HOD 7/11/2023: Ballou Park DGC - Course #2 Hole #4 Danville, VA


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Jul 23, 2011
Ballou Park DGC - Course #2 in Danville, VA

Pro 550 ft
Am 350 ft

"#4 - plays 550' and par 4 from the elevated Blue tee, its a dogleg left to a guarded target area, creek down the left and woods on the right, then the creek crosses the fairway and you have to cross that, and thru a tightening fairway to the green."

Pro Tee

Am Tee: Basket is on the hill through the gap in the trees across the ravine

Basket to Tee
Looks nice.

Star Roadrunner.
Looks like a fun challenge. Lovely the way it frames up from the short pad. Prob a RHBH Star Xcal to the landing spot depending
Opto Ballista Pro from either pad
I played this one last month! Went Warhorse on a big forced turnover FH , then laid up with a A2 for the 3.
I am thinking FH off the tee as well to stay out of the creek. Mine isn't big like Moose's but I would probably flex my straighter carnivore. Hope to get to 200 out and probably approach with a FH serpent or BH glitch