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    Feb 3, 1966 (Age: 57)
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    45.4 Years
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    i never get lost where ever i go there i am.
    2012 Travel Tag # 3
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    Yeah I will do that and same if you happen to come up here to Traverse City area. I am always down to go.
    Hey thank you very much :D I will keep that in mind when I come down and get a weekend trip together. Once again thanks!
    Not sure if I was going to play doubles or not yet. But want to do a league on the weekend.
    want to meet, play and swap tags this week? I could play about any day/time this week.
    Would you like to meet up and swap tags this week? I could play just about any day/time.
    Thanks, it's always great to get feedback! I should have those reviews up in the next week or so. :thmbup:
    Would love to show you around Kensington Randy, but April 29th, I'll be playing in one of my league's tourneys April 29th... clear on the other side of town, too.

    Kensington should be a convient stop for you as the park is literally right off I-96, and there's not much searching for the course once you enter the park: about 1/2 a mile to the park toll booth ($5 entry fee), then follow the road for about another 1/2 mile - right turn into into the course parking area. There's a booth with scoredcard/maps & pencils (where they collect the $2 course fee). Sorry I'm not available that day. FYI -might take some time to play all 27 holes, but the course comes back to the lot after 18 if that's all you have time for.
    I am unable to meet up with you until my truck is fixed, which should be any day now. I will send you a pm when everything is all done :hfive:
    I have to work all week second shift 2-10, so that kills all the daylight for me man or id be all for it.
    I'd be willing to go play sometime! I blew a brake line today on my truck, and have to get it replaced so hopefully soonish I'll be road bound and maybe we can round up some people for a round.

    Thanks for the offer
    Hey man, thanks for exchanging tags and coming out to Shore Acres!

    Too bad we didn't get a full round in, but them's the breaks! :)


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