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[FSOT] Innova, Discraft, Prodigy, Lat 64 and more

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Jun 23, 2009
State of Jefferson
New and used discs, deals on multiples.

All prices include shipping (continental U.S. only), Better deals on multiples! Will ship in a bubble mailer for one or two discs, box for multiples. PayPal preferred.

I am looking for max weight (or close) new or used;
ESP Stalker
Star TL3 or Teebird 3
BioFuzion Felon
Under stamped Star Wraith
PFN Star Wraith

Feel free to message me for any questions.
What I have from left to right, top to bottom;

Photo 1
10/10 173g Axiom Neutron Fireball $22
10/10 173-174g Discraft Z Force $22
10/10 175g Infinite I-Line Emperor Kona Panis ]SOLD
10/10 171g Prodigy 400G D1 $22
10/10 173-174g Discraft Z Undertaker Paige Pierce 1st run, with Father's quote on back. Red with gold foil hearts. $30
10/10 177+g Discraft ESP Buzzz SOLD
10/10 175g Lat 64 Goldline Spark Dave Feldberg ALL SOLD

Photo 2 USED
9/10 175g Innova Star Destroyer Sockibomb, no ink, lightly field tested. $18
8/10 172g Lat 64 Opto Knight, no ink $15
7/10 175g Innova Champ Thunderbird SOLD
7.5/10 177+ Discraft ESP Buzzz SOLD
7.5/10 175g Discmania S-Line CD2 SOLD
7/10 173g Lat 64 Opto Spark SOLD
7/10 175g Innova Star Eagle SOLD
10/10 170g Innova Phenix SOLD


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I also have some OOP discs I would be willing to part with for the right trade. I'd take cash if it's worth it, but would prefer to trade these;

11x Champ Eagle X. 8.5/10, red w/ blue stamp, no ink
11x Champ Firebird. 6/10, one big gouge
Z Glo Buzzz, w/ moon man stamp from ~2014. 8/10, has ink

I can send pics upon request
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