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    Disc Golf and it's Professional Legitimacy

    I have some downtime, so I will jump in some of this craziness. I believe Mountaingoat is climbing up the wrong hill on this one as well. It appears that he has a personal biases towards ( or away from ) cannabis and how it is stunting the growth of DG. I think it was on Real Sports with...
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    Keen Targhee II Of course, if $$ is a huge factor, then these might not be a first choice. But what I like about them is that the sole treads wraps up from the bottom to around the lower sides of the foot and around the toe box. What i found is that when the tread is just placed on the...
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    Feedback was left!!! I hope all is well.

    Feedback was left!!! I hope all is well.
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    inbounds Disc Golf Flight Chart Updates

    correction for the Lat 64 Mace I see in the Lat mids, you have the Mace as more over-stable than the Pain, which is not the case. When Lat first published the numbers, that is what they advertised. I bought one for that reason, and found it to be between the Pain and Core. (Dont' get me...
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    Redding and Northern CA, June 28 to July 8, 2013

    Another new(ish) one is past Weaverville, about 25min, in a place called Junction City (it is not a city at all). I go stealheading (winter fishing) there many times a season. Last time i played J.C. it had tone-poles but i think they installed baskets since then. I played the first 9 before...
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    [Latitude] Need just a bit of help with Latitude 64 discs

    I primarily throw Lats, and besides what has already been suggested to you, I would HIGHLY, Highly recommend the Flow; awesome all around disc. At least the one I have, I would put as a stable TB on steroids… Has anyone mentioned the Flow? I’ve had so much variations with Teebirds, (don’t get...
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    [Wanted] Unique firebird...

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    new to the game

    Now that I’ve gone through the beginner stages and own way too many (bad/unused) discs… I like the idea of: Leopard AND Teebird… you’ll get an idea of what different stableness of disc can mean. Maybe a champ TB and a star Leo to find out how different plastics wear in and feel. (plus, if you...
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    it's LB

    it's LB
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    Epic Road Trip - Colorado to New York

    And Deer Lakes is not far from Moraine (outside of Pitt)
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    tried sending a few PM's... but they are not showing up as "Sent"... Yup, it's LB (from BOP)

    tried sending a few PM's... but they are not showing up as "Sent"... Yup, it's LB (from BOP)
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    you dropped a dollar

    you dropped a dollar
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    Top many have you played

    Chris!!!! Is there another LB playing????? I hope not... Yup, that is I... or so i hope so, otherwise I am wearing someone else's underwear.
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    [Selling] Latitude/Westside

    Pm sent
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    Top many have you played

    Not too shabby for the length of time that I've played. 1 - Top Rated 0 - Top Destinations 1 - Top Private 0 - Top Pay To Play 2 - Top 9 Hole 4 - Most Played 5 - Most Favorited 4 - Most Wishlisted (Pray to Play)