Feel free to hit me up if you ever have questions about a course I've reviewed or played.

    My other major passion is skiing(usually around 50 days a year) so I rarely golf between the end of November and the end of April as there is no evening daylight in MT and skiing consumes my weekends. I love to hike, camp, and fly fish as well so will occasionally mention those types of things in my Other Thoughts sections. Kind of "Easter eggs" for other golfers who may appreciate the same.

    Im always looking to swap travel tags so if you're ever in my area hit me up for a round, local course beta, or just to have a drink and talk disc!


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