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Recent content by ohtobediscing

  1. ohtobediscing

    Is Udisc down?

    First person to get perma-banned from Udisc wins DGCR Person of the Year. :| :rolleyes: :D
  2. ohtobediscing

    Disc Golf in the News

    Wonder if Daisy could find Platebee...:rolleyes:
  3. ohtobediscing


    ^^^This. :thmbup: Although, as someone mentioned above, I find they don't work well for cycling. On the 3rd hand, tuning out your surroundings while cycling is bad juju.
  4. ohtobediscing

    The thread of inevitability. Oh no moments throwing discs.

    Waiting at tee #18, Pier Park. Guy ahead of us shanks right, disc rolls to a stop 100 yds away in the eastbound lanes of Columbia Drive. He starts to run towards his disc. Station wagon (ask yer gramma what that is) stops beside it, guy hops out, picks up the disc, hops back in and speeds away...
  5. ohtobediscing

    Course Conditions

    "Unplayable" is to lazy-ass disc golfers as "unbelievable" is to lazy-ass sports commentators. There's only so much room for luxuries like rational thought after pooping, getting dressed, and eating.
  6. ohtobediscing

    Classic Review lines

    Where's Sam Elliott when you need him? ("Frogs", 1972)
  7. ohtobediscing

    Disc Golf + Wordle = Frolfle

    Shouldn't you be off playing golfle? :p Sadly, there's 2-4 times more discs now than the last time I looked at a flight chart. I wouldn't stand a chance. :(
  8. ohtobediscing

    Why look away when someone is putting?

    Playing with the geezers, I turn away 'cause its just too horrible to watch. :\
  9. ohtobediscing

    Why look away when someone is putting?

    The "furthest away" rule isn't absolute in ball golf, either.
  10. ohtobediscing

    Where have all the DGCR members gone ?

    This was one of my fallback exercises for substituting : I'd give them the word "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaneosises", and ask them to tell me what it is. And, yeah, it's not in anything other than a medical dictionary. :p Of course, this was before the internet. :(
  11. ohtobediscing

    PDGA Updates Branding

    Branding ----isn't that something they (used to) do to livestock? :D *hints at symbolism*
  12. ohtobediscing

    Critters on the course you ran into...

    ^^^The '72 version with Sam Elliott and Joan Van Ark, or the '92 version with Elliott Gould and Shelly Duvall?
  13. ohtobediscing

    Critters on the course you ran into...

    Ya know, Hornings Hideout complex has a couple generations of peacocks wandering about, including at least one albino. You can hear the *******s shrieking all the way out to #8 tee on the Meadows course, near 1/2 mile.
  14. ohtobediscing

    Dying rubbery zipper shiedling

    Maybe. But if it touches the fabric, the fabric will absorb it like a sponge, and you'll have an uneven (and likely crappy-looking) line. Unless the fabric is black too.