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Lancaster, SC

Buford Middle School

Permanent course
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Buford Middle School reviews

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Talking to No One

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 21, 2022 Played the course:once


Buford Middle School's course essentially sums up anyone's visit to the town: short, basic, and non-destination-able.
- Course was given a second life. After driving by multiple times over several years, including one time driving through all three schools (Elem, Mid, High), there was no sign of a course. Then one day, the baskets were back.
- If you're going to be basic, at least be different. The first couple holes are awkwardly placed around the backside of the building. Ricochets are definitely in play on #1 & 2.
- #3 is a short jaunt over the school road. #5 is a short throw over a short wall with a slight hill serving as a backstop.
- #6 - 9 feel completely different than the first five holes. Here's a tip for future course designers: course flow and hole layouts are much better when you have room. Depending on how you want to measure an area, holes #1 -5 occupy somewhere between ¾ of an acre to 1.5 acres.
- #6 & 8 are downhill shots. #7 & 9 are uphill shots. #6 actually has roll away potential as it's short and steep. Don't be surprised to land your throw in gimmie range and end up rolling feet away.
- #7 is the best hole. Throwing across a sports field, across the school road, to a basket up on a hill. The pine trees also give it the most scenic backdrop.
- #9 is a fun, throw multiple discs shot. Tee sign says 120 feet, but it plays longer being uphill.
- Good course for kids & beginners. It's an easy layout. It won't challenge anyone.


Course needed some basic improvements when I played, hole design notwithstanding.
- Some holes had tee signs. Some didn't. Some tee signs seemed correct, in terms of both hole number and distance. Some were way off for distances.
- #4 isn't 276 feet. The hole is in the 120 - 140 feet. So, it's actually close to 276 inches (23 feet) than 276 feet.
- #7 isn't 131 feet. It's in the 300 foot range. (I forgot to try and measure).
- There isn't much to work with here. We're entering the Sandhills region of the Carolinas so the tree covering gets a little more sparse. Sure, maybe they could have put in a basket past #7, but that's about it.
- There isn't much around here. You're 15 minutes to Cane Creek, but you're driving by farmlands. Not much in terms of food, gas, or bathrooms unless you head back west to Lancaster or up to Waxhaw.

Other Thoughts:

I will give the course designers credit. Each hole is different. For a simple, basic, open, short layout to have a lot of variety is one positive for Buford.
- When you look at a disc golf map, coming from the Charlotte region, this is seemingly the last course you can play if you're heading east. North and west of here is littered with courses. East and south, the options are limited for awhile.
- I am the loser who went out of his way to periodically check on the status of this course.
- This course gets very little action. Even on UDisc, only seven people have recorded a round on here since the course was relisted in '21. So, even the locals don't play here.
- This is good for practice and cubby aces. Lots of short holes. Nobody else playing here. Plenty of room to set up cameras.
- This review is probably applicable to nobody. The next non-local to play this course because of my review, let me know. You have a beer on me.
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