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    Movement in top 10

    I am late to this party, but I am still confused. I have a limited area of places I play. When I am looking for a new course to try I bypass the rating and see who has reviewed it. I look to see what heelboycraig, BrotherDave, New, Bravethrower....etc etc, have to say about a course. I am not...
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    [Compare] Choose 4 Discs...

    Champ Teebird 168 DX Roc(bottom stamp) 180 Pro Pig 171 DX Aviar 170
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    Review by YonderScott in course Creekside Park - Main Loop

    3.50 star(s) Challenging But Fun Creekside Park is a heavily wooded course. It makes great use of the elevation present in the park. There are benchs and trash cans scattered along the course. There are great tee signs at each hole, and each tee pad giving distance and map of the hole. A problem in the past...
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    Bag Help Please

    mid range Ditch drivers, never ditch a mid range disc. Despite what some poeple on here say, you will learn more about how to shape a shot with a putter or a mid range than you ever will with a driver, if you are gonna keep a driver a fairway is best. But never abandon mid range disc, they...
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    best all around disc (lets start it up again)

    Flat Top Roc, but then again any mold would do...hard to go against a TeeBird, but Flat Top Roc for the money.
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    [Innova] TeeBird Confusion

    I can't offer much help, but my Champ Ed Tee Bird makes me happy in my pants. Other than that I like the DX.
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    Can a 9 hole course ever get a 5 disc rating?

    No. It's only 9 holes.
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    Disc limit?

    14? Hell I carry that many rocs in my bag.
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    [Innova] Different Kinds of Rocs...

    What Roc said. But I'll add my 1 and a half cents....Flat Top if you can find one!
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    Myrtle Beach Area Update:Loris Nature Center

    The Avett Brothers are doing a 3 night run at the HOB the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month.
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    All discs the same weight or do you vary?

    I like my putter around 170, mids I like max. Drivers, I like some 150, others 165-170. Depends on wind conditions.
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    VERY overstable mids

    Star Gator mid, Pro Pig for approach. I can park either, much better than a driver.
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    Lost Disc Mega Thread: Post your lost disc questions and stories here.

    I lost a sun king ontario roc last year at #10 Hillcrest in Carthage, NC. Hit the trees trying to make the hole to the basket and it went in deep cabbage.A BIG THANK YOU TO MOOSE-MGD! He called me 1 month, 2 days shy of it being gone a year to let me know he found it. Also left me a message on...
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    The downside to ams playing random draw doubles

    Guess I've been lucky, I've always been paired with super great guys. The best player I ever got paired with said, make me 5 shots and we will win. We did. I actually learned a lot, and played better for fear of screwing him up. And when I made a bad shot he smiled and said, don't worry, we're...