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Recent content by RShott

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    Maple Hill Open

    Do the women play from the same tees as the men?
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    Who here throws with a straight arm?

    I've always admired Feldberg's throwing style, it looks to me like it is a very repeatable motion. I have tried to imitate his style in the past, but I can't seem to throw it very far; I think I tend to strong arm it. Maybe i will try to work on it again in a field.
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    [Other] Discs you don't use a LOT but still 'Need'

    154g Champ Firebird. It's so overstable that I pretty much only use it for thumbers. It stays in my bag because I always seem to throw at least one thumber during a round, and when i need to throw that shot the 150 class champ Firebird is the only disc I reach for.
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    HOD 5/22/2014: Blue Heron DGC in Franklin, IN

    I've played this course before, and since I don't have the arm to reliably get all the way to the pin, I throw a comet down the middle to keep it safe. Then a nice easy approach with a putter. I play for a 3 on that hole.
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    [Question] What's your favorite FH disc?

    Banshees are great. I have a 150 class champ Banshee that I really like for forehand. I also like throwing X Avengers forehand.
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    Need help finding a pure putter.

    Or buy a warlock and the work is done for you.
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    [Putters] Your Putter Evolution

    Challenger --> Voodoo --> Wizard --> Anode --> Wizard --> Voodoo I still use the Wizards for all approach shots and putter drives, but I am back to putting with the Voodoo. I bought a stack of 5 black eraser Voodoos, so I don't foresee changing my putting putter anytime soon.
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    Firebird Disc weight ?

    I throw a lot of thumbers with a 158g Champ Firebird. it is a lot easier on my arm than a max weight disc, and it is still plenty overstable. 150 class Champ Firebirds are awesome.
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    What shots do you use understable mids for?

    I use a beat up X Comet as my understable mid, and I find that I mainly throw it on wooded holes. There is a course that I play where the back 9 is essentially all in the woods, and I usually end up throwing my X Comet off of the majority of the tees on the back 9 at that course.
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    Favorite putting putter color?

    Black or red.
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    [Other] 5 Discs

    Glow Wizard (170g) KC Pro Roc (150g) Champ Leopard (150g) QOLF (150g) Champ Firebird (150g) * I throw a 150 class bag
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    [Recommend] Cycling wizards

    I carry 2 Glow Wizards in my bag and use them for almost all short drives and approach shots (i used them for all putting duties for the past two years as well, but now I putt with eraser Voodoos). My favorite plastic by far is Glow plastic. I bought a stack of 8 to cycle; but i am still...
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    [Innova] Any putters like a yeti?

    This, I have two D Challengers and they both have sunken flight plates like a Yeti. So if that is what you are looking for, check out a D challenger. If you are just trying to find a putter that has plastic that feels like a Yeti, then I don't know. Maybe look through a big stock of...
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    Looking to move, best state for disc golf?

    Of the places I have lived, I would go for Cincy. A lot of good disc golf there; cool city too. Of course, I have only lived in Ohio and Indiana.