HOD 12/7/2023: Hässleholm DiscGolfPark Hole #8 Hässleholm, Sweeden


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Jul 23, 2011
Hässleholm DiscGolfPark in Hässleholm, Sweeden

594 ft.


Stingray up the right side and then see what it looks like from there. I'd love to go wraith off the tee, but pretty sure that would end up in aspen jail.
Pathfinder or crave up the right side depending on the distance.
This looks real fun. I'll go with rhbh hyzer thru right gap with my *DS. Hopefully I get far enough that I can reach green with a forehand, since I'll likely be stretching out from jail.
I've played this hole, it's great! The fairway is cut from the surrounding birches so that it actually has the shape of an 8!

If the center of that 8 is half way I am probably going broken in Gila Hyzer to try and land in the center then repeat.
If angle is better for the left gap on my second I may go flip up sweeping hyzer FH Chameleon for my second.
playing for the par, probably rhbh champ eagle on the hyzer line. then buzzz to a fh approach with the toro.

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