North Canaan, CT

Camp Brook DGC

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Camp Brook DGC reviews

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Experience: 13 played 1 reviews
4.50 star(s)

first time 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 21, 2019 Played the course:once


Easy to follow lay out, good use of land and a lot of fun


I would like a yellow tee box on 13

Other Thoughts:

It was a chilly damp morning but it wasn't going to stop me from playing this beautiful course
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Off the beaten path,worth the trip 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 30, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


A fun course that challenges you accuracy and patience. Cut from the forest this course does not enjoy the pleasure of municipal funds, measures have been taken to toughin up a couple of the less challenging holes and with teepads in, more time can be dedicated to course development


Not a lot of scenery, this is a heavily wooded course, this is not city park golf, watch your step.

Other Thoughts:

Play this course!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12 years 278 played 254 reviews
3.00 star(s)

The Forests of New England 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 7, 2019 Played the course:once


This is a textbook example of a wooded, New England course. The 19 (yep, a bonus hole!) holes are predominantly 150' to 300' holes through woods that vary from really tight to just pretty tight. In addition to the majestic forest designers have incorporated a number of interesting fallen trees to work over, under, and around.

Alternate teepads on some holes, along with alternate baskets on others (some had both) give the option of a Blue course or a Gold course. I ended playing an undetermined combination of the two depending on teepad conditions and basket location.

There is enough elevation to add that element to most holes, though I found only Hole 14 (steeply down) and then 15 (steeply back up) to be truly steep holes. Several holes had baskets on mounds or side-hills that added challenge to the putt. The short basket on Hole 16 was on quite a man-made pile of small boulders.

A swampy area winds through the course and serves as a well-delineated OB.

Each hole had one well-constructed paver tee pad, though alternate pads were not yet finished. I found it odd that some of the pads were as small as 5' x 5', while most were in the 5' x 10' range. Tee signs were present on all holes with an excellent hole diagram as well as distance, par, and next tee info.

Innova Discatchers showed up well, helped by giant gold and/or blue flags to define the basket position.

Hole 10 stood out as very different than the remaining holes. It was much more cleared out with a wider fairway. It was obvious that hundreds of trees had been cut to create the hole. I'm not sure it this is the direction that the course is taking, or if this will be the one hole with these characteristics.


While there is a good variety of wooded holes, there is a certain similarity to much of the course. Hit a tight wooded line and putt for birdie, or miss the line and scramble for par. Not a bad thing, but not a wide range of challenges.

The course appears to be a work in progress, and while alternate tees were offered on several holes, none of them were finished. What was there varied from unplayable mud to decent gravel.

I may well have played the course at the wettest time of year. In spite of hundreds of feet of boardwalks and bridges in numerous places, I dealt with plenty of soggy ground and mud.

Other Thoughts:

I believe that this is a fairly new course and a work in progress. With completion of the alternate tees and perhaps a bit of judicious clearing this course will be a nice complement to others in the region.

There are a number of rusting old vehicles and equipment out in the woods that are permanent enough to be featured on the tee signs. They don't detract at all, and add a bit of historical mystery to the course.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13 years 57 played 37 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Good... Too Much Wood 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 13, 2017 Played the course:once


After easily finding the parking lot and the sign to the first hole, I arrived at the first tee and thought, "Wow, this is a sweet course!" The signs are beautiful, the tees are clearly marked. The first hole is a 250' tight shot that forces you to throw a pure line around one tree and under another. The setting is beautiful, natural woods. I was feeling very optimistic about this course... (continues below)


...But as the course went on, my disappointment began to settle in. "Another 200 foot heavily wooded hole???" "There isn't even a clear line to the basket on this one!" "This hole looks just like all the others: short and too many trees." My buddy, who loves his Beast, never threw anything but a putter the entire round. Although the course was beautiful and well taken care of, the golf was not inspiring due to the repetitive nature of the course and the fact that too many holes were too short and too wooded. The longest hole is 300 feet, but many holes are under 200 feet and several don't have a clear line to the basket.

Other Thoughts:

This course has lots of things going for it, which are why I gave this course a 3.0 rating despite the fact that the golf is rather one-dimensional, a little repetitive, and a bit frustrating due to the lack of clear lines on some holes. The navigation was great, as my buddy and I wandered through the woods following signs and never getting lost. It's clear that people are taking care of this course and making improvements, so props to all of you! The setting is really nice. You walk through lots of beautiful woods and over a bunch of wooden platforms and small bridges.

Other thoughts:
-Tees are dirt, but totally fine, marked with flags and tee signs and are easy to see
-A small amount of broken glass
-A bit of poison ivy, but it's not that problematic if you wear sneakers.
-Baskets catch great
-Some nice benches
-The brush isn't bad, so it's easy to find a disc that ricochets into the woods.
-It looks like hole 3 is being updated, since there was no basket where the map indicated. Rather, the basket had been moved back about 100 feet.

If a handful of trees were taken out on several holes, I would bump this course up to a 3.5. And if there was a way to add 4 long, open holes, then I'd even consider a 4.0.

Thanks to the course locals for a great round and keep up the hard work. It's much appreciated!!
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Anfield Addict
Experience: 14.8 years 4 played 1 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Continues to Improve 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Well manicured course, lots of work and attention goes into it and there is plenty to praise.
-There is signage up now and it is fairly accurate. Might need to scout out a blind hole or two but...
-Bright yellow Innova disc catchers are easy to find and make scouting easy. Many also had flags on them that came up above the crest of any hills they were set behind.
-Tight but reasonable fairways with multiple routes available on majority of holes and some room for creative license.
-Good mix of shots required to navigate the course. Opportunities to utilize skip shots, rollers, turnovers, forehands etc.
-Good mix of distances with a few 150 footer ace run style holes, some middle ground 150-250 holes that often required a technical line and a few 300+. Though even on the longer holes you will need to hit a good line to make significant progress down the fairway.
-Friendly locals
-The poison ivy mentioned in other posts seems to have been gotten under control. I played 3 rounds in 2 days, spent my fair share of time getting out of jail, and have come out unscathed. Regulars said they had sprayed for it as well.
-Practice basket at the entrance to the course. Get your putt dialed in.
-Mini Golf course snack shack sells great ice cream. Worth a stop to celebrate a great round or sooth the pain of getting your butt kicked.


-Lack of amenities. Even with the mini golf course present at the entrance, there is nothing on the course by way of trashcans or bathrooms. So be prepared to carry out anything that you bring in and to find a tree if you need to relieve yourself.
-Some dangerous debris off the fairways. I found myself having to avoid barbed wire, broken glass and rusted out metal. If you are careful it's no big deal but a small slip could result in some pretty unfortunate injuries.
-While many of the fairways have been improved upon with trees being cleared to give a legitimate line to try and follow, there was still an abundance of small stuff that was pretty much impossible to see of the tee but plenty strong enough to give your disc an almighty kick into jail. A lot of it was 1/2 and 1 inch diameter saplings that were tough or impossible to make out, on the back nine there was some pretty well hidden vines that could grab your disc and ruin your run.
-Fresh sand had been put down at the tee's. However it seemed very recent and hadn't had time to settle. I think I would have preferred to throw from packed dirt beneath. The sand seemed pretty shifty.

Other Thoughts:

My first review here, I hope it is helpful.
I played 3 rounds over two days. 2 of them were tournament rounds in my first tournament ever and the first tournament ever hosted at the course. The local crew did a great job setting it up and running it.

There is a strong local DG presence and so the course has benefited from their commitment and love for the game. Many of the cons other reviewers addressed have been improved upon and I know they are going to be continuing to improve the course. I don't think that things will taper off now that the tournament is over.

For my level of play the course was tough, but also very good for me. Frustrations came at myself for poorly executing shots rather than the course, with an exception or two.

I griped about the sand that was laid down on the tee pads but I think that was a very minimal con. While it was a little frustrating to deal with shifty footing, I think it minimally impacted my game any way, and the fact locals care enough to make the effort is a good sign for further improvements.

Finally in talking to course locals it sounds like they are working on new holes for the course that are currently unmarked and impossible to play without local help. But I think it's safe to say this course will only continue to improve and get better. I'd say it is definitely worth a play or two, more if you are near by. It was definitely worth the hour drive for me and I'll probably make it again.
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Experience: 8 played 1 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Getting Better With Age 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 7, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


- Continual improvements each time we play (about every two weeks). Lots of potential and the more we play the better it gets!
- Good variety of holes with lots of elevation changes.
- Ice Cream and Sports/ Innova Disc Golf shop right next door.


- POISON IVY. ITS EVERYWHERE *scratch*scratch*
- Some holes have a lack of any throw lines amidst persistent tree "jails." "Roller" it is!
- Back 9 seems to need more clean-up, but I know it will get there in time.
- Hole maps would be helpful and some natural tee-pads are rough. In some spots there are two pads which should be marked a bit better.

Other Thoughts:

- We encountered a mama bear and 2 cubs today around the 16th hole, keep your ears open and respect their space!
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Experience: 15 years 191 played 5 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Woodsy WIP 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 26, 2016 Played the course:once


Easy access and entirely under the tree canopy, this is a welcome addition to an area with a dearth of courses. Navigation is mostly self-evident with nice discreet arrows which helped keep the focus on playing the course versus wondering whether I was throwing to the right basket. Interesting balance of similar 220-260 foot holes on the front nine stretching out to closer to 325-385 range (est.) for the majority of the holes on the back nine.
Lovely baskets that catch well and some abandoned truck parts add character.


The lack of a map / tee signs / distance markers made the latter half of the course more problematic with some blind holes that required various degrees of scouting to get a clue. At least one hole had a fairly ridiculous narrow causeway through a thicket of trees reducing risk/reward to curse/luck.
Tee pads are just dirt in a 3-sided log box for now. There is some old barbed wire in places that is hard to see and could be hazardous when retrieving an errant disc.

Other Thoughts:

Rocky outcrops felt underutilized near holes 5 / 11. There were too many 'straight' shots, i.e. basket placed straight ahead with the variety provided by different lines through the trees. Would have preferred more dog-legs, downhills, etc., although there are some of these in the latter part of the course. Don't forget the bug spray!
Clearly a lot of work has been done and this will only get better - esp. with usage / participation.
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