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Newport, OR

Wilder DGC - Old Layout

Permanent course
3.655(based on 23 reviews)
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Wilder DGC - Old Layout reviews

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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 24.5 years 1510 played 25 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Wilder than most 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 14, 2012 Played the course:once


The Newport Oregon area was in great need of a course as there is not a course within 50 miles of there. The baskets are brand new, top quality. It's a very quiet course and we did not see another person. It's very clean. I saw only a few pieces of trash. I applaud the efforts of all involved here because an incredible amount of work has been done here, carving an 18 hole course out of dense forests and canyons. There are a few nice ace run holes. There is a good variety of long and short holes as well as left to right, right to left and some straight on throws.Wildlife is present. It is a work in progress and will continue to improve. My thanks to all those who sacrificed to make this course happen.


The course is currently in a very tough to play condition. I would say that a spotter or 2 is mandatory on most of the holes. Some of the holes require great imagination to create a fairway. Your risk of injury here is greater than at most courses as the footing is erratic with heavy undergrowth and holes, vines downed logs and ravines to negotiate. Also there will be a some slippage on muddy tee areas wet logs and steep canyon lies in the long rainy season. There is a type of thorny plant present there that I am unfamiliar with,but you will find it. You will probably fall or trip somewhere on the course. A few of the tee pads are currently a little tough to find but at least when you find them they are numbered. The wind can be a monster on some of the more exposed holes, but you can make that a fun challenge.

Other Thoughts:

The course will certainly get a lot better as more work is done and as more players establish paths and tromp down the brambles and vines. If you are brave enough to play it solo and throw honest golf shots, you have my personal guarantee that you will lose at least one disc and maybe even ten of them. May the Oregon coast establish more disc golf courses, maybe even at the abandoned Neskowin golf course.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 16 played 15 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Very Wild... 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 12, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


- Disc golf course on the Oregon Coast (rarity)
- Very scenic
- Baskets have nice yellow tops, very easily seen
- Nice layout, with many holes position you throwing over ravines
- Many unique and challenging lies


- Dirt teepads
- no signage yet (this will change, it is a new course, so print a map right now)
- 150ft ravine on the eastern portion of the course will be a disc graveyard
- lots of dead underbrush on the western portion of the course needs clearing
- Many unique and challenging lies
- Course still thick with salal in places (SPOTTERS NEEDED)

Other Thoughts:

I have lived and worked in Newport for over ten years and was delighted when I heard that folks were getting together to put a disc golf course in. When a couple friends took me through the area, you could definitely see the potential: many shots are across ravines and past large doug firs. Baskets in a coastal forest certainly look good.

However, anyone who's ever walked on non-paths through coastal rain forest knows: the ground is uneven, with many old logs, and pine needles lying on the ground, so you never know if you're standing on solid ground or not. And God help us when it rains. I think we'll be playing in extra toughs.

This is most definitely a NEW course in a rough, wild area. Even though folks have gotten together to clear most fairways, there is still a lot of underbrush in the form of salal and salmonberry. I'm bringing a machete with me whenever I play here. And spotters are a MUST currently. There are made stairs and paths down the more steep inclines/declines (holes 7 & 9).

Holes 3, 5, 7, and 8 have a 100 foot ravine in play, thick with salal and other underbrush lining it, so if you shank, or it kicks of a tree, it's gone. 3 and 5 the ravine is on the right; 7 it's 20ft behind the basket. I've already lost two discs to that ravine.

I played my first round with the baskets installed and scored (by the par 56 info on here) a 51, with two bogeys. So if you're accurate, many birdies are possible. As reference to people in the Corvallis area, my average at Willamette is about -2, Adair +2, and Bryant +3-4. I'm not going to go and immediately say it's too easy. The course rewards accuracy, but I could see having a horrible time if you have an off day. I took extra time between every shot, with the focus both on scoring without losing a disc. To me, the most unique thing about the course was some of the creative lies that occur when you kick off a tree or shank. I was put in many an interesting position throwing at some weird angles.

The biggest negative for me are the teepads, which are wood chips surrounded by logs. Seeing how the Oregon coast gets perpetually soaked every winter, these teepads are going to be mud pits eventually, even with chips. That being said, laying concrete teepads in some of these holes is probably going to be a royal pain, but without it, play in your muck boots.

As many here know, new courses are always rough and need to be played a lot before they become "broken in": paths and landing areas get the underbrush trodden down, etc. It's going to take a lot of play to do that to this course. The very nature of the ground (mentioned above) will always make it uneven and make many lies a challenge. I also think that much of the dead stuff around the course should be piled and burned.

The signature holes are:
3: The first longer hole. Plays through a field of doug fir, slopping down to the right into the ravine. Basket is up on a ledge behind it.
7: You're up on one ledge with the basket across from you around 240ft with a ravine in between you. The deep ravine is behind the basket, so don't overthrow. Pretty hole.
9: Ace run. You're a little more than 50ft. above the basket about 120ft across with a ravine in between. Another fun placement and pretty hole.

Lastly, I would say that currently this is not a course I would bring a beginner or folks that have a harder time getting around. To me this is a course for the hardcore folks. Casual players will probably be exhausted and frustrated playing the course in its new, raw form.

Thanks to Alma B., Jason N., Stephen B., and the Ford Foundation for having the drive and motivation to put a course in such a challenging place. I'm very grateful to have it here.

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Experience: 15.4 years 82 played 13 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Stephen Burdick Co-Designer 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 10, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Natue and disc golf hikers paradise.

Hole 1: This plays a nice straight shot that veers 30 feet left at end. Disc needs to break at 220 feet left. Sides are lush dark grren foilage. Fairway is flat. Stay in fairway as sides will punish your next shot.

Hole 2: This shot is a short 200 footer that shoots across a ravine that is the fairway to hang right a bit. Going to far right short of the basket will equal punishment of a larger ravine that runs the length of the hole and descends 100 feet. Blind shot

Hole 3: This is a beauty and the basket is visible. 300 feet strraight over rolling hillside. To the right is the large steep ravine. Plenty of room to land to the left and straight. Overshooting the basket will lead to the ravine as it hugs the ravine hillside at a high point.

Hole 4: This shot plays blind but follows a crescent moon pattern with basket ending right behind some old growth stump and down timber. First 80 feet fly over intersecting ravine that ties into the large ravine. Natural beauty shot.

Hole 5: This plays the lush fairway and runs over 300 feet with a descending fairway that trickles up to plateau where basket is place on another ridge top. The length of hole has the large steep ravine to the right but left and straight is wide. The hole is called the Wildest for a reason.

Hole 6: This is a straight shot playing through a 100 foot narrow stretch of some serious heavy brush opening up into the logging forest for the remaining distance with the basket tucked in between three standing timbers. Blind shot but high ceiling throughtout entire course.

Hole 7: "Dream Boat" This is a true picture gem. Plateau to plateau across a double ravine. Basket stares straight at you mesmerizing you with the yellow halo against the deep multi green pine canvased backdrop of pines. You can go for it, but if you miss long the disc will land into the ravine which grows steep on the backside of the basket, when I say steep, get it at your own risk. This one is for the glory.

Hole 8:"The Yellow Brick Road" a 300 ft crescent moon to the right. 20 foot log path runs the left side with a very punishing ravine the hole way if you miss and to the right side is the deep punishing ravine that runs the hole length. think of a football and stay within that shape. Basket at end comes to a point where the two ravines come together. Disciplined shots are key.

Hole 9: This hole is called, "$", its the money shot. 123 feet, 50 ft descending elevation ravine wall to ravine wall. Basket sits on a small notch on the hillside with wonderfull green moss that the sun breaks through the pines and hits this one area. Trees guard the basket but its a ace run. Missing short will land you looking up at basket for a very steep uphill shot. Very pretty nature shot. Carefull on the paths and will require a more mountain side hiking ability even with the paths.

Hole 10: "Sunset Blvd." From the tee box you have Pacific Ocean view. This 400 footer plays straight but blind as the hill you tee from goes up before it drops off into the fairway blinding you from basket. To the left is ravine the hole way which is a harsh ravine. and to the right is the road. No Trees, no brush.

Hole 11: This 330 ft + shot shoots straight at it with visblity of basket. Disc travels over two mild ravines with plenty of downed timber and limbs but plenty of fairway both sides.

Hole 12: "The Punisher." this shoots straight 300 feet to blind basket behind good old growth timbers. Ravine to the right entire length. This is more of a moderate uphill shot.

Hole 13: This shot plays a 45 degree to the left. It shoots across a mild dip with the roadside to the backside of the basket if you go to long.

Hole 14: "The Fortres" This is a short 200 + footer that shoots across a dip. THe basket is surrounded by timbers and those timbers combine make a bowl in the middle, the basket sits in the bowl. Landing out side the bowl will find a 5 foot high bunker of earth from the trees to shoot over forcing a hyzer putt to attempt a basket.

Hole 15: This 300 footer plays a wide fairway but with desired routes. Basket is blind and disc must turn left out of the box to engage the fairway which will end your shot right. A perfect long distance left to right S shot. Basket is down the hillside in the dip. Heavy brush far left and heavy brush far right and right before basket there is a patch. Very difficult flight path as timbers clutter the main fairway.

Hole 16: This shoot is over 400 feet with a roadside 30 feet right the entire way OB. Left side is heavy brush but passable. This needs to be 400 straight feet testing your ability to drive flat at long distance.

Hole 17: This is a short 250 ft shot to blind basket straight ahead. Its blind due to vegetation that will obstruct your view. No ceiling so any route will do except where mando is to avoid 18 3 tee boxes so shoot straight or to left.

Hole 18: "The End" After all that unlimited ceiling high now one must thread the needle. a ten foot high 100 ft wide skyline gap you pass through to the opening of basket. The gap starts 5 ft off the ground and ends 15ft up. This will challange your control of elevation of drive. To the left is brush. Basket is a 45 midway to the left.


-This course is for the wilderness hiker who plays, climbing/ hiking ability is required.
-Boots should be worn
-signage will be in November
-Working on trash collection with city currently and hope to have theat established soon. For now, pack it in, pack it out.
-Kiosk not up yet and designer working on a 4 foot by 8 foot roofed one with glass. This will be installed as soon as he finsihes it. Will have locking plexi.
-Scorecards and layout not provided yet and will do so when kiosk is set.
-heavy brush. could spend time looking for disc if not watching your disc close or spotting on certain holes like 5.
-#2 if thrown to long will land on 3 fairway

Other Thoughts:

Wildlife- many large birds inhabit the trees. Owls, hawks, eagles, and many other scavengers. Elk and deer tracks abundant. Many chipmunks, squirrels, and banna slugs. May run across red racers or gardener snakes(Nothing Venomous). Seagulls along roadside. Many huckleberry, OR blackberry vineous, edleberry, mtn rasberries everywhere. Be kind to the wilderness and retain your cigarette butts and trash. This is a nature lovers dream and trash abundance will run the joy of that aspect out.
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