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Gloucester, VA

Bay 26 DGC

Permanent course
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Bay 26 DGC reviews

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Creativity! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 12, 2021 Played the course:once


-Course owner is creative. Encourages visitors to his course and is truly kind. The course is private.
-Theirs 26 holes to play with 13 baskets and 26 tees, no two tees have the same line to basket. Very distinct 26 different lines from tees. Some baskets have single use, and some as many as three times. Theirs also alternative pin placements on a few holes. The course is all par 3's.
-Variety of slightly sloped holes, downhill and uphill holes, and using a small stream that is in play for a few holes. Some holes open, lightly wooded, moderately wooded, and heavily wooded. From the tee could be a gap or open. The course plays in the owner's front and back yard. The downhill holes offer some spectacular glide lines thru trees.
-Tee pads are a variety of dirt, carpet, and a few raised platforms with rock and gravel for the downhill holes. Majority of the tees are comfortable to throw from.
-Notoriety for a few holes "The Ramp", "Roller", "Island", and "Hanging Basket" holes.
-Course is all par 3, with a variety of distances. A few over 300 feet, and a few under 200 feet. The rest fall within 200 to 300 feet. Beginners will likely struggle here but will have fun. Intermediate will be challenge, and advance will find some holes challenging.
-I did see in some locations a pair of red flags indicating a tee. They were not marked. Perhaps some future tees to be added? Something to be asked on my next visit.
-Navigation is easy, there are arrows hanging below the basket with the next hole number written on the arrow. That is important because there are crossing fairways and over some tees. But the owner seems to limit the number of visitors to avoid mishaps.
-A variety of tees and signs. Some tees are wooden or concrete blocks. Signs have distance and map. Either the sign is posted on a tree or stenciled on the tee block.
-Mando's I'm not a big fan of, but very much needed and present on this course to avoid hitting structures and to help with correct fairway lines. This is 1 of 2 courses where I felt mando's were needed and useful.
-In full foliage, the course will be very scenic.
-The owner has but a lot of hard work into his course, and it shows. The course still seems to be evolving, and I look forward to observing it on return visits.
-The owner likes to have tournaments and can be followed on a facebook page. The link is posted.


-The crossing fairways. If there happens to be other groups on the course, you will need to keep your eyes peeled on their where abouts.
-I like to see a course have a strong finish. The finishing hole 26 is a short 160 feet dogleg right with a mando to avoid hitting the owner's home and oaks to make it difficult to ace. The hole is good anywhere else on the sequence of holes.
-Parking is limited. I parked in the long driveway but ended up moving my van when it was in the No. 8 fairway. Maybe in the narrow street? Something to ask on my next visit.
-On the downhill portion of the course it looks like a heavy rain will move debris down the hill, and likely some mud? Maybe best to stay away for a few days after a solid rain?
-A few of the carpeted tee pads had some lumps, but not much of a factor.
-An errant throw could hit the home and garage, more likely the garage.
-For players who like uniformity, its not here. But the fun factor will overwhelm what's missing for you.

Other Thoughts:

When I first drove up, I could see 5 baskets in the front yard, and mistakenly thought a "pitch and putt" course. When I walked up to the closes tee it happened to be No 1. 309 feet, okay we have a course. Walking to check out the back and seeing those raised tee platforms and baskets at the bottom of the hill by the stream, that put a smile on my face! I'm finding out I love the elevated tees, unfortunately those courses are at least an hour from my home. The course is also flexible, the baskets are on rollers and can be relocated if desired, and some of the tee signs indicated alternative basket placements. So, it's possible on my next visit, I may see a slightly different course?

Some difficult basket placements, elevated tee pads, sloping and hilly fairways, some unique holes elevate the fun factor for myself. There were also some first for me, raised tee platforms, hanging basket, an island hole, and a ramp hole. Add in the creativity of the owner, I anchor my overall rating a 5. To play a round solo snapping pictures took an hour and 40 minutes.

Some course humor. You won't find chairs along the course, except by the No. 19 tee which is a straight up hill climb. Theirs a few more chairs waiting for you after you finish the hole.

Notable basket placements facing the property from the road:
-To your lower right is a basket that serves three holes no. 1, 11, and 23. The basket is bracketed between two oaks, which could make for difficult putting. Theirs a drop between the basket and the road, which is just 15 feet away, so you could have a roller to ob on a miss. For long throwers, the fairway downslopes from 1 and 11.
-To your middle left is a basket that is surrounded by skinny trees serving holes 12, and 24. Both are upslope so a little more distance. I had an impossible putt on 24.

Notable Mystery Alterative Pin Placement:
Hole 20. The placement I played was an elevated tee straight downhill thru tree's at 271 feet. The tee map indicated a second pin placement at 320 feet dogleg left at the first pin placement. That distance would put the pin somewhere around the stream and far more difficult. I look forward to playing on a future visit.

Notable holes:
No. 14 "The Ramp Hole" at 210 feet. This is the most talked about hole for the course on a local facebook page (link is attached). It's a straight shot with a few trees that could be in the way. The ramp looks like a wood working shop because of the roof. The roof is a little more than 6 feet high. The basket is placed at the right corner of the ramp. The ramp is made of wood and circular. You could hit the ramp and the disc could wrap around and drop in the basket. Theirs also a back door for any disc that misses the basket and will leave the shed. A fun throw from the tee. I had a C1 putt for birdie, I was so focused on not hitting the roof, I yanked my putt to the left, but the ramp brought the disc back into the basket. A nice surprise.
No. 16. "The Hanging Basket" at 175 feet is about halfway down the hill but plays across the hill. There is not a straight shot to the basket, too many trees in the way. So, you must play an angle to the basket. I had the line, but a little too far and low for an easy birdie. Since this was my first hanging basket. I decided to see how far back I could putt before I missed, it only took 15 feet. The putter pushes the basket and can bounce out.

Signature Hole's:
"The Island Hole" No. 4 at 245 feet and No. 18 at 260 feet both elevated tee shots, 18 is on a raised platform with gravel downhill. Both holes are thru narrow gaps thru trees. No 4 dog legs right at about halfway down. No. 18 is straight down with trees in the line of sight, so you must find a line. The "island' looks more like a postage stamp from the tees. The basket sits on a knoll, surround by a meandering stream on three sides. The back goes up hill. The knoll is only about 10 feet to the stream on the three sides, so C1 circles on the other side of the stream. The stream is only about 5 feet wide, and not deep, but I'm sure a heavy rain could change that. On 18 I threw what was my second-best placement shot in disc golf. The disc disappeared behind trees, but found it hanging on the knoll and stream, easy reach in birdie. Had my heart pounding, I thought I might have my first ace watching the flight.

Trouble Hole:
"The Roller Hole" No. 3 at 315 feet that's up a gentle slope. There are several skinny and mid-size trees right off the tee until about the halfway mark. The gaps thru are narrow. To the left is large garbage container and a garage that you do not want to ricochet behind. At the halfway mark the fairway levels out. The basket is located on top of a knoll only a few feet high, but narrow. There are a few guardian trees, and behind the basket a downhill drop all the way down to the no. 19 tee 235 feet away, and into the stream. There is intentional debris built up about 15 feet below encircling the basket about a foot high, that might stop the disc or not. So, if you hit one of those trees off of the tee, and have a long approach, you have something to think about.

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