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Waushara Community Church DGC

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Waushara Community Church DGC reviews

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Waushara Community Church is home to an 18 hole course that plays through the prairie and wooded area east of the the church starting and ending next to the building. The course is permanent and free to play. I'd assume that they prefer you not play it when church service is in session, otherwise it's always good to go.

The baskets are tone poles. These consist of 4x4 posts with large mint green PVC tonals attached to the top with the hole number stickered to them. I was a big fan of the number decals, especially it being my first time playing here to make sure I'm throwing at the right pin. The greenish color of the PVC stood out great in February too.

Natural tees but all were level and plenty serviceable. One tee per hole.

The tee signs are pretty nice. All were present minus hole 18's. These are also mounted on 4x4's and are pretty large. It made spotting them pretty easy which was huge. The signs themselves have the hole # in big bold print, par and distance. There's also a nice little hole map on each. Very well done with these.

Great flow for the course. Very easy to follow once you locate hole 1, which is down by the blacktop lot on the SE corner of the building playing up the hill to the south. Most holes play within only a few feet from the last pin. There's also a decent mixture of distances and shot shapes required to score well out here. I was actually kind of impressed tbh.

The course is mostly flat but there is a few spots with some undulations in the terrain. These are mostly toward the beginning and end of the course near the church property. There's also a little retention pond about half way down the fairway of hole 18 to add a little challenge as well as a parking lot lining the whole left side of the hole and a hillside to the right the feeds right down to the pond if you get up and roll. Pretty good finishing hole.


Here's where it gets dicey. Keep in mind that this review is from the perspective of having played this course in early February of an abnormally warm winter. There was no snow on the ground and all the prairie grass was matted down and dormant. During the summer this course is going to be essentially unplayable with the prairie grass. You'll just be searching for discs and most likely end up quitting on the round by hole 7 or so. There doesn't appear to be any fairways, much less paths, mowed into this area which is basically half the course. That's a huge con.

Holes 13 and 14 were just laughable. These both play in the woods, which I was looking forward to after a bunch of openish holes to start. Boy was I wrong. There are no fairways cut through the woods for these holes. None. You couldn't realistically throw much more than 40 feet on either of these off the tee. Again, this was February with zero leaves on the trees. These two holes are two of the worst holes I've ever seen in my life, and I've played my fair share of courses.

Hole 10 had a downed pine tree right in front of the tee area. Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal with it being winter. This tree had been dead for a LONG time and is still there. That along with a few other things I noticed tell me that this course was put in and that was the end of that. Nothing appears to be maintained except the mowing of the church's lawn, which is only 5 of the 18 holes.

Tone poles aren't for everybody, I will say that these are well done, but most newer players will hate these. Also, the mint green was easy to spot in brown season. They won't be in the greener months. Additionally hole 14's tonal was laying on the ground.

If playing in the summer expect to lose a disc or three.

Other Thoughts:

This was a hard one for me to rate. If you're playing it in the winter or very late fall I'd probably give it a 2.5 or some honestly. The design is fun and there's some good shots out here. The thing is that that is a very short window where it can be actually enjoyed and appreciated. With a little bit of mowing and upkeep this would actually be a pretty solid course, even with tone poles. As is, It's just not great or even playable most of the year I'd assume. I'll play anything but I will NOT attempt this one in the summer. EVER.

I'll go with a 1.5, passable rating. That seems fair enough from my experience here. Maybe a little high. For comparison's sake the other app has it rated at 1.3 on 22 ratings. Play it if you must but I wouldn't recommend it outside the colder months.
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