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The Bridge Biloxi DGC

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The Bridge Biloxi DGC reviews

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Under the bridge downtown…is where I threw some birds

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 27, 2024 Played the course:once


This is an incredibly unique concept where folks have taken an area that is typically an ignored green space and put together what is a unique little course with some pretty interesting holes and challenges.

It's literally nested under the 110 bridge in the middle of Biloxi and you park in a small lot under the south end. It's not even fair to call this a park really it's a course in a green space and some folks have made a makeshift skate park in the parking lot.

Most of the holes are under 300, but between the trees, the huge bridge supports and many mandos it's not especially easy. There are some really fun shot shapes, double and triple mandos and it's overall a fun play even if it's not a huge challenge.

Great looking red/blue DD baskets that catch well and ring like a bell when you hit a putt.

Pads are rough concrete and grip well, which is needed since it's a bit muddy and silty under the bridge.

There are poles for signs, but right now the holes are marked with rocks painted with the hole number.


It's got a lot of the social constructs you may expect under a bridge. There are some people sleeping rough, or engaging in recreational activities that you may not be interested in.

One other issue is that you have to cross two busy streets with no crosswalk twice to complete the course.

The shots are somewhat limited with what you need, if you have a 250ft straight shot, hyzer and forehand you can birdie everything out there. They couldn't have done much more with this space but that holds it down some.

It would be very rare, but it is possible on I think two holes to throw a disc onto the bridge itself. I almost let the intrusive thoughts win and attempt it, but was able to resist and throw the correct shot.

A couple of the yards on the boarder have large dogs that are pretty loud and maybe aggressive?

Other Thoughts:

This is a fun little course and a really cool use of what is typically an unused or at even unuseable space. A little sketch maybe and I wouldn't play it at night, but it's a worthy hit and if you don't film the triple mandos you would regret it!
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