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    Golden State
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    12.8 Years
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    2 / 3.00 star(s)
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    Hrm. Any idea why the noodle arm pages take so long to load in chrome? It gets to the last inch of the load bar, and then takes a full minute to finish loading...
    Many greetings to you fine American sir! Purchase quickly for your enjoyment greatest bag of disc golf land ever made! Salient Discs! Catalyst bag greatest in all of universe, you save disgrace of famiry and buy buy buy! Thousands of aces you will have, and men will envy you. swim suit on and come out to ship and get your bag. TODAY!
    Yeah it got deleted and I got an infraction for it. I'm not allowed to do satirical social commentary threads apparently.
    I am interested in purchasing your vibram discs. Are they still available? I tried to send a PM but it doesn't appear to be going through.
    Good job with the course, my niece goes to that school and my brother in law passed along his phone number to the pe teacher, jeff, that happened to stop by, and has offered to help put the word out about the course, he also said the signs came in they just need to install them. I added the course to another website
    It is in Redlands, CA close to Ford Park. There was absolutely no one there, it was a good play to practice with all the discs in the bag.
    So how did you you GGP? I hope you had a chance to play it. One of my favorites for sure!
    Thanks for the feed back! Yeah, it should be an epic course once it's broken in a bit more. I have a feeling that the city might have had a say in the hole numbers. Might not have wanted a bunch of disc golfers parking in the ampatheater parking lot. I have a feeling that a lot of us are gonna play it that way though, since I dont want to have to hike up that hill to end my round every time.
    I'm glad to hear it's getting good use on the west coast! I'm loving the Roc for sure - parked a tough approach shot to save par the other day after almost using something else. Thanks again!
    haha! dude, you dont suck. that course is an outright BEAST! was talking with some guys i played with at kit last night and they couldn't believe how tough that course is. and these guys were legit players. can't wait to get back there!
    HOT! Its a fun course actually. Design is pretty good for the small space they had to work with. I wrote up a review for it. Definitely down to get out on Sunday. Hit me up and lemme know when.
    Good to meet you this weekend man! Did they drop the pins at Brengle on Sunday? Ended up playing the new 9-hole in Valley Center...
    yeah, what's funny is i actually took 3 years of german in high school, which was over 10 years ago when rammstein was big. i haven't seen them live, but have heard they put on a helluva show.
    The course is in Redlands. I haven't played Huntington before, sorry. If you look in the Courses in Development thread, you can see our prospective map for the new course.
    Just read the whole "pitch & putt" thread - where's this course gonna be?

    Now that I think of it, did we meet @ Huntington a couple of months back?
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