HOD 11/28/2023: Beaver Meadows DGC Hole #9 Red Feather Lakes, CO


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Jul 23, 2011
Beaver Meadows DGC in Red Feather Lakes, CO

420 ft.

"Hole 9, a downhill with the pin precariously close to the pond, is spectacular and thirsty and ranks up there as one of my all-time favorites."

Tee: Basket by the lake on the right side


Basket to Tee

Basket from across the pond. Tee is up and to the right

Mindbender off the tee and just enjoy the flight, for hopefully an easy pitch up for 3.
RHBH forceover with *DS just tryna make sure I clear the lake and not worrying about hitting the green or a horse.
Verdict to the short side of the lake and throw over from there
It looks like that basket is on a tea side of the pond.
Star Mamba should be a beautiful flight.
This course is great, but sadly is typically very over grown. Its been a long while since there was much regular golf happening there with sundance ranch down the road.

This may be the signature hole, and is a ton of fun. There is often pretty nasty swirling winds being Redfeather lakes is right up the road from Wyoming.

I used to throw thumber here during tourneys, usually coming up about 30' short. Backhands are extemeley touchy as the green is small. Much glide and you go long in the pond. Fades at all and you are in the pond. Come up short and you are behind the wall of gaurdian trees.

My best backhands were usually comets on the turnover but its a huck.

I would love to think these days I could look at birdie sidearm RDG Blurr or Carnivore, which is great cause I have lost some thumber D over the years.
A 420 foot hole in Colorado? That's no co-inky-dink. LOL :cool:

I'd throw DX Leopard a couple times
Need to add this one to the wishlist.

Can't really tell how much of a drop, but I'd be really tempted to try and float a stingray as far as I could.
Playing for the 3. Probably RHFH Firebird then see what's left.