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South Boston, VA

Edmunds Park DGC

Permanent course
3.655(based on 13 reviews)
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Edmunds Park DGC reviews

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3.50 star(s)

SIr Edmunds’ Hillary

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 9, 2023 Played the course:once


A fun surprise in small-town Virginia. Picturesque views around the lake are just the beginning of a good times at Edmunds Park.
- This course was much better than I expected. Take away a couple small issues (poor layouts), otherwise a hidden gem.
- The views around the lake, and the backdrop of the silo, start your round off with some major positive vibes. By the time you get to the woods on #5, things are already off to a good start.
- #6 is the first taste of the course's bite. Solid, 90-degree dogleg right. Good shot making sets you up for your 3.
- #8 is another tough layout: uphill, through the trees, with the pin set back to the right. Enjoy a quality three here.
- Follow that up by a tricky-ish, short downhill par 3 on #9. A little too aggressive and you bring the creek OB long in play.
- Get your taste of the bamboo wall on #12, a la Winthrop in Rock Hill, SC.
- Three more tough layouts at the end highlight this course's bite: #15, (extra hole) B (between 15 & 16), and 16. In a four-hole stretch, you get the three toughest layouts. #15 requires an accurate tee shot on a tight, low-ceilinged fairway. An accurate placement means you can take the short gap to the left down to the basket on the other side of the creek. Miss that, and you've got to go further before heading left.
- Extra hole B (just number it, already) requires you hitting your gap between the trees before heading downhill to the right. Oh yeah, you're throwing over a pond to a basket 25 feet from the water. With your second shot, you've got to determine if you're clearing the water, or throwing short for an easy third shot over the water.
- And #16. It starts out painfully boring. You're teeing off in the middle of a field, throwing across a long field. Try to spot where your disc lands in said field otherwise you may be walking around, especially if the grass is tall. From there, you've got a gap to hit in the trees to the basket on the other side of a creek.
- So, yes. This course has a tremendous flow between open and wooded holes. It also has some quality elevation.
- Course has long tees as well. Course has enough challenge and quality from the regular tees so this may just be adding challenge.


There are some stupid, poorly thought-out long walks. Between extra holes A & B, why are you having to walk the entire length of B to get to B's tee pad?
- Tee signs and arrows need to be better. Too many times I didn't know where the baskets were located because the tee signs weren't helpful. I'm guessing the green clump on the tee signs is trees, but which one?
- After finishing #14, I saw a #15 written on the ground. Weird place for a tee I thought. Turned out there was a faded arrow on that marker trying to point me to the next tee.
- On #13, 15, 16, and 17 had no idea where the basket was. Sure, on #17 I could have walked the fairway. But you shouldn't be expected to do that on 500-foot holes. Just a reminder that metal baskets blend in easily in the woods, especially when transitioning from fairways.
- If #18 isn't the worst hole on the course, it's second worse. Uphill and open. And boring. I say find a way to make extra hole B your closing hole. Sure, it's a little longer walk back to the parking lot. But, it's a LOT shorter than the walk from B back into the woods on #16. Seems #18 could be eliminated and nobody would care.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, Edmunds Park earns high marks for me. This was never high on my list. It was being played because, well, 'it's there.' But it was a hit.
- Those field holes at the end of the round have got to be extremely pleasant in the middle of summer. Nothing like walking through tall grass in the sun and heat.
- The course is broken into uneven thirds: first third around the water, second third in the woods, final third in the big field.
- Good flow throughout, from tough holes to easier ones, from a variety of layouts and looks. Holes generally didn't feel alike.
- Bring your bright colored discs when throwing in the field. It'll be easier spotting brink pink in tall grass than green or yellow discs.
- Improve signage throughout the course and this becomes even better. Granted, the regulars don't even notice things like this.
- Course reminded me a lot of Ahoskie Creek in NC and Jim Barnett in Winchester. Edmunds has more elevation to work with than Ahoskie. Otherwise, lots of good overlapping qualities.
- This is more than an out-of-the-way course. It's well worth playing. And it's close to enough other quality courses, that an additional 30 minutes of driving is well worth it.
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Home Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 14, 2021 Played the course:once


This course has the perfect mix of hole types. Long par 4s and 5s as well as wooded par 3s. The wooded par 5 is a challenging hole to break up the round. Multiple tee pads, multiple basket positions. Creative wood work to make the course different (holes 12 and 13).


Cannot think of any cons in the course itself. The property does present the occasional foot traffic from park visitors (no big deal). Make sure to bring bug spray because we got destroyed and did not notice it until the next day.

Other Thoughts:

This is my home course, so I am biased, but this is my favorite course. Great for all skill levels
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4.50 star(s)

hidden gem 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 6, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


Great course with lots of variation. A pleasure to play


Would like to see the water in play more

Other Thoughts:

I'll be back
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Experience: 26.4 years 12 played 6 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Nice little park, fun little course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 4, 2018 Played the course:once


I was in the area so I stopped by this course for a round. The park is nice and well maintained. Nice pond in the open and cool wooded fairways with fun lines.

It was nice to have a little distance added to a municipal park like this, rather than just a pitch-and-putt. I played the concrete tees (middle difficulty) because the signs were there and I was new. Longs looked a little trickier. Pin positions looked like they had two sleeves and were easy to see which one it was on. A few holes were really cool, especially on the back nine. 17 was a cool elevated shot through the woods. I liked the idea of making a bamboo fence to protect one of the short holes, forcing you to choose a gap or go over the top off the tee.

I was here Memorial Day weekend expecting a lot of rough, but everything was really well maintained! Very little underbrush.


It looked like in the effort to stretch this out to a par in the 60's that most of the pars were pretty soft. I'm not sure there would be space to make the par 4s and 5s challenging, so I understand, but there were a lot of easy birdies out there.

Hole 14 (I think), a par 4, had the basket perched on the edge of a drop off (in front of the pin) into the creek. It was waaaay too close to the edge. It was uphill behind the pin so you had to shoot your second shot past the basket to land on the green only to be left with a deadly putt. I was less than ten feet short of the pin and was on the muddy slope so I couldn't even putt out. I assume it's ob for events, but it was a very difficult spot to retrieve considering I was so close. I love the challenge of interesting pin placements (like the one with the fence, also close to the water's edge) but this one was a little much. When it erodes away to the point the basket will have to be moved in a year or two, I would suggest giving a little breathing room.

Other Thoughts:

Don't go in expecting a world-class course and this will exceed your expectations. The designers did a lot with what was available, keep you mainly away from other park activities, and force you to use a variety of shots. Good way to spend an afternoon if you're close by.
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Fun Course, but Too Much Going On 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 20, 2017 Played the course:once


I'll start by saying that this course was probably a little long for my tastes, and sometimes this length was complicated by holes that seemed to be trying to do too much.

So, what did I like? It's a beautiful setting in a rural park. The alignment of the field holes in relation to rolling hills and small pond reminded me very much of Van Buren DGC in Baldwinsville, NY.

It's a course in which you will get some exercise, as it features both length and elevation changes. I tend to really hate 90-degree dogleg holes, but, on this course, I found hole 6 to be the best hole. For noodle arms like myself, the tee shot is a placement shot to the elbow, which leaves a healthy upshot through a wooded fairway. That struck me as one of the better designed holes on the course, with both shots playing fairly. I could also see a big arm using a RHFH to get well beyond the bend/elbow.


Other reviewers have mentioned that the course features a little bit of everything, and, once that idea is taken down to the hole level, I'd argue that some of the holes just have too much going on. It seems to me that a little design restraint along with fleshing out the lines a little bit more would go a long way to firming up this course. In talking to one of the designers (see below), he said they worked with the land available. I can understand that.

I'll offer hole 14 as an example. Perhaps there are over-the-top lines that I didn't see (and probably couldn't hit with my arm strength) but, as I played the hole, it requires you to hit two field goal gaps to a basket, placed on the angled bank of a creek. That seems like a hole doing too much to me.

There were at least 3 pins, and maybe more, that were located too close to water. Hole 12's pin is a birdie death putt to what amounts to the courses only deep water other than the pond. I ended up in thigh deep water fishing out my putter. I should have looked at the hole closer and probably used more discretion. But, the pin could be moved out a few feet to allow for putt half runs that still have room to land safely.

As another reviewer stated, a few of the tee pads seemed off-angle in terms of the desired line. And I would have liked the greens to have been a little less obstructed in terms of putting space.

Other Thoughts:

I met one of the designers; he actually found me fishing for my disc in the creek. We had a nice chat about this course and about Rockness Monster. He stated that he found the lines easier to see and hit on Edmunds than at Rockness; I felt the opposite.

I'm going with three stars because A)this is a nice course overall and one totally worth a visit if you are in the area, B) the course was probably not the best course for me as a noddle arm but I can see it being enjoyable and adequately challenging for others, and C)I played 40 holes at Rockness before starting at Edmunds, so fatigue probably affected my play and my assessment of the course.

The course was predominately B pins when I played (from the white tees). The B and A pins on many holes result in what amount to totally different holes. There is a reasonable A course out there and a much harder B course. Seems they mix A/B at all times. I can't imagine playing Blue-B. Guess that's the NT version.

I either played the wrong basket for 16 or simply skipped 17. I remember 17's tee now, as it is the one you come across protected up on the hill by bamboo fencing (protected from 10's fairway). Don't know what happened; I'll blame fatigue.
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Overall fantastic course for all levels of players. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 26, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


This course is a great overall course. It starts with 4 open holes leading into the wooded section. The wooded section of the course has holes with tight gaps that you have to go through like 7, 8, and 9. Hole 6 is the toughest hole on the course at a par 5 around a tight LoS to a dog leg.

- Great conditions as always.
- Baskets are easy to see and find from the maps
- Not crowded at all during the evenings
- Long open holes to let your discs fly.
- Practice putting green
- Driving Range next to the maintenance building


This course can be challenging for newer players in the wooded section. However, on the open field positions it makes up for it.

- Somewhat muddy in the wooded sections.
- Some of the trees could be cleared out and moved.
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Distance and woods 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 24, 2015 Played the course:once


This course has good concrete tees for the whites. Good tees signs on each hole but no way of showing which location the baskets were in.
It starts off with 4 open holes working their way around a lake. While these were open, there was some shot shaping needed on most.
Then it moves into the woods, with uphill, downhill and even a 90-degree dogleg on 6 that is a Par 5. You really get a variety of wooded holes in this stretch, but the fairways are wide enough and the pars are fair.
12 brings you back to the open holes, except for the bamboo fence mid fairway. There are openings to shoot for, but be careful going over the fence, the pin sits at the edge of a steep slope, right down to a creek behind it.
Most of the rest of the holes are in the open, giving the long arms another chance to let it fly, while still having to hit gaps somewhere on the holes.


While the open fairways were pretty well mowed, the wooded holes seemed a little shaggy and the woods were thick.
Don't believe I saw restrooms or drinks available in this park.

Other Thoughts:

I'm not saying this is ready for a NT event, but a lot of these holes are the kind you see in the big tournaments. Long, open holes that can be tightened up with OB ropes.
A couple of the wooded holes are rather short, almost fillers, so they keep the total distance down.
I enjoyed playing this after the Rockness Monster. This course gave me a chance to let it fly, but not having to on every hole. With a little more maintenance and upkeep, this course could really improve.
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Nothing Spectacular, but Spectacularly Solid. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2014 Played the course:once


It's a smorgasbord of disc golf. If you had to a report on disc golf and introduce people to the game, you should bring them here. From a disc golf perspective, the park is great b/c it plays all over the place and there isn't much opportunity for other park goers to get in the way except for fishermen around the pond. The course plays all over what looks to be an old farm so you have lots of open, rolling plain to bomb across but also a good amount of shady woods golf. it's one of the best balanced courses I've played in terms of open:wooded. The open holes have a good sized pond indirectly in play and the wooded holes have shifty elevation change thanks to a decently sized creek meandering through the course.

The course has 3 sets of tees but the whites are easily the best b/c they have the signs (solid) and very well done concrete tees. The blues don't look too bad, your general "same look as the whites but just a bit farther back" except for a couple of holes that gave you a completely different look. The majority if not all the tees had 2 pin positions, A and B, and the signs did a good job of letting know which position the pin was in. The fairways are nice and refined and there were few if any janky lines asking you to bend a disc in supernatural ways. The pars seemed good too, maybe a couple of soft pars.

I really liked how the course seemed to spice up what would be normally mediocre holes. Some bamboo fences to avoid and a raised basket were nice subtle touches.


Not much. The only major design issues are that some of the holes are a little on top of each other but the designers seem aware of this, for example the bamboo barricade (could use some more poles) to help shield hole 16 or 17's white tee from getting blasted by a previous hole.

Hole 2's blue tee played across the main park road but you can see traffic on that road for days so it's not a big deal.

You have to walk back down hole 13's fairway to get to 14's tee a bit so be wary of people playing behind you.

Other Thoughts:

This course is basically like a lovechild of Winthrop and Cedarock. It's just a really solid, fun course. There aren't any super memorable holes or breathtaking Appalachian beauty but it's very charming and the golf itself is quite good. Very balanced, I'd love to play here all the time. Definitely worth a trip up north if you've driven to Roxboro for their gruesome twosome.
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The Spice of Life 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 2, 2013 Played the course:once


The pros at Edmunds can be summed up in one word: variety.

The course begins on a hill overlooking a lake. The first hole is long and open, a towering drive towards a pin at least 450 feet away. The next three holes loop around that lake although the water won't come into play unless a shot is a ways off-target. The first four fairways are completely open and freshly mowed. It's a chance to work out that arm and flex that driver.

From there it's into the woods, though there are a few relatively open shots later on. The wooded holes here are solid, with light brush and clean fairways. There are some ups and downs, and some narrow gaps that add challenge to the holes that need it.

Although I usually hate gimmicky holes, the fence on 12 doesn't feel out of place. It's a short hole, that is guarded by a high bamboo fence. There are a few gaps in the fence, that golfers can try to shoot through. Alternatively, one can play safe to the left of the fence or go over the top.

The best hole for me is 14. It's a long, fairly open hole but it is complicated by an early gap. Hit the narrow opening and then you can shoot up and down a rolling hill with woods to the right.

17 is probably the signature hole here though, From an elevated position, the points across a valley with a creek in the center to a basket on a similarly elevated point. The caveat, there is some vegetation high so initial drives have to be kept as low as possible.

There's a lot to like Edmunds, and with this much variety, the course should apply to golfers of all sorts.


It could really use some sort of system for identifying which basket is currently in use. Some of the pins are very far apart and different tee shots would be used for each.

Additionally, there are some navigation issues. Most holes feature obvious routes to follow, but there are a few that would definitely benefit from next tee signs, even just the ones that hang from the basket and point the direction like at the Roxboro courses. There was one hole (11?)that I had a difficult time locating, strolling up to the 17 tee before finding the correct one. (although that helped me find 17 later on, which is also tricky)

Other Thoughts:

This area of Virgilina is apparently the Lake Wobegon of disc golf. All the courses are above average. Between this, Rockness and Sasquatch, there is a nice day trip in the area. Rockness provides the woods, Sasquatch the water and Edmunds the variety.
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 21, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


* Multiple tees and pin locations.
* Course has par 3s, 4s, and 5s.
* Good mix of open and wooded holes.
* Good use of elevation on some holes and water hazard.
* Some creative holes with obstacles and basket layouts.
* Some holes have thick rough adding challenge.
* Parks and Recs Department does a good job of maintaining course.


* A couple tee boxes are hard to find, though course is laid out logically for the most part.

Other Thoughts:

Great course, designer did a good job of mixing in long holes. Moderate level of challenge makes this a good course for intermediate players. Definitely check it out.
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Edmunds playground 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 23, 2013 Played the course:once


Layout - An excellent mixture of open/wooded and hole length. Most of the open holes aren't the boring wide open type, you will have to be accurate on the drive or approach. The wooded holes are technical and have some tight gaps but are fair.

The course incorporates a nice mix of hole types. Multiple paths on some of the holes and gives an opportunity of creativity.You won't need every shot but quite a few. There's some good elevation changes and it's used well.

Some pretty tricky greens here as they are positioned near ravines, creek or a lake. The greens are also protected heavily on some holes so you'll have to hit tight gaps near the basket in a few places.

Multiple tees on every hole and multiple pins on some. The multiple pins do a good job of changing the shape of the hole or the path needed.

Good course flow, easy to follow for the most part. No long or confusing transitions.

Atmosphere - Absolutely gorgeous park with rolling hills, a lake, creek, nice cedar trees. Very serene out there no distractions and not many other golfers or other park users. A local dog who was awesome followed us around most of the round and then jumped in my car at the end, sadly we had to leave him.

Equipment - The white tees have large and level pads. There are tee signs at the white pads that have a pic of the hole, the multiple pins and shows you where the other pads are located. The other pads have colored posts next to them. Good baskets and bridges where needed. Course map and scorecards at #1.


Layout - I played the whites and from there I felt like a few of the pins are at awkward distances making the holes tweeners.

I didn't like all of the pin locations, I think some are in awkward places. Specifically 4 which has a pin within 3' of the lake, 9 and 12. I didn't really like 12 at all actually, a short boring hole mixed in to awesomeness.

Some of the wooded holes still need a bit of clearing of the higher parts of the fairway. Some of the rough off the immediate fairway needs to be cleaned up. Very thick in some places that forces you to just pitch out.

I think some of the green areas should have a few smaller trees taken out that are near baskets. There's a couple fairways that also need one more tree removed.

Equipment - There's nothing marking which pin location is in use. Blue tees have no pads yet but those are coming. No benches or trashcans yet.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great course and a lot of fun. There's some very memorable holes here that really stand out and overall I think the design is well done. There are some tweaks and clearing up that need to be done but as this course breaks in I see it only becoming better.

My fave holes were 6, 8, 14 and 17. 14 being an absolute gorgeous uphill shot through a gap and past a big cedar.

A great one day trip for non locals where you can hit this one and the two Roxboro courses.
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Something for everyone 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 20, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


18 hole course set in a nice rural park. The two times I have been here no one else has been on the course. If you want a place to yourself a trip to Edmunds might be in order.

Nice, large concrete tee pads at every hole for the White positions. Red and Blue are natural pads marked by posts or ground markers. Baskets were all in good shape and had no issues. Signs at every pad showing layout and multiple basket positions.

Good mix of open versus wooded holes. First few holes are wide open allowing you to get a little warm up before going into the woods for the technical holes. There is also a good mix of long holes, short holes and everything in between. From white tees there are holes from 196' to 713'. Excellent variety.

There is a nice mix of lefts and rights. Course does not seem to favor any style or RH vs LH.

Some elevation present, but nothing extreme or memorable. Just enough to add some challenge to a few holes, or to add a little down hill fun. But it won't greatly change your throws.

Bridges are up in areas where they are needed, and walking paths are obvious and cleared. Upkeep seems to be excellent. No trash or signs of abuse anywhere.


The first few open holes are a little uninspiring. Don't let them fool you, the course gets better.

Some of the wooded holes seem a little off. In a few spots the tee pad seemed like it should be moved over a few feet. Maybe it was just me. Not sure.

Some of the wooded holes have lots of late trouble near the basket. Seemed to favor luck in a few places more than a well placed shot. Maybe there are local routes that aren't obvious, but I couldn't fathom it.

Basket visibility. Many blind shots where we had to walk a long ways to spot the basket. Some bright tape or flags would help this course a lot.

Signs do not show the current basket position. The simple washer type system would solve this easily.

Other Thoughts:

This was a nice, varied course that really has a lot to offer. There are nice open holes for big bombs, and some tight technical holes for those that enjoy woods. I am pretty sure I used every shot I had here. That in itself is something to be proud of in a course. My issues with the wooded holes stem from making decent drives into the middle of a fairway, and still not having a clear and obvious path to the basket. Strange, but the holes were still fun, even if a little frustrating.

South Boston is out of the way for most people, but this course is worth a little side trip. And with the up and coming courses in Roxboro, NC a day trip makes a lot of sense. This is already a very nice course, and with a few tweaks it could be even better. If you have a chance, play it.
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4.00 star(s)

Hidden gem with lots of room to grow! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 28, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


So this review is going to be biased because I helped with this park, but its time to give the first rating after its extensive redesign. As I say this course still needs foot traffic and more clearing, but its on its way!!

-New concrete pads on all 18 "white" tee pads
-New practice basket
-Redesign with lots of new challenges
-Big bomb holes with some more technical wooded holes to go with the field holes.
-Currently being cleared for alternate pins 8/28/12
-Currently being cleared for blue tees 8/28/12
-Has a disc golf driving range with a 5x12 concrete pad and distance signs.
-19th hole that plays over the water for a tie breaker hole back to practice basket soon to be installed for rec play as well!
-Solid red tees for recs/children.
-New signs with correct distance and tee to pin placement.
-Added benches
-Has a playground for kids and a very clean bathrooms as well.


-8/10 relationship wooded to field holes. Hopefully working on plans for 2 more holes after all pins and blues are in place for an even 10/10 relationship woods to fields.
-The openness of the course really makes it a little easier to take different lines which can make it easier to birdie.
-A couple tween-ers for pars some 5s could be 4s some 4s could be 3s in rec play.
-Needs more wooded holes/cleaning up the rough.

Other Thoughts:

-No lie the course needs some more ground clearing and more closed lines to throw on.
-When tournaments are played we will have fun O.B.s with risk reward shots and closes it up and makes the pars really true and mental.
-Other great courses are very close by. (Roxboro, The new Mayo Park, and future Hyco Park).
-This course really allows all sorts of throwing styles that require you to shape on many different lines which makes it very interesting and fun.
#1 starts all the way up in the main parking lot next to the green kiosk. The "Greg" driving range is to the left of the silo behind hole 1.
Please come and give this course a try its a lot of fun for both styles of play open/wooded with lots of improvement to grow.
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