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Chilton, WI

Lakeview Campground

1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Lakeview Campground reviews

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Reviewed: Played on:May 20, 2024 Played the course:once


Lakeview campground is home to a pretty basic nine hole course that plays along and open but slightly hilly area along the south side of the entrance road. The course plays clockwise for the most part and starts and ends near the main office building.

The course is pretty much completely wide open but they do tuck a few of the baskets into the tree line to add a little more challenge at least. Holes 3 and 7 are the two that are tucked into the edge of the trees while 9's pin is actually placed in a small grove of trees and is the best hole on the course imo due to this fact.

Blue portable type baskets on each hole. These look to modified models and are actually installed in the ground. Not sure what type but they look a lot like Axiom lites. One basket and pin placement per hole. The baskets in the open area had solar lights on top and below the baskets. This would actually be a pretty fun course to play a glow round on so this would a great idea by the staff.

4x4 posts mark the tee areas and they each have a sign on top with the hole #, sun and cartoon woodpecker. These at least get you to your intended tee area. The tees themselves are just grass.

The course itself was well taken care of and mowed. Definitely looks like some thought was put into this course unlike a number of other campground type ones I've played.


The baskets, while being mounted into the ground, weren't all level and the single chain assembly and short tray were not great. Or even good. They also were a bit taller than "standard" baskets.

The baskets down the bottom of the hill along the tree line are basically in a water collection point and these spots had standing water near the pin. Which makes sense since that's were all the water from the hill will drain too.

The tee signs for holes 7 and 8 were nowhere to be found. This is the one confusing section of the course too. The rest could be played basket to basket and be just fine. Luckily I had a map or it would've made no sense.

The tee signs themselves were basically useless only having the hole #. Better than nothing for sure but kind of a waste of money when you could've just painted the hole # on them.

Other Thoughts:

Honestly, this course was better than I was expecting. That said, I wasn't expecting much. It's a quick play if you happen to find yourself over this way. I'm not sure if this is a pay to play or not. The latest update on Udisc said they were charging a $7 fee for a day pass to play it. That's $7 more than it'd be worth in my mind. I tried to check in at the office and pay it just to say I played it but it was locked. This was on a monday afternoon. I just decided to play it it quick and left so that worked out well for me. May be best to call the office beforehand if you intend to play here. I'd assume that it's free if you camp here but if travelling through you'll want verify first before stopping. Will I play it again? No way, even for free. It is a full nine hole course though and could certainly be worse.
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