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    Courses not found on dgcr

    Well I'm all the way up by the lake, so it would be a road trip. But you are welcome to come. No banjo music up here. We is civilized.
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    Courses not found on dgcr

    You can play my private (Ohio) course that will never be listed anywhere.
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    Seeking a disc golf adventure partner..

    Chanté has a hell of a beard. Oh wait, that's you. Never mind. Congratulations.
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    Executing The Dream

    I thought it was Cramping Creek?
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    Really Small Baskets

    I'm drinking Grolsch.
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    What did Steady Ed have in his bag when he played?

    Didn't Ed have a mini bong in his bag?
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    [Discraft] The Avenger was's your chance

    How much should they be?
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    Throwing a Disc golf Collection - $40

    How much are rocket engines? :D
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    I'd vote for a chainless basket with no pole. That would change putting completely. A smaller basket would do little if anything to change the current styles of putting.
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    Oh yeah, every hole with those big azz baskets on them. That's bad, real bad.
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    I cannot put a numerical value on something like this. My ideal number of birdies is however many occur. If I hated the pro game I would never watch it.
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    Unlike a boring perfect game in baseball? Or a snooze fest of a 300 game in bowling? Maybe a nine-dart finish? Perhaps a maximum break in snooker? Or an incredibly boring golden set in tennis? Yeah, count me out. I'm tired of watching -18 disc golf rounds. Happens way too often, since putting...
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    Paul McBeth signs 10 year, $10 000 000 contract with Discraft

    What about the possibility this is a clever way for McBeth to open a nationwide chain of quality pay to play courses. Just gotta find a quality designer. Hmmm...
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    [Question] Disc ‘everyone bags’ but you don’t

    You won't play in the wind, and you don't throw skips or rollers. What else you got?