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Recent content by brettmartin

  1. brettmartin

    For better accuracy, should you throw an understable disc?

    I am a forehand thrower that has been playing for years, and was wondering about something. For better accuracy should I be throwing more understable discs instead of overstable discs? Any recommendations for good forehand understable discs then? Thanks.
  2. brettmartin

    Sick and tired of being so bad

    Thank you so much for all the help guys. Some notes, I noticed that some of you said for a forehand throw off your drive, having the right disc is even more key. Which disc is a good one then for a forehander? Second, I use a Roc for my putts. Is this ok? Is there something better out there...
  3. brettmartin

    Sick and tired of being so bad

    What seems to be the problem? I score way to high How often do you play? About one or two times a week What home course do you play? I live in Hendersonville, TN just north of Nashville now. What's your average long drives, in feet? 300 Are you pretty good at hitting putts from 30ft ? What about...
  4. brettmartin

    Sick and tired of being so bad

    I have been playing for years now and I continue to underperform. It drives me crazy! What is it going to take to get better? I throw a sidearm drive for my first throw and sometimes on my midrange or a backhand throw. Today, I lost my Champion Beast in the woods which drove me crazy. Now I have...
  5. brettmartin

    Review by brettmartin in course Triple Creek Park

    3.00 star(s) A nice intermediate course This was a pretty good course. Like people have said, this is like two courses made into one. The front nine is a lot harder with it going through the woods but you can make up for it on the back nine as it is mostly wide open. It is a good intermediate course that I...
  6. brettmartin

    Post a cool disc golf photo

    This was taken back in April of me and a friend at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia. I am the one throwing the disc. :)
  7. brettmartin

    Review by brettmartin in course Lost Indian Spring DGC

    3.50 star(s) Quiet Time This was my first time playing at this course. It's a very nice course that was established just this year. You can tell that this course has not been used that often and for the most part, it seems very well kept. It's a nice challenge with each hole being a par 3. Most of the...
  8. brettmartin

    [Innova] Should I throw with my usual Champion Beast or a new used Champion TeeBird?

    I am playing today just deciding though if I should use my usual Champion Beast or this new but used Champion TeeBird that someone gave to me last week. I also have a DX Valkyrie that he found for me! I am a sidearm thrower :)
  9. brettmartin

    Finally going to give in and buy a bag...

    This one is only $19.99 at discgolfcenter but the only problem is its in Fuchsia! Something about buying that color makes me cringe, lol :D
  10. brettmartin

    Finally going to give in and buy a bag...

    Hey guys, some of you have heard about my "keys" story and that now I have 6 discs. I have never owned a bag but I guess it's time to buy one. I just want your suggestions on which one would be the best for me and best buy for a good deal? Again, I only have 6 discs but could be adding more in...
  11. brettmartin

    [Innova] What's your opinion on Champion TeeBirds?

    Haha, thanks man. I now have six discs. I have been playing for years but this is probably the most I have held at one point just because I have lost so many or only bought a few at once.
  12. brettmartin

    Tell a Disc Golf Joke

    Lol, that's exactly why I haven't tried it! :)
  13. brettmartin

    Tell a Disc Golf Joke

    It's not really a joke but sometime I would love to go up to a girl and ask her, "Would you like to play with my dragon?" and look downwards to my lower region. I will be holding an Innova Disc Dragon at that point.
  14. brettmartin

    [Innova] What's your opinion on Champion TeeBirds?

    I was playing disc golf yesterday and some guys were in part of a lake. He pulled out a DX Valkyrie and said I could have it. We got to talking and he was driving off but stopped and came back and told me I could have his Champion TeeBird. I heard they are pretty good discs? Earlier that day I...
  15. brettmartin

    Do all different types of plastic for the same disc have the same characteristics?

    I am very sorry! I will from now on, sorry! :)