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Recent content by Spookyspence

  1. Spookyspence

    How do disc golf and ultimate clubs work together in your City or State?

    I dont see how DISC golf and ultimate frisbee would work together.....its not like they share the same field or anything.
  2. Spookyspence

    Is this a stolen basket?

    The way everything has been said about it makes me believe its stolen. IT MAY NOT BE, but it does seem fishy as hell. Everything about it seems off. I would report it to the police.
  3. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    Well today is the day! The bucketeer is shall be named! Thank you to everyone who commented and suggested names! Expect a pic in the of it done in the future
  4. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    Frolfatron 5000 and The Bucketeer are my favorites so far!
  5. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    LOL getting some good suggestions, cant wait to hear some more haha
  6. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    Sure go for it, I will pick the name I like tomorrow after noon and soon after a pic with it all painted.
  7. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    Yeah I saw it but I was shooting more for the names! Speaking of names! The Bucketeer is one I am liking at the moment. If it helps any the paint job is going to be mainly black/purple with NEON green on the chains.
  8. Spookyspence

    I built a monster, help me name it?

    Built my first basket out of junk in the backyard today, check out the pic! The basket portion is about 2 inches too small, and its about 4 inches taller than normal but hey it works well. Anyway I need to name it! Any suggestion? The name I pick gets put on the basket when I paint it. Also...
  9. Spookyspence

    What are your expectations?

    Well in a few weeks I will officially have been playing for a full year! When I started I was throwing a #1 flyer lightning disc, couldn't drive, couldn't putt, finishing courses +12 to +18 etc. Since then I have learned much and gone to even and under par, and that is what I expect at this point.
  10. Spookyspence

    New Disc Golf Club

    Very simple! First make a facebook group page, makes some tags for your group ( you can do this by buying 1/4 inch acrylic sheets and cutting it into small squares that you can put vinyl numbers on), and last but not least do a MINI at a local course every week the same time and get some people...
  11. Spookyspence

    DGCR Disc Raffle!!!

    $132.10 AND I AM THE WINNER! lol
  12. Spookyspence

    Homemade Disc Water Retrievers.

    Nope. I wouldn't think that many people throw into the water at the bon. Just have to watch hole 5 ( and getting you disc out of the water on that hole is cake ) and a few holes on the back where you could over putt into that water.
  13. Spookyspence

    Homemade Disc Water Retrievers.

    I almost made this some thread a bit ago! lol. I would like some input on a problem I have. On one of my local courses I have a very deep 12ft ish deep dark and murkey water hole with steep sides.........I have lost countless discs as well as my buddies as I am sure tons of others have. It is...
  14. Spookyspence

    [Millennium] Does Anyone Use Millennium Discs?

    Didnt like any of them besides the omega super soft, its my go to putter.
  15. Spookyspence

    Round 2: Ion Giveaway Video Contest!

    tried today could only get 5! REALLY windy today.