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Reviewed: Played on:Feb 10, 2024 Played the course:once


Sky Lodge Camp is home to a disc golf course. The course is free to play and the flow is pretty simple once you start out since it just plays from basket to basket essentially.

The Camp itself was clean and honestly it was a decent design for the area available. The course stays away from the other camp activities for the most part. Keep in mind that I played it in February though. That said, I can't really see too much interference even in the summer besides the road that bisects the course. Even then, it's a gravel camp road.

The baskets are homemade deals. One basket and position per hole.

They did a good job of incorporating the woodline and the few other random trees scattered around this section of the camp to make some at least somewhat respectable holes.


Holes 1 and 9 are non existent currently. They clearly just built a large building in what is essentially the middle of hole 1's fairway. I had to start on hole 2 instead. Hole 1's basket is currently on hole 8's fairway. The basket for hole 9 is only 40 or 50 feet behind 8's basket. Basically it's playable for holes 2 through 8. I just threw from 8's basket to hole 2's basket to make it an 8 hole round at least.

As mentioned above, and can be seen in the course pictures, the baskets are in pretty horrific shape. I only spotted 8 of them out here too. One may have passed away. About half the others aren't far behind.

Hole 7 is not a great design as it throws over the gravel road and is kind of blind from the "tee". Holes 3, 4 and 5 play right alongside each other. Really the majority of the course is like that. It's probably hardly ever busy so I doubt it'll really be much of an issue but is worth noting.

No actual tees or signs. Without a map it's just a bunch of baskets scattered about.

I'm not sure about it's availability throughout the year, specifically when there's camps in session. It's good to go in the winter at least. I'd advise trying to call ahead if you want to play in the summer though.

Other Thoughts:

I was expecting a total train wreck when I pulled in here today. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I mean, it's still a mess and I can't recommend it to anyone. I feel bad for the course baggers on here for adding it honestly. The fact is that it's a playable course with no replay value. Only for the most die hard course baggers, don't go out of your way to play here.
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