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Baldwin, MI

Baldwin Schools DGC

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Baldwin Schools DGC reviews

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Small town school course

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 4, 2024 Played the course:once


Baldwin, MI sits about 45 minutes inland from the better-known Ludington. The local school has recently added nine holes of disc golf that play around the edges of the school grounds.

On paper, there are a decent mix of holes here for rec-level players. There are several tightly wooded holes and a few more open ones. Of the wooded holes, I remember a couple of left turns, a couple of right turns, and a couple of straighter shots. Hole 6 has a low-lying area signed as water on the tee sign. Mild elevation changes make several holes more interesting.

The baskets are Chainstars. The tee pads are concrete and large enough. The tee signs have all of the info you would want. There is a "Next Tee" sign pointing the way at a longer walk between holes 5 and 6. The rest of the transitions were pretty short and apparent, though tape on basket rungs would still be nice.


Some of the usual safety issues here. A baseball diamond and running track both come into play. The first hole has a bus garage building on the right side of the fairway, and hole 8 runs along a tall fence with a playground and building on the other side of it. This latter one actually has no discernable fairway at all - just the fence line with a lawn and the other obstacles on the non-fairway side. Maybe the fence came later, after the course was already installed?

In general, the fairways here need to be mowed wider. The actual tree trunks in the way make for a fine rec-level course, but having fairways that are only one mower width wide plus tall grass with deadwood (tick heaven) on both sides in addition to the larger shot-defining trees, makes finding discs more annoying than it has to be. Especially for a course catering to beginners, these fairways should be widened.

There is nothing memorable or challenging enough here to interest advanced players.

There is a small sign at the first tee displaying the rules of disc golf, but not a course map. No practice basket, porta potty, trash cans, or benches available either.

Other Thoughts:

Like all school courses, don't try to play this one while class is in session.

You can park in the school parking lot near hole 9's basket - but I'd recommend parking outside the bus station near hole 1's tee (a short walk away). There are no signs saying you CAN'T park at the bus station, and there is a fence between hole 9's basket and that school lot with a gate that may or may not be unlocked (was locked when I visited).

This one barely did enough for me to give it a 1.5. It is going to be a significant detour for most travellers, and I don't think it's a good enough course to be worth detouring to. But if "they" just widened the mowed areas, it could be a decent enough school/rec level 9er for players who don't want to drive out to the Ludington area.
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