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Ofterschwang/Gunzesried, Germany

Allgäu DGC

4.45(based on 5 reviews)
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Allgäu DGC reviews

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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 18.2 years 40 played 27 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Terrific Alpine DG

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 21, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


+Well holy smokes the setting is something else. Front 9 is mostly in open, **steep** Alpine meadows. Most of the holes either play with 50+ feet of elevation change or somewhat level shots with absolute death if you turn it over or hyzer out early. Views are unmatched.

+Wooded section provides nice lines to hit that are mostly clean, just a couple of janky shots.

+Good signage, baskets, and tees.

+Pro shop has beer (and I think snacks) for sale, Paul is great.


-The course as it is really is great, but having all par 3s until the end does it a disservice. This place could be an easy 4.5 or possibly a 5.0 with a modified layout to make it a par 60-63 course (vice par 55).

-A few janky holes on the back 9 with some luck-dependent gaps to hit.

Other Thoughts:

Well worth the minimal cost to play. Discs available to rent but LOL at the thought of playing this as a beginner. Very memorable rounds with a friend visiting me.

Know what you're getting yourself into - this is a VERY strenuous course with massive elevation changes. Hole #1 tees off at the course's highest point, and you are at the lowest point by hole #7...all uphill from there (albeit more gradually).
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12 years 93 played 60 reviews
4.00 star(s)

A must play in germany 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 25, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


-As probably known, the view on hole #1 is breathtaking and it is one of the most outstanding signature holes i know personaly. The landscape is both, nice to look at and great to play through. This is one of the most beautiful courses i have played so far.
-The equipment is perfect, the Tees were in great condition and well built, with enough space to run up. The signs give information about par, lenght and difference in height.

-The first half of the course is more open but still challenging because of the elevation change, while the second half calls for more accuracy in the woods. All in all the layout is great and challenging to play for advanced players. Beginners will enjoy the layout as well, but might also struggle a bit with the elevation change and the wooded holes.

-You can get cold beverages at Pauls booth close to tee #1.


-While we played, the grass was high but still playable. The cows, which take care of the course regularly were about to arrive.
Without Paul guiding you around, navigating might be difficult for the first time.
He also spotted for us which was really necessary at certain holes.

-The slope is intense at certain holes. Overthrowing/bad shots will be punished.
There are three ways to get to the course, starting at the valley station.
You can either pay for the toll-road and drive up the mountain or pay for the lift to ride up/down.
It is also possible to walk to the course for free, which will take about 30 min. and a bit of sweat.

Other Thoughts:

-This is definitely one of the "must play" courses in germany. The layout, the course-equipment and the overall conditions are on a level you can rarely find in germany.

-If you have the chance, play a round with the owner, Paul. We had a very good time with him and he helped navigating and spotting.

-You should check online for any activities or course conditions on facebook.
Keep in mind that you have to pay for playing the course and getting up there, if you dont want to hike.

-Good footgear is needed either way. Prepare for a lot of hiking.
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Experience: 31 played 3 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Unbelievable! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 8, 2019 Played the course:once


Hands down the most beautiful course I have ever played. It is nestled in the high Alps, right on the German/Austrian border. Views are beyond spectacular. Course is challenging, with significant elevation changes. The upkeep on this course is great too. There are stairs and wooden walkways throughout the woods to help traverse the more treacherous sections of alpine forest. The guy who works at the proshop is super nice and helpful. It's clear that the locals and course management take great pride in their course. The proshop/starter's shack has discs for sale and to rent (Latitude 64 mostly). The course has a good variety of left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill, wooded and open holes. For 14 holes, every hole is unique compared to the others.


You will be doing a fair amount of hiking here. You descend about 1000 feet on the first 5 holes then ascend in the last 5 or 6. If you aren't in the best shape, like me, this will leave you a hot and sweaty mess. Also, they charge 8 Euros to play. That's steep, but it seems like they reinvest the money into the course, so that makes easier to rationalize for me. I bought a driver at the proshop as a souvenir, and they charged me half price for the round, which was cool. Another con is that this is a popular tourist area, and there are a good amount of disc golf noobies who play here becuase they are in the area for other activities and decide to try it out. I was stuck behind a group of 9 idiots playing together, chasing discs back and forth, not paying any attention to themselves and their beer. They didn't understand the concept of playing through, and my non-existant German didn't help. After that I passed at least 3 other similarly sized and experienced groups. According to a local, if you show up later in the day, this isn't an issue. Plus the sun sets so late here during the summer that you can start your round at 7 or 8pm and finish before sundown. So show up early or late to avoid the riff raff. Another con is there are only 14 holes. Technically I think it's 15 now, as they have 13 holes plus two alternates. My final issue here was that with all the elevation this course has, there is no rip it downhill, bomber hole. I think I through my driver full speed once maybe twice the whole round. This was disappointing as anytime I play a course in the mountains, I love the opportunity to throw a super long downhill drive. It helps reaffirm my masculinity. And Allgäu lacks this. Most downhill drives are touch shots with a putter, and the uphill shots are a little too short to unleash (and I don't consider myself a big arm player).

Other Thoughts:

This place is absolutely beautiful and every disc golfer should experience it. Teeing off from a wooden platform overlooking the snow capped alps and lush green valleys covered in wild flowers is unmatched anywhere else in the world. This course could easily be slightly redesigned and made into an 18 hole championship level, world class course. But disc golf isn't super popular here, and its amazing enough as is, so I don't expect any changes, and for me that's fine. Overall, for what this course is, it's pretty perfect. I'm only listing cons because the website asks for them. The cons seem pretty insignificant when your get to play disc golf in an alpine Shangri-la. This is definitely my favorite course in Germany and a MUST play for any disc golfer that comes within a few hour's drive of here.
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9 4
Experience: 16.2 years 8 played 8 reviews
5.00 star(s)

AWESOME COURSE 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 9, 2012 Played the course:once


Everything, it's challenging, great elevation changes, fun course overall, upkept by the guy who runs the course. the "expert" holes are fun, throwing over the ravines was fun, my buddy's disc landed in it...which was entertaining to watch him retrieve it, but none the less fun. Also, the view of the alps was breath taking, amazing sight. wish we had more than one day.


None, other than is was a little muddy when we came but we showed up after a week of rain

Other Thoughts:

there were cows grazing when we came but we were told that they are here to eat the grass...free landscaping...they only stay for a limited time, then they will be gone from the course. There is a fee. but it's to help upkeep the course which is worth it, the tees are well marked and the baskets are nice. Great course!!!! and the view was spectacular
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17 1
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.2 years 214 played 202 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Allgäu! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 25, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


This course has the potential to be a 5.0 course...it's absolutely phenomenal!
Here are the pros in order of significance.

1. The breath taking Allgäu panorama seen from the first tee. I spent half an hour just sitting on the first tee staring at the mountains. The scenery here is fantastic and unlike anything else I've ever played.

2. The awesome variety of shots here. #1 and #5 are awesome downhill touch shots. #2 and #7-14 are in the woods shots while the other half is wide open. There's a fair mix of right hand vs. left hand too.

3. Great course equipment. Great Crosslap baskets, several wooden tees, course signs on by every tee, and a huge course map and 'caddy shack' at the beginning of the course.

4. Nicely taken care of. The fields aren't overgrown and discs are usually pretty easy to find if you know the general area that it landed in. In the woods there are lots of bridges (except for the much needed bridges on #11 and #12) and abundant signs so navigating is much easier.

5. Two "expert" hole (#11 and #12) which play over a creek that's in a 15 feet deep ravine thing.


Without a doubt the biggest con...pay to play. I just uploaded prices in the Links/Files section. It's not cheap at all and a huge factor that held me back from giving this a 5.0.

2. A lot of people say that the holes are too short, but I think the distances are reasonable.

3. Very difficult to play when wet. Since half the course is on a fairly steep hill and the other half plays through slanted forest where the ground is mud, you'll be slipping and sliding like crazy.

4. 14 holes? If this gets upgraded to a full 18, put me down for a 5.0 :)

Other Thoughts:

Without a doubt in my mind one of the best courses in Germany and a fantastic disc golf destination. If you're in the area, definitely come and check it out. It's scenically one of the prettiest places I've ever been and the course is absolutely phenomenal. Thumbs up for the Allgäu!!
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