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Overland Park, KS

Prairie Pass

3.155(based on 33 reviews)
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Prairie Pass reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.2 years 191 played 120 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Finally getting some love 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 19, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Now with concrete tees, signs, and even some dual tees, Prairie Pass (formerly known as Blue Valley of Kansas) is a solid beginner-friendly course with some decent elevation and foliage, mostly short holes, and opportunity for good scores for all players. Ace run opportunities are there on many holes.

This course utilizes elevation change very well. It's not extreme on any holes, but it's present on the first and last few holes on the course. Many baskets are placed on hillsides (1, 2, 3, 11, 15), making putts difficult on a variety of holes. Other times, there's a sideslope or something in the fairway (holes 4, 10, 16), making drives and upshots tricky. Hole 5 does a great job being a downhill shot that doesn't require much power to reach the green, but has trees on both sides that allow any line, but require a lot of accuracy to park it.

The flatter holes play in and around a treeline and favor different lines on different holes. While it would have been better if more holes could be that level of wooded, the course mostly does a good job giving variety and blocking certain lines on certain holes.

Because most holes are short, this should be a good course to play a putter-only round or a place to take beginners. This is also a good place for intermediate players to practice getting birdies, because drives here will be similar to upshots on a difficult course, or your second shot on a long par 4.

Some of the long tees (though not all of them) do a good job adding distance to the hole while keeping the same intent and original design. They feel similar to the short pads, but add some much-needed challenge, tighter lines, or just a little more power required to reach the green in one.


This course just doesn't feel amazing. Maintenance used to be poor, though it has improved, and the concrete tees and better signs help a lot. If you're not careful, you'll skip hole 7. Also, the walk from the parking lot is pretty far, and it's even longer coming back after hole 18.

A lot of holes don't offer much challenge. Holes 1-4 really don't have much going for them, being fairly open, and a few others can play as if they are completely open. For example, hole 13 has a treeline on the right but nothing on the left, and hole 15 has a tee in the woods, but opens up so quick you can take any line you want. Even if you have an errant drive, the holes are so short that you won't be left with a long upshot nearly all of the time.

On many of the other holes, there's just not much distance. The woods certainly makes the course interesting, but once you realize there's just one gap you have to hit, or one spot of low ceiling to avoid, the course quickly becomes less challenging for anyone experienced. All holes are under 300 feet, and on only hole 13 might you be throwing a wide hyzer (at least RHFH/LHBH) unless you get creative on hole 5 or 8. The long tees help with this, but sometimes make the holes needlessly oppressive, or just plain weird. Some other long tees can get in the way of the previous hole.

Because there wasn't a whole lot to work with, the tee shots on holes 9 and 11 feel pretty gimmicky. They both have trees in awkward positions but still aren't super challenging holes. Given that this course caters to beginners, putting trees like that so close to the tee is not a good design decision.

Other Thoughts:

If you want to make the course extra spicy, you can play a mando through a half-buried tire on holes 7, 12, and 14.

The sprinklers on the nearby football fields can simulate a shower on hole 10.

Some grass on the open holes can get a little long, but the fairways are mowed wide enough that it's not a big problem, though it could become one in the future.

Many of my gripes here won't apply to beginners, and with concrete tees now, this is a great course for beginners. It just doesn't hold the same level of challenge for other players, which means there's no way to give a higher rating.
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Experience: 11.5 years 43 played 1 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A great course for Rec/Beginning Players 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Recently upgraded to Concrete Tee Pads!

For a Rec Player like myself, every hole feels like there is a chance for birdie. Better disc golfers will probably find this course very easy. I would say as far as Kansas City Courses I've played, Lenexa DGC is the easiest course and this would be a great next step from that.

Has a practice basket for putting.

Also has fields and an open football field that can be used if you want to practice your driving.

The grounds are well manicured and are mowed frequently from the times I have gone, the fairways are mowed shorter in some areas.


The layout can be a bit confusing at times to know where to go next, but once I played a few times using UDisc to navigate it was pretty easy to pick up. Arrows and Signage to next tee would be helpful in some areas.

Hole Signage could be improved, it seems like this will likely be upgraded now that the tees are in place next.

Some of the baskets were in rough shape. I have heard according to the KC disc golf facebook group the baskets and tee signs are the next upgrade now that the tee signs are done
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 10 years 171 played 171 reviews
2.50 star(s)


Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 11, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


The course has been given a much-needed and extremely nice glow-up.  New bright yellow MVP Black Hole baskets (the first in Kansas City) which catch extremely well, new long tees on twelve holes, and updated tee signs at each pad (that's 30 tee signs).

The new long tees always add difficulty.  Sometimes it's just more distance, but sometimes it's making a tree gap more difficult to hit off the tee (4, 7, 11), adding a whole new line (8, 17), or making the same line tougher (2, 3, 6)

There are some legit difficult holes now.  4 long is a very small gap to hit out of the trees which went unused before, 17 plays over a berm and then another 280 to the pin, and getting birdie on 7 is even harder with an extra 77ft added.

Elevation is well used, although odd in some places.  You get booming downhills on 3, 5, 10, and 15, and tough uphills on 9 and 17. Hole 16 is a little weird as it tees from one side of a 15ft high berm which the basket is perched on the other side of.  However there has been a flat spot made in the top of the berm potentially for a shorter pin?  I'm not saying it's a bad hole, but it might be better if the basket gets moved to that flat space.


The wooded holes are wooded.  Nothing really in the fairways, just stay in the middle and you'll be good to go.  The gap off the tee and basket set on a mound on 11 is probably the most interesting wooded hole, closely followed by the tires on 7.

The distances all feel fairly similar throughout. Nothing under 195ft and only two holes over 370ft.  But, the longer holes are downhill and the uphills are short.  17 is the exception but even the longest hole on the course, Hole 13 at 408ft, is just flat with trees all down the right side.  Throw a booming right-finishing shot and you should have an easy upshot to put away for par.  There isn't much more room, but there definitely could have been one or two par 4s made out by the 5/9/10 area.

Navigation is still not incredible, and some of the long tees made it worse.  The pin of 5 is halfway down the fairway of 6, so that's an up and back down walk. At the basket of 7 you can see the basket of 14 and the tee of 15, but not the tee of 8.  It's a walk back down 7's fairway and to the right.  Hole 11 long tee is quite a ways up the hill from 10's basket.

I didn't notice this for a while since I throw RHFH, but this course is extremely righty forehand/lefty backhand friendly.  There are several holes where both lines exist, but an easy righty backhand is prevented on 2, 8 long, 10, 12, 13, 16, and 18, while all of these are open righty forehand hyzer lines.  While the inverse applies on 3, it's a fairly big deal if you don't have your turnover shots dialed in of throw massive sky hyzers.

You'll walk halfway around the school walking track to get from the parking lot to the first tee and you have the inverse walk at the end, right after an 18th hole that really finishes off the course with more of a whimper than a bang.

Other Thoughts:

Prairie Pass has gotten a new name and a new lease on life.  Serious money was sunk into getting the course back up to par (hehe) and it shows. 

While some issues can never be overcome, if there isn't to be a major re-design then I would say the course is currently at it's peak potential.  It isn't going to be hosting any events besides a school fundraiser or two, but it's at the top end of school courses and is great for a quick round where you want to throw more than a mid and putter.  If you want a quick round that isn't boring, this is the spot.
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Experience: 11 years 120 played 7 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fun Practice Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 18, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


~ Good variety of wooded shots and open shots
~ Decent baskets (Mach III's not the best but not bad)
~ Great use of spare property and really making the most of the land they have without overlapping holes


~ "Natural" teepads
~ Signage only has length and number

Other Thoughts:

~This is honestly one of my favorite courses to play in the area mainly because I love throwing putters. All the holes are short but fun to throw, great for working on short game.
~ Fantastic course to introduc.e new people to the sport because of its design and length. None of the holes are such ridiculous angles that would deter a new player to the sport.
~ If they put in some paved/rubber teepads and maybe swapped the baskets out for some Mach X's this course would be excellent (for a short course)
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3 4
Experience: 38 played 3 reviews
4.50 star(s)

One of the most fun courses I have played 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 13, 2018 Played the course:once


This course is a super fun short course that is good for warming up, and having a fun time trying to run aces. All of the holes are super short, but this is undoubtedly the best maintained course of this style that I have ever seen. Every hole fun and fair and very reachable.


This course isn't great for score differential because most skilled players will birdie nearly every hole.

Other Thoughts:

This course is phenomenal at the niche it fills. Not a course to compete on, but an awesome course to throw some discs on for a fun time.
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Experience: 22.3 years 94 played 13 reviews
2.50 star(s)

So so in JoCo 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 18, 2018 Played the course:once


- 18 hole course, baskets all intact
- Good use of available elevation
- Nice mix of wooded and open holes
- Relatively easy to navigate with decent flow
- Plays quickly, but still makes you feel satisfied that you played a full round
- Few chances to lose discs other than a couple storm drains


- No long bomber holes. I almost exclusively used midranges and putters.
- Advanced players will not find this course challenging. I am by no means a top golfer, and I shot -1 playing it through for the first time (and on a good day could drop a few strokes below that).
- Natural teepads; although there are large stones next to each teepad there are no markers to delineate the edge of the teepad
- Signs list only hole # and distance. No diagram to show the hole layout (not that it is really needed) or directions to next hole.
- No benches or restroom

Other Thoughts:

This is a course with many short, nondescript holes. I enjoyed my round, but nothing about this course really stuck out to me. Amenities are lacking; for me, this is an important part of overall course feel. Still, it has everything you need to throw 18 holes over a decent piece of property that utilizes its full potential. Don't get me wrong, if I lived in an adjacent neighborhood I would be thrilled to have this course within walking distance. But if you are commuting to get here, there are several better options in the KC area.

Also, the course is right next to a school. I played on a weekend and parked in a school lot (on the other side of the track from the course). I'm not sure if the parking situation changes when school is in session.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 21.1 years 551 played 429 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Blue Valley Beauty 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 14, 2018 Played the course:once


Blue Valley of Kansas is a intermediate level disc golf course that is really fun. It is short and sweet, with tons of birdies waiting to be made. There is a few wooded holes, and several that are mostly open. The more open holes feature moderate elevation changes in many cases.

There are stone blocks next to each tee, and a tee sign. The baskets were in good shape. Layout is compact and easy to follow.

All of the holes are par 3 and under 300 feet. On a good day it would not be hard to shoot a score in the 40's. An excellent beginners course, with good holes for learning the fundamentals of disc control and shot shaping.

I really liked the way the contours of the land were used to keep the fairways varied and interesting. Hole 1 is a good example, with a pin on top of a ridge that leaves a tough surface to land a drive right under the basket. Hole 5 is a fun downhill drive that is open down the middle. There are some good holes with tunnels in the woods like 7. 11 is a fun dogleg right with the target on the side of a berm. 16 is wide open, with an undulating fairway and tall grass if you get too far away from the pin.


The dirt tees are well worn and rutted badly on a couple of holes. I would still rate this course 3.5 if concrete tees were poured.

Google Maps took brought me close, but I had to look for the correct parking lot. I drove to the track at the other nearby school, and spent some time trying to find the course. Playing this close to a school takes some of my methods of relaxing on the course out of the picture. I finished right as school let out, and there was some traffic from parents picking up children, but not terrible.

It is not high in difficulty. If you are looking for a challenge, there are lots of better options nearby.

Other Thoughts:

I would love to spend an afternoon here on a nice day. The wind wasn't bad when I played on Valentine's Day 2018, and the temperature had risen all the way to 50 degrees.

I started good with 4 birdies on the front nine, but I missed several birdie putts. I was 3 over on the back nine. Under par is always good for me, but I know I could do better.

Blue Valley of Kansas has a good fun factor. It is definitely worth a visit, but there are several other courses in the area that I would prioritize.
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Great small course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 15, 2017 Played the course:5+ times

Other Thoughts:

This is my home course so I play it all the time. It's kept in good condition there's always people on the course. The tee boxes are in rough shape, but there is a few guys working on fixing them right now. It's great if you like short courses.
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3 1
Experience: 24.1 years 12 played 5 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Another secret gem in KS 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 12, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Short technical course
Plenty of different lines to throw
Can see most if not all baskets from the tee offs
Short grass where they want you throw and tall grass where they don't want you to throw
Good mixture of wide open fairways and wooded window throws
Good for all skill levels
45 minutes to go through all 18 by yourself
Good elevation changes


Tee pads consist of dirt and rocks which makes for a tough place to gain stability when throwing
No picture of each hole, just footage on each sign
A few baskets have a decent amount of wear and tear and should be replaced
Hole 18 is near the road which can be distracting or dangerous

Other Thoughts:

I ended up having enough time to play though all 18 twice by myself and tried a couple different lines the second time around and still had fun challenging myself to make par or better. The elevation changes made a few holes especially difficult to navigate but still keep you on your toes with every throw you make. I will definitely be visiting his disc golf course again in the future.
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Experience: 15 years 38 played 23 reviews
2.50 star(s)

OK Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 18, 2017 Played the course:once


- Well kept baskets
- Rocks at the "tee pads" to sit stuff our yourself on
- Some baskets have trash cans
- Fairly easily to navigate
- In an overall nice area
- Fairly hard to lose a disc


- Signage on the course not all that helpful
- Tee pads consist of washed out dirt

Other Thoughts:

A good course for beginners. An OK course that could be a good course with a little polish.
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Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Needs TLC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 1, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Short, quick course. Mix of open holes and trees.


This course needs some serious care. All of the signs are either broken or pulled out of the ground laying down. There are no markers for some tees and the mulch tees are horrible. Some are just little rivets in the ground that aren't safe. It's quite obvious no one has maintained this course in years.

Other Thoughts:

A shame no one has touched this course in years. Could be a nice little course with proper maintenance.
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Experience: 9.2 years 5 played 4 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Fun simple course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 18, 2015 Played the course:once


Easy to follow course layout.
Short and good for beginners or those wanting quick play.
Nice location outside of town, quiet and relaxing.
Mowed fairways and quite clean.


Wide open areas had no shade.
Some holes are very close to the road, if you're not paying attention to traffic you could hit a car or get a disc run over, especially those of us who are novice players.
While the fairways were mowed, there was a lot of rough, and I saw no reason it should not have been mowed (though it could have been due to recent rains, as a few areas were "swampy"). I lost two discs and had to cut my run short. One completely disappeared and another I could see but not get to. If mowing had been complete this wouldn't have been a problem.

Other Thoughts:

If I make it back to the Kansas City area I definitely want to play this course again!
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Experience: 10.2 years 14 played 5 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Good for practice 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 3, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


- This is a great course when you have a spare 45 minutes to play.
- Great course to practice short mid rage/ approach shots.
- There are some real technical shots on some holes that help you build your game.
- Very little time looking for discs.


- No real tee pads. They tried to put in mulch tee pads, but they are always worn out and almost unplayable. I usually just throw next to, or behind the actual tee box.
- No opportunity to pull out a driver (or even a fairway).

Other Thoughts:

- I love playing this course when I only have about an hour to play, or when I want to practice shorter shots.
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Experience: 10.3 years 16 played 7 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fun and easy 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 9, 2014 Played the course:once


Good mix/variety. Hard to loose a disc. Rough was recently cut down.


A lot of trash today. Tee boxes like everyone else mentioned.

Other Thoughts:

Wife loves it and I love tossing midrange discs all over the place. We'll likely be playing this one a lot.
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Experience: 23.1 years 24 played 9 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Good for a quick round! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 1, 2014 Played the course:once


A great beginner course as everyone says. It's also still fun for intermediate players, as the course offers a decent mix of open shots, tunnel shots, and shots that require hyzer/anhyzer. So, for a short course with no alternate pins, it actually plays with a decent variety.

Navigating this course is also super easy, as the distance from each pin to the next tee is really short and obvious in almost all cases. The signage is also half way decent, although getting a bit worn and faded.


No real bomb shots for those that just want to let it rip. It would have been nice to have a couple longer holes, as it's fairly easy to overshoot everything as an intermediate player.

The tee boxes are super vague, just an area of mulch/dirt that is rather large, and likely continually growing as people wear out the area. If you're not taking things seriously, it doesn't matter at all, but I guess I could see it bothering some people.

Other Thoughts:

I live within 10 minutes of the course, and it's fun enough to play where I'll be adding it to my course rotation. However, I likely wouldn't go out of my way to play it if it wasn't right here.

Overall, just a decent, quick round of disc golf.
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Great Course But un-mowed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


Hole in one opportunity on every hole.
Great Beginner course but offers enough of a challenge to bring experienced players back


Hasnt been mowed recently.

Other Thoughts:

PLEASE MOW THE COURSE 1 time a week.

I called blue valley district school and found out that the grass is scheduled to be mowed on 5/24 in the morning.

Here is the phone number any time someone has a problem with the grass. 913-239-4121
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Experience: 10.4 years 9 played 6 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Blue Valley of Kansas 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 17, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Being a newer member of the sport, I can honestly say that this is a good course for novices. The course plays more on the shorter side which allows players to more easily play, especially for those who can't throw the typcial "bombs".

- Quick course to play and can be played in under an hour if you are by yourself.
- Easy to navigate and holes are very close to each other.
-Good mix of open holes as well as wooded or holes with obstacles.
- As stated, great course for novices.
- Hard to lose discs on this course.
- Well maintained with the exception of some of the tee boxes.


- Tee boxes made of mulch so they are starting to erode.
- In the woods, there is an old barb wire fence. Watch out.

Other Thoughts:

Many people on this website are not huge fans of this course but being that I am between of a novice to intermediate skill level and still learning my form, it is a great place for me to visit. Will be bringing my buddies here and will be back again in the near future.
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Experience: 20.2 years 5 played 5 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fairly Fun Par 3 Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 23, 2014 Played the course:once


All tee pads and baskets are labeled. Every basket is par 3 and under 300 feet. Really great for beginners and a bit challenging for the intermediate players who can throw the long disc.


Though the baskets and pads may be labeled, there are no maps for the course as I was informed by this website. It is literally next to a school and though it says no alcoholic beverages (obviously people drink) there are 0 trash cans and the course is littered with bottles and cans.

Other Thoughts:

Honestly not a bad course. 1st time playing wasn't too bad. there was trash everywhere and with practice basket not labeled was difficult to locate first tee pad but quickly was able to pick up on the flow of the course.
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Experience: 13.2 years 22 played 5 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Will be going back! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 30, 2013 Played the course:once


Lots of technical shots needed for this course. I went just under par, but should really be getting a birdie every hole. The difference from a deuce and par here is most definitely how you make your first shot count. Short enough for beginners to gain confidence and a great range of shots.


There are no holes over 300'. Not that I am partial to it, but ever now and then a grip it and rip it is nice. Other than that, nothing is wrong with the course. Although holes are short, and no really hidden baskets, the tee signs are there, but lacking in detail of the layout.

Other Thoughts:

Only has wood chip tee pads, but this works as I don't need to run up to throw it to the basket. All but two holes I tee'd with my PIG and never used anything over the range of a buzz/drone. Wooded enough to teach control of shots, but not to easily lose your disc. No other hazards other than potential OB in a road. GREAT learner and technical skills course.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11 years 39 played 33 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Relax and unwind in South OP!

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 1, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


UPDATE (11/19/2023): Came back to visit after moving from the KC area almost five years ago, and was so pleased to see the updates to this course. There are awesome signs installed now, and nice, grippy concrete tee pads everywhere. The layout doesn't appear to have been changed, but that's fine. Signage helps significantly with the minor navigation issues that were here before.

This isn't an overly complicated or difficult course, but the land is used extremely well and I think the course is designed very nicely. There's just enough variety here that you can have a fun round without being overwhelmed.

Original review (from 2013!) follows:

Lots of fun! A great chance to practice putting or introduce newbies to the game, along with a few technical challenges that keep the course from getting boring.

Navigation is super easy for the most part. The course seems to follow a natural progression first with some very open, clear shots, then into a few elevation changes, into the woods, and then out again.

Baskets are in good condition; while there are no benches, there are rocks at most of the holes where you can take a load off for a bit.

Again, in a very safe neighborhood so you won't have to worry there. I'd stroll through here at 2AM on a Saturday and not worry once for my safety.

Generally, this course isn't overly crowded, although it seems the word is getting out a bit.

Course is always maintained and mowed very well. There are multiple trash cans around for all your rubbish needs.

The course is very easy to get to, and plays fairly fast. A great place to squeeze in a quick round if you're running short on time.

While I realize the designer didn't have a ton to work with, they really used it well, incorporating the various woods, hills, and general lay of the land into a very contiguous course layout that just makes sense in general and is a blast to play, in my opinion.


UPDATE (6/4/2024): They have installed a number of new teepads at this course, but to be honest, I really don't think it works all that well. This was already a pretty small patch of land, and it now feels pretty crowded.

UPDATE (11/19/2023): The tee pads and signs have been significantly upgraded since this review was written in 2013.

As of November, the mulch tees are definitely eroding and need to be re-done.

No benches or bag hangers; signs just give you the number of the hole, without an idea of the layout or where the next hole is. This isn't a huge issue since navigation is so easy, however.

Some of the holes can get a bit repetitive, especially from 15-18. There's different obstacles in there, but it feels like the same basic throw over and over again. 4 basically has zero obstacles and is just a straight shot at the basket.

Some of the shots (1, 16-18) play very close to either Antioch Road or 164th Street. Not a big deal, but I think it breaks up the ambiance of the game.

Be careful of the barbed wire fence near 13-14! Since this used to be farmland I'm sure that's been there for decades. I guess they just decided not to tear it out when they built it.

This is a really fun little course in great shape, but after playing some of the other courses in the area, I just can't in good conscience rate it as highly as our other courses. That doesn't mean I don't like it! Just that I think there's better, but this is still a worthwhile play if you're in the area.

Other Thoughts:

UPDATE (6/4/2024): I left this at 3.5, but they are doing something ridiculous with the rough here. There are tiny, tiny fairways mowed, with rough left at over knee height. Anyone knows Kansas prairie can gobble up your disc instantly, even if it's just off the fairway. I suspect they did this to try to mitigate how close the fairways play with the addition of the new teepads, but it just doesn't work and is super frustrating.

UPDATE (11/19/2023): With the upgrades to the signage and tee pads, I bumped this course to a 3.5 from a 3. It's definitely a rec/beginner course, but it is a blast. When I came back to the KC area on vacation, this was one of the three courses I played while I was there - that's how much I like it. Original review follows:

If you're visiting KC, like Legacy Park over in Lee's Summit, this one is way out in the suburbs, on the far south edge of the metro. I love the course, but I don't know that I'd make a special trip all the way out here with so many other options in town.

Initially, I rated this course a 4; after playing several more courses, I've revised it to a 3. I still have a soft spot for this course and absolutely love playing it! It's still a great place to introduce someone to the game and a lot of fun. However, if you're looking for a truly excellent course on the Kansas side, I would probably recommend Lakeside Hills in Olathe, or even Wyandotte County Park in Bonner Springs. Both are significantly tougher (and Lakeside is still a bit rough around the edges), but they have the scenery, diversity, and layout to impress in my opinion. Still definitely a good course and a lot of fun for a beginner course.

The course isn't overly well marked; when you pass Blue Valley West High, it's the next right, towards the middle school and near the track. There's a large parking lot there for your parking pleasure.
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