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Wichita Falls, TX

Lake Wichita Park

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Lake Wichita Park reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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3.00 star(s)

long for long's sake

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 15, 2024 Played the course:once


-huge park with open areas, wooded areas, large mature trees of various species throughout, and a creek
-new, red chainstars
-concrete long tees, natural short tees
-multiple basket locations, most holes have at least 2, some have 3
-five par 4 holes and one par 5, some of them are good
-a handful of tighter wooded holes, some of them are good
-course map near the parking lot and hole 1


-a lot of long, uninspired holes
-some of the short holes seem almost gimmicky in contrast with the rest of the course
-roads and walking paths that are potentially in play
-the front 9 is distinctly weaker than the back 9

Other Thoughts:

The course here at Lake Wichita Park was redesigned a couple years back and now boasts being the longest and toughest in Wichita Falls. It's definitely the longest at least, just edging out Wind Creek.

There are concrete long tees and dirt short tees marked with flags. There are also two basket positions on all but three holes and four other holes that have three positions. The new, red chainstar baskets are in great condition and are easily visible. Unfortunately there are a couple places where you can see a number of them and it may not be obvious which one you are throwing at, hole 4 particularly.

The front 9 is mostly longer holes that seem to be long for the sake of being long. It averages over 425' and includes a par 5 and two par 4s. My arm is not the target audience for this course but I didn't find any of these holes very interesting. Hole 7 ducks into the woods and has a really tight window and an unnatural dogleg right.

By hole 10 I was ready to write off this course but then things start to get more interesting. More woods begin to encroach on hole 11 and then hole 12 has a tunnel to hit for the first 100'-150' before opening up and turning sharp left (for the long pin). Hole 13 does the opposite, starts in the open and finishes in the woods. Hole 14 is a super tight, straight 164' shot. Hole 15 is another 165' shot in the woods but hyzer and not as tight. Holes 16 & 17 are like holes 12 & 13 but longer, tighter par 4 versions of them. FInally, hole 18 has a basket at the base of a very large hill. I really wanted to throw a disc from the top of it after my round but I was done after a long day of course bagging.

The back 9 makes up for the front 9 but I also feel like there could be a better layout overall here. I'm guessing the local club just wanted to have a course where MPO would play during local tournaments. It really made me curious what the original layout was like.

Shorter arms and less experienced players can play here and still have a decent time but it's obviously designed for bigger armed, more experienced players. For that audience, it's not that difficult of a course with not many memorable holes. That said, it has great replay value for locals with all the tees and basket locations. I think I would prefer Wind Creek for the long course option but the back 9 here would make this part of my regular rotation if I were a local.

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3.00 star(s)

Very long

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2022 Played the course:once


New baskets and new signs. Varity of long shots in open and short shots. Lake and hill adjacent. The holes through the woods are very interesting. Short and technical. Plus the shade helps


The Long holes are too long for armature players. The post dont line up to the basket you are aiming for and the baskets are not numbered. So sometimes you will see 5 backsets from the sign. Its a bit confusing on what basket to go for. If the signs add a little arrow. Map then this could be fixed pretty easy.

Other Thoughts:

If you have a big arm this course if for you
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