HOD 12/8/2023: Roane County Park DGC Hole #15 Harriman, TN


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Jul 23, 2011
Roane County Park DGC in Harriman, TN

305 ft.

"#15 Straight across a gentler slope, tight early, or a more open left-to-right turner."


Tee Sign
Baby hyzer flip to turnover with a stingray down the left side. I really need to get a flippy fairway back in the bag.
300' gentle torn to the right? Sounds like a wizard turnover to me. If that ceiling comes into play too much, Iguana on the same line or FH Crave right up the middle.
Looks like it finishes slightly downhill. I'll huck my Buzzz on slight turnover down the left gap.
Back in the day I threw a Roadrunner RHBH here. Today, it'd be a RH sidearm something that won't flip. Playing it safe.

Very fun course. First hole is a water shot.
Baby flex FH with the Flare probably.
This course is in my rotation and I have no clue what to throw here.

Overstable flex forehand to the left gap either catches the initial tree or gets collected by trees to the left. Left gap forehand on hyzer collects the trees in the middle of the fairway or dumps early right or goes OB right. Same for any turnover. Piping something understable thru the goalposts either collects the middle trees or turns over into the road OB.

The only thing I can visualize getting to the basket (with my game) is a flex an overstable forehand thru the middle gap. And I haven't been able to execute that.

Playing for score, I just chip a FH Sexton Firebird or Toro thru the left gap and play for par.