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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    Still really want an Octohaul
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    Mine is a First Run (pre order) Still soild
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    Okthrowberfest 2017 Voting Thread

    Nice work on all of them. Thanks for having this again, I always enjoy it.
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    Octothorpe vs Octohaul

    Haul fo sho
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    [Compare] Saint Pro vs Striker

    I carry saints, saint pro, and longbowman. I have a few strikers, and all of mine are much more overstable than saint pros. They very similar or even a little more stable than some of my longbowman.
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    Looking for some help - Good woodland course examples

    There is areally a few pics in the thread for the course.
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    Looking for some help - Good woodland course examples

    Go check out Evergreen in Olympia
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    All these pics with the Octothorpe in the zuca is great to see. I had taken some measurements when the bag carts first came out, and didn't think it would fit very well, so I kind of wrote them off as not going to work. There are a few around my neighborhood now so I may have to give it a closer...
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    Well how is life with the Octothorpe ?
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    [Latitude] The Fuse, Successor to the Buzzz

    I used to use the fuse a lot. I found that they vary in stability greatly. Depending on plastic and weight you will find a vast difference in how they fly.
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    16 total, or 16 in the main storage area? How many drivers vs mids vs putters. Because 16 discs is probably right in the Octothorpe neighborhood
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    I am sure they have been pretty busy with getting back up to speed from 1) the move to Portland and 2) the narly weather they have been getting in Portland. Plus the new Octo-Haul has probably been pretty tI'm consuming.
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    [Recommend] OS Fairway?

    I use a longbowman or xxx for this spot.
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    [Question] Putting putter plastic

    I prefer softer grippy plastic. The argument has be made that a premium type plastic putter will penetrate (slide into) the outside row of chains easier.