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Fulwood Park

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Experience: 15.3 years 4 played 4 reviews
2.50 star(s)

All Is Good in the Wood drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


(2.6) If you've been playing a while like I have, you may have a soft spot for the town park pitch 'n' putt.
- A creek, plenty of trees, and a pleasing diversity of foliage keep it entertaining.
- A diversity of skill levels should be able to have fun here. Good for beginners and intermediates. 940+ players may find this one a bit mundane.
- Solid amenities and baskets.
- Located right off a major interstate, it's a nice place for a quick stop.


- A lot of RHBH hyzers.
- A lot of short holes, and only 2 par 4s.
- Pedestrians, walkways, and roads can be in play with a poor shot.

Other Thoughts:

I like this course, and thought it warranted an updated review. There are nice metal signs and concrete tees on all 18 holes now.

Background: At the time of this review, I am a 917 rated player with 375 golf distance backhand and a weak forehand. I have played 62 different courses, located mostly in the American Southeast. I am right-handed and will write this review from such a perspective.

Hole Breakdown:
1. A short RHBH hyzer. Better to miss short, because the green is fast and there are some bushes 20 feet from the basket that you may be unable to putt from if you slide under. Very much a “got to get it” sort of hole.
2. A dead straight putter shot with a slight left fade at the end. Plays about 250. There’s a mando on the right to prevent overlap with 3- if you miss it, you’ll still have work to do to save the bogey. Left has some large bushes that may be difficult to recover from- I had to throw a roller to save par from here in a tournament once, despite only being about 45 feet away from the basket.
3. I didn’t understand this hole. Large bushes in front of the pad make the shot blind, but there’s a very tall statue in the background you can use to line up the shot. There’s trees that dictate a hard right-turning shot, but the basket is around 60 feet past the line, so I don’t even know if some crazy flex shot would work. I think next time I play here, I’ll try a backhand roller. When I did a tournament here, no one else seemed to have it figured out either. There’s a small gap between a mando and a scraggly tree, but it’s really risky. I’m sure some of the locals have this one figured out, so ask someone who’s around.
4. The longest par 3 out here, this hole runs around 350 and has danger in a couple places. There are some trees you have to miss shortly off the tee that could pose trouble, but the main hazards here are the large hedges that wind throughout the fairway. They’re really tall, and if you get stuck behind one of them, you’ll have a blind overhand shot to the pin, which creates all kinds of opportunities for error. Worse, if you really drill one, you might have to take your lie inside of the hedge, and you’ll get scratched up and struggle to throw out. Keeping it clean off the tee is really important here- I consider this the hardest hole on the course.
5. One of the 2 par 4s on the course, this is a hard left dogleg with a mando to the left keeping you off a dog park. You’ll shoot right at the number 7 basket, but you’ll want it to hook hard to the left at the end. There’s one gap in the hedge, slightly past the fence of the dog park, so you’ll have a blind approach if you aren’t lined up on the gap (it’s about 40 feet wide). With a decent placement hyzer, you’ll have a relatively routine 150-200 foot upshot to the pin. Green is relatively open, but there’s one tree to the right that can potentially knock down a hyzer approach. Probably close to a must get for MA2 and up.
6. Interesting hole; there are only a few trees here, but they’re right in the middle of the most common routes. There’s a RHBH hyzer line, but the gap is early and bogey is 100% in the equation if you hit one early. The safer option is the big flex or the forehand. Forehand has to miss a couple near the green, but par is basically guaranteed even if you hit one. I like the flex line, which is the trickiest shape, but has the cleanest path to the basket. Green is wide open with no problems.
7. A little visually disorienting at first; I initially thought this would be a hard flex with an overstable fairway. I think this is a push RHBH hyzer with a straight to understable midrange; there’s a tree in the middle of the tree lane where you want to get as close as you can to it without hitting it. You know the one I’m talking about. Keep in mind this approach will get you into the 20-25 foot range; I really don’t know how you park this one. I’m fine playing for the putt.
8. Straight shot, trees on both sides, 265. Fun putter or midrange shot. Green is a bit tight, and there’s a walking path nearby (over is OB), so be careful of pedestrians. Very straightforward.
9. A short downhill putter shot. Plays around 240. Trees come into play around the 200 mark and will squash wide hyzer plays to both sides. An OB path is about 20 feet behind, so be careful of walkers and losing a stroke.
10. A RHBH hyzer down a tunnel. Plays a little under 300. A creek to the left will collect early releases. Good line for an overstable fairway with a skip, and being unable to see the basket from the tee adds an element of difficulty.
11. This one…ugh. You throw over little parking areas, creating the risk of hitting a car if it’s parked there. The basket is about 5 feet away from one of the little concrete areas, so on a long tee shot or missed putt,you risk either going OB, hitting a parked car, or both. Otherwise, it’s a stock 240 foot backhand hyzer through some trees.
12. Slightly uphill par 4 with a relatively open shot until a mando on the right and a hedge on the left close the fairway down around 275 feet or so. Relatively short and open otherwise. On this hole, it depends how far you want to push past the mando- it’s very missable with an errant shot, and it’s not an easy par save if you don’t make it. I personally played a safe shot around 250 with a midrange and then took the uphill hyzer to the pin (plays around 300 due to the uphill).
13. Downhill RHBH hyzer shot, plays around 315. One tree to the right keeps you from swinging it really wide. There are minimal obstacles on the fairway here, but the shot is blind and the basket is really obstructed with foliage around it. It’s better to miss to the left or right here than short or long, as that’s where the bushes are. You can be 25 feet away and have almost no shot at the pin.
14. Tight gap with a left mando off the tee encases a 275 foot midrange shot. However, the gap can be thrown around with a low skipping hyzer. Another line I think might work is to throw a big, high RHBH hyzer over the large tree on the right. Variety of options here with a variety of degrees of risk.
15. Odd little left-to-right hole with a very tight gap off the tee leading to a blind finish. It takes playing this one a few times to figure out where the basket is- it’s a short hole, but the teepad angle, gap, and fairway make it oddly disorienting. I liked this one for some reason.
16. This one was my favorite hole on the course- it’s a fun downhill blast towards an elevated pin. A variety of lines will work, although the classic RHBH straight shot with a slight finish is optimal. Plays around 330. Keep it low here- a high shot could fade off into the road on the left.
17. One of the most ace-able holes I’ve ever seen. It’s about 240, open, and there’s a hill behind the basket. There’s a ditch in front as well that probably plays as OB, so all the more reason to ace run. Grab a putter or mid and take a run at it!
18. Similar to 17, except with a few more obstacles and a creek to the left of the pin serving as OB. I threw a putter turnover here. Easy bird to finish.

Tips/Other Observations:
- This is one of the flattest courses I have ever played. 13, 14, and 16 have some elevation, but that’s about it. I guess that’s what happens when you head south of the Fall Line.
- The designers did a good job of using the space available to them. That being said, the navigation is a little weird, and you’ll probably need UDisc to help. The 12 fairway does get close to the 11 basket, but there is a mando to hopefully direct shots away.
- Amenities and baskets here are solid. There’s a restroom, concrete tees, and adequate signs showing par and distance. Baskets are older Discraft pins that are mounted a little lower than normal. They seem to have adequate side-to-side range. I did see a few hard putts that were right in the center bounce out, but unless you’re really jamming putts in, you’ll be fine. Unfortunately, there’s no practice basket.
- There are a lot of blind shots on this course to add a bit of difficulty. Either you can’t see the basket, or you can’t see the ideal landing zone.
- Weird assortment of people hanging around in the park. There were families with kids, joggers, people meandering around in the fairways, and a couple drifters. The locals I played with in my practice round were friendly, and it seems like they have a strong community. Hats off to that.
- The course is very beginner friendly. Great place to teach others to play.
- Aesthetically, this course was a little below average. It’s a nice little park in South Georgia. You’ll see plenty of man-made buildings, playgrounds, roads, etc. I like to “get lost” when I play, so this isn’t as appealing to me. But it’s a chill atmosphere. All is good in the Wood.

“God bless America, and God bless the backhand turnover.”
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Great Little Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 21, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


This is a very nice park course. The front 9 is layout pretty well. The first 8 holes have a laminated sheet on the back of the tee sign showing the layout of the holes. The tee pads are very nice newer concrete.


Hole 11 and 12 are very close to each other. I like the design of hole 12 but your first show will have you sitting very close to the basket on 11. When we played the fairway for 12 was very wet and not playable. It was very muddy and not able to throw from it. So if there has been a lot of rain just beware.
Some of the baskets are set very low to the ground.

Other Thoughts:

If you are in the area I would say stop by and play it. It is mapped out correctly on uDisc. There are several holes that water will come into play. Beware of people walking in the park as they will walk all through the holes. Also there were several parking areas right next to the tee boxes
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.3 years 129 played 71 reviews
2.50 star(s)

A design that is almost good 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 15, 2018 Played the course:once


On the positive side, this is a very good course to learn this fantastic game. The fairways are very fair, no underbrush to lose discs and flat-as-a-pancake terrain.

It also has long, wide grippy tee pads and baskets that catch everything that hits them. And navigation is pretty simple ONCE you find the first tee! The first baskets I saw were the back 9 baskets without tee pads. I almost left thinking I didn't want to mess with a course that didn't have any tee pads or tee signs. Then I found a local who explained where the REAL course is.

AS for the regular 9, I recommend a course map. Once I found hole 1 it flowed well...until 5. As previously mentioned in a review, #5 is pointed at #7. I was disappointed to have driven it (300') with a midrange only to find it was the wrong basket!


Biggest con to me is that they created a 9 hole course with 300' holes. They could have created a tighter, more technical 9 hole course (on the side that has marked tees) that would have been a real blast to play, and not waste the land. I thought the first 3 holes was how the course should be designed. The the final 4 are basically grip and rip straight shots. Hole #5 is a long hyzer shot, that is kind of blind since you're throwing through a gap in a row of budges.

Other Thoughts:

I think a simple redesign to 18 holes, or adding 2nd tee pads to the front nine could make a cool 18 holes/9 basket course. If they do finish the back side, I'd still cut up some of these holes and make a fund 27.

Course is close to being a 2.75 or maybe even a 3 star course with a bit more thought

Lastly, I was there late on a Sunday after it rained and had a few pedestrians. I bet a nice summer day you'd have to be on your guard to avoid hitting pedestrians
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Growing Pains 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2017 Played the course:once


(2.241 Rating) This is the kind of course that produces new disc golf addicts.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - Fulwood Park is geared to rec and intermediate players, whom make up a majority of the disc golf course usage and player population. A shorter layout than many courses at 4,652 feet. Several ace runs opportunities. Spacious fairways with light definition. A few water hazards but with manageable risks. A few skill shots and shot shaping opportunities. I think newer players will love this course.
- ACEABILITY - Man oh man, a bunch of 200 footers that will have you eyeing the basket.
- TEES FRONT NINE - Very nice sized concrete tee pads on (1-9). More than you'll need for this short layout.
- FORGIVENESS - Not necessarily the most open course out there but bad shots are generally not further punished. There is water in play on a couple holes but the creek is fairly shallow and seemed easy pull a disc out with a stick. I in fact pulled this feat off on (18). circle 3.
- CHAINS - The baskets all still look brand new and have solid chains.
- QUICK PLAY - Despite some navigational issues, (see cons) it took me about an hour solo first time thru. Figure a group of 4 first time threw will run two hours for skilled players.


Growing pains
- BACK NINE TEES - All natural and hard to find. My guess is that within a year or so they'll be concrete like the front nine.
- NAVIGATION - I had downloaded the course map just before arriving. The front 9 was really easy to traverse. Hole (5) is the only issue with having basket (7) in plain sight straight ahead. The basket for (5) is blind and to the left. As for the back nine, it's a work in progress. I found 7 of the 9 tees and played the other two according to my map. The back nine had been marked off only a few weeks prior to my visit and was just a piece of drawn string to form the tee pad location. I'll also mention that the transition from (17) and (18) is a layout oddity as the holes are almost parallel and yet both play West to East.
- MULTI USE HAZARDS - Other park amenities come into play several times. Walking paths and roads wind thru the layout. Several shots will parallel these features and thus waiting a time or two will seem inevitable. On (11), two cars were parked 20 feet behind the basket so I babied my drive to the basket.
- CHARACTER - Not too much yet in the way of course extras or comfort items. No seating at the tees yet. Hole signage is diagrammatic on the front none. No multi tees or baskets. I also didn't see a practice basket or course map. Maybe I missed them with my quick jump to (1). There are however several shelters and tables in the park, great for end of round festivities.
- ELEVATION - Really none to speak of. I know that this is typically for this part of Georgia, but it is even below average for the region. Not one hole has more than 10 feet of elevation change.
- UNIQUENESS - Below average. In addition to no elevation, there are no true dog legs, no par 5s, no well defined tunnel shots, pocket shots are also not well defined and guarding is weak on many holes. There is one listed par 4 (5), but many advanced players will reach it in one. There's isn't really any good opportunities to air one out. However some pluses include several water plays and a few moderate benders. (5, 13 and 15)
- LACK OF CHALLENGE - Intermediate players will have no problem breaking par and should be able to bird all the holes after a dozen or so rounds. Advanced players and higher will be untested. They should be able to post a round of 39 or better from time to time.
- SPACING - The holes around (12-15) are squeezed really tight together and the fairways are lightly defined. Discs will likely find their way onto other fairways in this area. In addition there are a few other hole combos that share lightly defined fairway edges.

Other Thoughts:

As soon as I threw my first drive, someone ran up over to me and invited me to their league, which is a nice first impression I must say. I really did enjoy my time here. Nothing exotic, but a fun round on a developing course. I'd give it a 2.25 rating if I could. Please let me know when this course upgrades to full concrete pads and I'll up the course rating to a 2.5.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - Neither a con or pro as I scored the beauty right in the middle. Fulwood Park has nice parts to it, including a cannon! A very good diversity in tree species. A few shots also bring a creek element into play. On the flipside, manmade features are in view during the entire round. Paved roads, paths, park buildings and parking lots are in view and in play.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 28, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Nice little pitch and putt for experienced players, or a good course to teach a beginner how to play and shape simple shots without too much tree frustration.

The designers did a good job of putting this course in the size park that it is in and none of the holes really feel like they're just forced into a loction


Just a little short to be a great course.

Back 9 has no sinage or tee pads so unless you are with someone that knows the layout or you know the layout of where the tee pads are, it is impossible to play the back 9.

Other Thoughts:

It's a decent course, but don't come here expecting a good challenge. I shot 14 down here one time as an 882 rated player.
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An early impression 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 31, 2016 Played the course:once


This is a nice city based park with what appears as azalea bushes/hedges throughout. It has concrete tee pads on each hole. The chainstar baskets are new and we'll secured. There are restroom facilities throughout the park as well. The 9 holes are well designed for the limited available space. Holes 9 is awesome!


As with many new parks, this one needs signage. The tee markers are simple with hole numbers only. Holes shape and distance is needed. Being new, I had some difficulty following the flow. A simple immediate fix would be to put all weather colored tape on the basket metal in the direction of the next tee pad. The basket collars appear to be low on several of the baskets. Many appeared too low. Holes 5 is confusing. The pad lines up to basket 7. I am assuming that there needs to be better defined course mando's to make it a true par 4.

Other Thoughts:

This is a fun, short course. The Pines are the major objects here. If you can find your line through the trees you will find several birdies. I imagine over time there will be better signs, hole-to-hole markings, benches, etc. It is hard to envision 9 additional holes in this small park.
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First Review 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 28, 2016 Played the course:5+ times

Other Thoughts:

Co-Designer here... Just wanting to get things started on the right foot. This course will improve to 18 holes soon, and will be a great course for the new player while offering challenges for the more experienced golfer! Have fun and GROW THE SPORT!
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