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Collinsville, MS

B&W DGC - Tournament

Permanent course
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B&W DGC - Tournament reviews

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B&W - Tournament

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 4, 2024 Played the course:once


-- Nice concrete tee pads (4x12) for each long tee. Signs at each long tee pad are easily visible and have par, distance and any OB notes. Each has a broom, which is appreciated for the woods holes where pine straw is always a slip hazard. Seven holes have short tees, which are natural. Some, but not all, of those have tee signs.
-- This is a shorter course (11 holes shorter than 300 feet), but you've legitimate par 4s with 1 and 17 checking it longer than 500 feet.
-- Benches at each tee.
-- Water is also in play. The 13 basket sits on a narrow dam for a pond. An overthrow of a few feet could lead to a wet disc. Fourteen is then a water carry. On my visit, it only took about 150 feet to clear from the short tee, but I was told sometimes the water carry is closer to 250 feet from the short tee.
-- Large signs pointing you to the next tee are tacked to trees at key points.
-- Holes 2-10 are all shorter than 300 feet, and 3-10 are all shorter than 260. The trees and elevation changes keep those from ever feeling redundant or easy.
-- Quality baskets in good shape.


-- "Island" holes. There are two of them. If you need to paint a circle on the ground or put marker flags in the ground, those are gimmicky attempts to add some challenge to an otherwise boring hole. That is definitely the case here.
-- Double mando, according to the T sign on 11. It's two mandos, both on the left side of the fairway (probably 100-150 feet apart) that force you to play the hole as a giant U. Setting aside the definition of double mando, this is another design gimmick.
-- No restroom.
-- No map.

Other Thoughts:

-- This is a private course with another quality course (maintained by the same extended family) across the street. The amount of work it takes to keep this course in good shape is amazing, and we should be thankful we are allowed to benefit from that work. Please make sure to call ahead to set up a tee time (Wade Duncan, 601-486-3896; Bruce Bullock, 601-616-6457).
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