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Edgar, WI

Wildcat 9

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Wildcat 9 reviews

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Reviewed: Played on:May 14, 2024 Played the course:once


Wildcat 9 is a nine hole course at The Edgar School district. Edgar is a small town so I'm assuming that this houses all the grades in the same complex. The course plays clockwise around the sports fields and navigation is very easy to figure out once you find the first hole. It's basically basket to basket for the most part.

The course had nine holes utilizing eight baskets when we played it today. I did find an additional basket labeled as hole 1 up in the wooded area by the trail system. It was just leaning against a grouping of trees and wasn't in play. As we played it, holes 1 and 9 share the same basket, which worked just as well.

The baskets themselves are older Innova Discatcher portables. Single chain assembly and quite faded but they caught ok if you don't jam the putts in there. One basket and placement per hole. They had what looked to be bullseye circles spraypainted in white around each so it seems that these are the permanent placement's for this year at least.

Tiny turf tee pads for each hole. These serve as locating the intended tee area more than anything else, which is appreciated with the lack of signage. One tee pad and location per hole, though it'd be simple to make a slightly tougher safari layout if you wanted.

The course is free to play and will never EVER be busy. Being on school grounds the course was in good shape as far as mowing was concerned.


The tee pads are useless. They're turf rugs basically. Not actually attached to the ground in any way whatsoever. They're also about 2x4 feet. It'd just be easier, and honestly safer, to tee off from the grass. Never seen this type of thing before. Hopefully never see this again.

The design is suspect in spots. There's not a lot of room out here to begin with and you'll never be able to play this when the football or baseball field are in use anyway. That said, hole 7 tees off from behind a gate in a chain link fence which was hilarious. It gets better though. The basket is positioned on the corner of the playground leaning against a sign. I thought someone had just moved it out of the way but sure enough there was the bullseye circle painted around that very spot. Hole 9 tees off from the outfield of the baseball field. Hole 1/9 and 8's basket's were placed on top of sewer drains too. It'd be a shame to lose a disc down there when almost parking a hole. It'd be tough to do but is possible.

The baskets are pretty weak. If this course was actually put in this year then these were bought used from somewhere else. The tops and cages are very faded and the chains are starting to rust. They're also portable models so if the ground isn't completely flat then the basket is leaning. Probably why they put them on drain when possible lol.

There's not a single tree that really comes into play out here without an absolute shank. You'll be contending with chain link fences and the football field scoreboard only.

Other Thoughts:

This course was pretty bad and I almost certainly will not be back. That said, it is a quick play and is an easy bag being only a few minutes off of highway 29. It's also nice to see another option in a pretty empty area. For a school course it gets the job done but for anyone besides the most dedicated course baggers this one should be avoided. One and done for me.
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