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Recent content by mflores

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    [Selling] 2016 MVP Circuit leftovers.

    Are any of the Matrix 175g+ REALLY FLAT?
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    [Wanted] Beat in "RIVER's" 169-174g

    I've got a 167 flat(color) green. It's from the old run of gold line.
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    [Wanted] My ever changing wants list, gateway, vibram, RDG and more

    I also have a few pro-line sabres. One new one used.
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    [Wanted] My ever changing wants list, gateway, vibram, RDG and more

    I have 2-3 assasins. One of them is new. They are the Evo Plastinum run. I think the ones I have are 172g and under..
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    [FSOT] trilogy for your bag

    I have a new run protege ghost. Interested in Mace or Saint Pro. Is the white saint pro available?
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    [Wanted] Plasma Tangent 175+

    I have an Orange I would be willing to let go.
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    [FSOT] Multiple Plastics and a Couple Skulboy Stamps!!

    I'm interested in the Icon Rival. I do have a Plasma Blurple Volt I would trade. I can send pics this evening when I Get home.
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    [Wanted] Unique and Rare Latitude 64 Rivers

    I don't know if this fits your definition...I have 2 Tournament Giants that came in at 163-164g. These are older. I was only able to find 5 of them at this low weight.
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    Gateway Mini Backpack vs Gateway Ozark

    I'm currently debating on getting the Ozark or the Mini Backpack. Does anyone have any pics/reviews of both? I only carry 16-18 discs max. I currently have a Ranger bag that I just do not really care for. I had a grip and loved it but did not like the newer run that they sent me for replacement...
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    Backpack Bag Help Advice.

    I've been looking into getting a new backpack. I only carry 16-18 discs max. I've previously had the first series Grip bag and the Ranger bag. I liked the grip but the price point is not what I am wanting to spend again. Not a fan of the Ranger as it topples over a lot. Anyone have any bags...
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    [Wanted] Suspects -- prefer Lucid, Fuzion, or BioFuzion

    I have a Biofusion 8-9/10 i can get a pic of this evening. What trades do you have available? I'm interested in MVP/Axiom (Volts, Plasma plastic, Tangent). I also like gateway discs (wizards, karmas, mystics, warriors, apaches, and sabres). I prefer/like blue/purple/white discs.
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    [Question] Fanboys Unite!

    Gateway: Very Overstable High Speed Driver; Illusion Overstable Control Driver; Spirit Understable Control Driver; Assasin/Sabre Stable Fairway Driver; Assasin Overstable Fairway/ Mid; Scout Stable Mid; Mystic Overstable Approach; Platinum Wizard Stable Putter(Beaded); SS Wizards (mmmm so...
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    [FSOT] Variety for sale or trade for FAF Firebird

    PM Sent on platinum wizard!