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[Latitude] Explorer

I love the Explorer, but just like the Teebird it has that really sharp bottom of the rim which does not feel nice in the hand. Flies great tho

I'm finding the sharpness portion true aswell.

I am kind of digging it though. I picked up a 500 Prodigy Fx-2, same thing, sharper than hell. Adjusted my grip and I love it. Same adjustment on the Explorers and my god I found that fairway I can lean on
I love my opto Explorers. I don't know what I did before them. It certainly wasn't throwing teebirds though.
I'm assuming the moonshine is a bit more overstable? I don't know, never thrown any moonshine discs. Just opto and gold line for me.
I too throw the explorer. I'm a big fan- this disc goes straight fast and far. I have 3 right now- Opto, air, and tournament (whatever they call tournament). The air is awesome tailwind flyer. The tournament pops up pretty nicely. The heavy one has a solid OS flight.

I'm wondering what I can expect from a beat up Retro explorer? I'm thinking about trying one for turnovers or even roller. Anyone done it yet?

And another thought... At what point will the 3 companies unify their naming system for the plastics?!
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Quick Explorer update. I have 2 of these, a gold line and an opto. Threw the opto for the first time today. It was field work, so I basically had the Explorer (172g) up against a bunch of much faster discs.

The Explorer wasn't going as far (obviously), but I was still surprised at the distance this disc will accurately cover. 400' multiple times on high, somewhat anny lines.

Nice, floaty carry. IMO the Explorer feels and throws like a Teebird, but glides better and fades far later in flight.

Despite a somewhat chaotic wind situation the Explorer held pretty steady and flew accurately. I was surprised how easily I could aim this thing.

Explorer is probably 60' short of max distance for me, but the accuracy is worth it. I was throwing it MUCH straighter consistently than any other (speed 13) disc I had out there today.

I'll go ahead and call the Explorer underrated. Even when I threw it a couple years ago I thought it was good.
That's what it flies like. I love the fact that I don't have to beat a champ Teebird in for 3 years to get that flight.
Flies very similar to a G* Teebird IMO, I love it!

I totally agree. I use a g* Teebird in the winter and it pretty much perfectly fills in for my Explorers.
I've had an 175g Opto Explorer lying in a box basically since spring and never got around trying it. Usually I prefer speed 9's because the wider rim sits better in my hand but I found it a couple of weeks ago and decided to finally try it out. I've now thrown it a few rounds and I'm blown away with this disc. I'm really impressed with the accuracy and predictability and I'm getting a lot more distance with this than I expected as well. I'm almost thinking that my Getaways might become obsolete since I'm almost reaching out as far with the Explorer but with a lot more accuracy. I thought it handled wind a bit better than I expected as well. Not a wind fighter by any means but predictable and reliable IMO.

The Explorer will definitely be a staple in my bag.
bought a gold line with the amateur champ stamp on it for my nephew and he threw it so well that i had to get one.

outside of what other people said, this is a great skip disc, at least in this plastic. Overall, its a great fairway driver that goes very straight for me.
Never clicked with the Explorer, until recently. Spent a month throwing putters and slow mids (speed 4), and put a Retro Explorer in the bag just to see what would happen. Well, all the release issues I'd been having seemed to disappear, and I'm getting a nice flight with reliable finish at the end, which is what I hoped for initially.

Another case of archer vs. arrow, and the benefits of cleaning up your form when you don't have much arm speed/power.
I messed around with a Ricky Opto Explorer (unclaimed pond pull) for the first time yesterday.

I like it. It isn't quite as long for me as my Teebirds, but it is a perfectly suitable replacement if I lost or damaged my workhorse Teebird.
Yes I have one in my bag and have thrown it for about 6 months. It is much more overstable than the opto explorer also in my bag. So much so that I would say it's a different disc entirely. It feels a little deeper and has a much flatter top. I enjoy it very much.
I am late to the party, but I tested a couple of Explorers today. Got one in glimmer and the other in opto. Glimmer is more stable and the opto was straight. I was throwing the opto really well.

I like the fact that I can get a more stable version with the same mold.

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