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Recent content by McBain01

  1. McBain01

    [Wanted] Purple Discs???

    I have a purple first run DX Kite if interested. Brand new, i dont even think there is any ink on it
  2. McBain01

    [Wanted] WTB Wind disc/spike hyzer/long driver

    i have an unthrown star teerex i would gladly get rid of because what that guy said was right. They become understable waaaay too fast (and therefore turn). Mine started turning way too soon and i dont have that big of an arm. So yes, it does have turn in it after only a few months of...
  3. McBain01

    [Wanted] Looking for Star TeeRex or Soft Wizard

    ill trade you my star tee rex when you get something i want.... i think that tag is weighing heavy on your bag....about time it changes hands
  4. McBain01

    Anyone ever mailed a disc in the raw

    I was actually thinking about the same thing the other day
  5. McBain01

    [Trade] For Trade

    PM sent
  6. McBain01

    [FSOT] 12 Discs for Sale or Trade

    pm sent