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Bedford, VA

Falling Creek Park - Red

Permanent course
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Falling Creek Park - Red reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 31.2 years 764 played 387 reviews
3.00 star(s)

The Red Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 23, 2020 Played the course:once


The Falling Creek Red course is the secondary course to Falling Creek Yellow . Good amenities here . Large parking lot . A nice bathroom before you descend onto the course , even a place to fill water .Disc golf sign at the top of the hill . Nice stone benches along the park . A great touch . The tee pads are wood lined pavers , about 3 1/2 X 10' ? I hear they get slick with early morning dew or rain , but I had no problems when I was there . They look nice . The signage is good , with hole # distance , par and flight path . The baskets are red poled Chainstars that catch well . There is also red spray paint on the bottom rung of the baskets to point to next tee .
The first few holes start out park style , the first being downhill and breaking left .The next tee is to your far right and throws that way . It is a long rolling hole , where 3 brings you back to where you started , but at the bottom of the hill . The first 7 holes stay park style and are easy to navigate ( print a map to be safe ) . The next holes aren't woods , but they aren't open , either . Good mix of shots that go right or left , upwars , some down , tunnel shots . The course is very popular with the locals . I saw quite a few people out on the course when I was playing . Even though the course plays fair , it is not overly long or tight . This might bore some of the more seasoned players , unless they are working on specifics . For the rest of us , the reason to come here is for the fun factor . Each shot is unique .
Some fun holes : #4 comes from where you tee off at the edge of the woods , then have to split opening in the trees which line some of the fairways ( uphill some and 435' ) #8 is a downhill putter shot over a small creek . #10 goes uphill an into a small doorway into the woods . 18 goes downhill over a creek bed and through a narrow doorway to an open fairway . Then you have to hyzer your 2nd shot into a woods section to the basket that is about 50' + in the woods , guarded by several trees . Good design , good fun . Even saw deer , squirrels and rabbits around the course .Enough elevation to give you a workout .
Disc Risk : because the park is so well taken care of , and the creek is low , disc risk is low to moderate . Signature hole : mine was #18 , the downhill run to the doorway over the creek . I played this course within about an hour . Figure a group of 4 to play 2 hours .


Dual tees in usage , so there may be a wait on a busy day . The previous reviewers say that the nice looking pavers become very slick when wet . You may want to test , then move off to the grass if it is a danger . Bugs are bad , especially in the warmer months . You may want to bring spray and look for ticks after .
The course may not be challenging enough for the pros or good intermediates ( I think they can get something out of this ) .

Other Thoughts:

Do Not look for the split off after #9 for the red tee section . When I played , and I was with one of the course builders , they moved the baskets back to alternate locations and you Still share the same tee pad throughout the whole 18 . He also stated that the park was intending on pulling the red course in the near future and storing the baskets . This resembles some courses in the Orlando area that have 2 pin positions per hole ( count it as one course , but ,,,,, ) , but it makes the course stand out , and keeps people at the course longer , because the locations split different ways . I was here for 2 1/2 hours total for these courses and glad I came . If you liked it , make sure you email the Falling Creek Park people and tell them so . My Recommendation : A good course to spend a whole morning , afternoon or evening . A little much for families or dates , but great for newbies , locals , enthusiasts , course baggers ( 2 for 1 ) , intermediates , even some sharpening holes for the pros . Play It !!!
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 22.2 years 141 played 32 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Improving 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 26, 2018 Played the course:once


Well maintained park
Bathrooms and water available, even had a water bottle filler
Effort is being put into improving the course
Back nine options


Wooded brick tee pads were dangerously slick on a couple holes
Red back 9 not yet finished and some holes need more clearing out, a few of them felt like just a basket on a hill side with the random rollaway potential

Other Thoughts:

I had come through here years ago and played the original yellow layout and felt it an ok course but mainly just open distance shaping shots with not much else to offer. Was really pleased to see that a wooded back 9 has been added and actively worked on. The only real complaint I had was that the brick tee pads on a couple of holes were slicker than eel shyt, it's a shame because they are pretty cool and a lot of work went in to them with no way of knowing they would turn out that way.

The new holes still need some work but it's evident that's in progress, underbrush and tickets still need cleaning out but it's ongoing. Hole 17 seemed a little gimmicky to me but it's a simple one to play for par on, I wasn't a big fan of 18 either but really no other way to get one back to the parking lot. Area also seems to be shared with mountain bikers, not a con but something you should be aware of.

Overall it's a nice little course, I'm very interested in seeing how the newer back reds finish up and hope to get back out there this fall. Worth a stop if you're passing through the area.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.9 years 304 played 198 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Red Falling Creek 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 20, 2018 Played the course:once


18 single tees mostly brick tees with a few holes consisting of rubber tees and a single position basket, and nice tee signs. Easy to navigate.

Front 9 plays through some cedars in mostly open meadow over rolling hills. Good mix of distances and lines and chances to throw some bombs and test your distance skills. Two sets of baskets on front 9 for more options.

Back 9 plays mostly through the woods over sloped elevation. Mostly short holes and tight technical lines testing your accuracy skills.

Combined these two 9's provide a good deal of variety. If you prefer more open style like the front nine, then you can play the yellow loop instead of red loop.

Lots of wildlife, deer, rabbits, groundhogs. Front nine is very pretty.


Single loop of 18 holes back to parking lot. Tees are not the best in wet conditions.

The mosquitoes were atrocious, had a cloud of them following me around. I'm sure ticks are out there as well. Bring bug spray.

Other Thoughts:

I played the front nine to the Yellow DisCatcher baskets and then played the back nine Red course to the Chainstar baskets. I didn't have to time to play the back nine Yellow course, but I think I chose wisely because I typically prefer woods golf and more variety. Although I liked the front nine a little more, but I also played them to the Yellow baskets which is a little longer, and so I really played a mixed layout.

Overall I'd say this is a good course for most players and would recommend if in the area. Interesting layout with two separate back nines. For travelers this is not a destination, but a fun quick play for the most part and easy to pair this course with Timber Ridge.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 41 years 1626 played 40 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A good warmup for the Yellow Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 26, 2018 Played the course:once


Many reachable holes, most of which are visible from the tee.
A good mix of distances, elevation, open & wooded holes.
Nice tee signs.


Hole 16 had no fairway.
Hole 17 & 18's routes were very tight.
Brick teepads were very slick when wet, the rubber mats on some of them were even worse for slippage.
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