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Soldotna, AK

River City DGC

Permanent course
1.755(based on 2 reviews)
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River City DGC reviews

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Mr. Butlertron
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 21.4 years 675 played 131 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Waste of Woods 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 28, 2015 Played the course:once


- Free Parking
- Free Course
- Fresh new baskets
- Semi limited access
- Low traffic
- Clear, trimmed fairways
- Practice basket


- All fairways on a popular nature trail
- Natural pads
- Horrible layout
- Many blind shots
- Narrow fairways

Other Thoughts:

This general area is home to big open multi use field that is used for many summer sports. Located in and around this area is a huge trail system that is used in both summer and winter. The disc golf course is located in the section that roughly hugs the fields, but with a big buffer of woods between the two. The easiest way to access the trail entrance is to park at the middle school and walk past the practice basket.

The course itself is really poorly thought out. Each tee pad is on the side of the trail with the baskets being just off it one side or the other.. The only place you can really throw is within the trail fairways, but it's narrow and makes a lot of drastic unthrowable curves. The baskets were improperly mounted in boggy ground and some settled weird as a result. Overall, it was a really big let down. This is possibly the worst 18+ hole course I've ever played. Come prepared for a long agonizing waste of time. Bring water, snacks and lots of bug dope.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.1 years 123 played 72 reviews
2.50 star(s)

There Will Be Blood 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 9, 2014 Played the course:once


This is a fairly short course that follows a road-width, hiking trail through forest. To call it technical would be a stretch, but there are no completely wide open holes either: just defined fairways that consist of the aforementioned hiking trail.

The holes vary in level of difficulty from ace run to impossible shot shapes with most holes falling comfortably in between and only a few at the extremes.

The rough isn't particularly punishing on most holes and missed drives can still result in par with decent trouble shot skills.

Navigation is fairly straightforward. Finding the course was the toughest part. Once you find the sign by the high school's football field (park in the high school parking lot), the rest is easy.


There are a number of cons:

1) No tee pads and very irregularly surfaced tee areas, some with exposed roots. Fortunately, many fo the holes are short and require virtually no run up. However, some longer holes have very poor footing on the tees. This seems like a new course and, hopefully, concrete tee boxes are in its future. It needs them badly.

2) Course design slavishly follows a hiking trail irrespective of whether discs are capable of flying along its path. This is problematic on 2-3 holes as far as holes just being unfairly bendy, such as 120 degree turns to start out a fairway, followed by long straight stretches.

3) MOSQUITOS! Wear plenty of repellant and move fast. I did and they didn't bother me much. However, the group ahead of me quit due to mosquitos. If you are someone who takes a while to get set, choose your disc carefully, etc., you are screwed on this course. You'll be coughing up mosquitos before you can get your disc off. It's Alaska. They are that bad.

4) Baskets are almost all mounted about a foot too high. Whoever installed the baskets didn't read the directions very well. This is only a minor nit..

5) No amenities. No bathrooms, water, benches, trash cans or anything else on the course or at the start. BYO Everything and make sure you won't need to use the facilities during your round.

Other Thoughts:

This is fun course. Pros aren't going to find this course particularly challenging, but beginners may. It falls somewhere in that happy medium. There are only one or two holes where you can air a shot out, and even then you have to hit a reasonable line to do so.

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